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Mr. & Mrs.


8/9/2006 1:51 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

UPDATE (2:15PM ET): Stephan Huvane, Jennifer Aniston's rep, tells TMZ that the article is NOT true -- the couple is not engaged.

After dating for one year, Vince Vaughn has reportedly proposed to girlfriend Jennifer Aniston.

The new issue of Us Weekly reports Vaughn popped the question on June 27. The couple were on a private jet back to LA after vacationing at "Girls Gone Wild" founder Joe Francis' home near Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

Vaughn allegedly bought Aniston's engagement ring in New York, which is believed to be bigger than the $200,000 Silvia Damiani ring she received from her ex-husband Brad Pitt.

This isn't the first time rumors have speculated the couple's engagement. Just last month, Life & Style falsely reported Vince got down on bended knee in Paris.

Vaughniston, who met on the set of their hit film "The Break-Up", have been living in Jen's Hollywood Hills home and have been spotted checking out properties in Chicago, Vince's hometown.

While no wedding date is set sources tell Us "it will be in 2007."


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Alex Rogers    


You are high, and have got it backwards

Vince has more talent in his little finger than Jennifer does. Refer to a website like to see the work each has done.

Gee a has-been sitcom star and blockbuster comedy star, let me see...

How did he become popular you ask ? Well, it was after his breakthrough performance in the 1996 hit movie "Swingers". Everyone knows that.

Why dont you ?

2999 days ago



2999 days ago


The only reason Jennifer Aniston can even make the cover of US Weekly is because she married Brad Pitt. If she hadn't, she'd be buried in the pages along with Courtney Cox and the rest of the Friends cast.
Brad made her reach the level of fame she has, not her films. She is "Rachel" in every movie she has been in.

2998 days ago

Alex Rogers    

So its agreed then

-Jennifer is a washed up average looking girl.
-She only still has fame because of Brad Pitts temporary insanity

-Out of the friends cast the only one to move on to success is "Matt Perry"
Who would have called that ! West Wing, Studio 60, Whole 9 Yards

-If Vince is smart he will kick this dead weight to the curb. Fucking your co-star is normal. The movies over, move on.

2998 days ago


jennifer is an average Jo, she made all average American girls like myself believe that with a little television exposure and two bit talent we could get a gorgeous guy. That is why people feel sorry for her, me included. But we all had better take away the blinders,she should have kept the guy while she had him. Six years is a long relationship in Hollywood and if that guy admitted on national TV how much he would love a family, don't think for one moment he never made those wishes known to his wife. She is exactly where she deserves to be with one of the ugliest guys in Hollywood. I am sorry, I find nothing attractive about this guy, just being honest. He is not even average Jo to me and I know a lot about that type.

2998 days ago


The only reason some people think Vince Vaughn is attractive is because of the company he's keeping. Personally, i don't see what's so great about Jennifer....her voice is annoying, she's unattractive (kinda looks like a man) and she can't act. But because of her relationship with Brad, she was made out to be this glamourous person and so now that she's with Vince, that glam aura around her is reflecting on him. If he wasn't famous, the same people who say he's cute/attractive wouldn't look twice at him if they saw him on the streets. I don't think Vince is that great of an actor but unlike Jennifer, Vince doesn't put you to sleep or make you want to cover your ears so you don't have to listen to an annoying voice. Frankly, I'd rather listen to Fran Drescher talk.

2998 days ago


Im a JA fan, I don't know if this is true or not, I just hope she finds far as AJ goes, I have never understood what all the fuss was about, have you seen her profile? She looks like someone hit her square in the face with a bowling ball, and then with the fish lips...OH YEAH.. shes a real doll....not

2998 days ago

Tom Cruise has landed    

I totally love both of them and all, but how important do they think they really are? Part of their popularity is being down to earth stars. It is annoying that they can't admit they are together. They obviously need the extra attention they get from not admitting it. I wish them well, they will need it!

2997 days ago


This is a fake relationship, I've seen more chemistry between strangers on a bus than between these two. Its a shame though, because they would be perfect for each other. They are both just out to have a good time.

2997 days ago


I love Jen. I love Vince. I think they are perfect together and if this is true then I wish them all the best.

2997 days ago

carol taylor    

I think Brad looks better and happier with Anglina, I dont care how the magazine try there best to fixed Jennifer up, to me she is still ugly and homely lookling.
I dont think Brad left her for that, he was just happier with someone else. thats happen to even us. not just the famous. maybe Vince is more of her speed.
I'm a black 49 yrs old sold sister and I love me some Brad Pitt, but I know he probably wont look at me twice. but I still think he's hot, beautiful and everything else and he has a nice BODY. Go Ahead BRADDDDD, with your BAD SELF.

2994 days ago

carol taylor    

I agree with the person that wrote the comment about Jen is so boring looking.
you are right. she looks like Cindrella step sister.

2994 days ago

carol taylor    

Jen looks to dull from Brad, I dont care how the magazine try to fix her up, she looks to dead and dry and dull looking. to be honest she looks like Cinderella step-sister, I dont have nothing against her. but she always look dull. I dont even
think a make-over have done her any justice. Brad is BEAUTIFUL I'm a 49 yr old black soul sister, even though race dont have nothing to do with it. I just give credit where credit is due. and Angelina is beautiful. the only thing the magazine talk about is Jen legs. and I think Jessa Alba, Eva Longaria, Britney Spears, Jessica Simpsons are whats happening. especially Jessica she is beautiful. Jen dont have nothing on her. maybe she might have a nice personality. but in the Hollywood world, they go by looks. especially when they are trying to sell a product. put a Jennifer Aniston perfume out, and see how many people run for it.

2994 days ago
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