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WHO Are You Wearing?

8/9/2006 6:59 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

J.Lo has one. So do Gwen Stefani, Justin Timberlake, 50 Cent, Hilary Duff and Eminem. No, we're not talking about Grammys. These days everybody and their mother has a fashion line. That's right we're talking to you Beyonce!

So it should come as no surprise that even marginally famous "stars" are getting in on the couture craze.

Samaire Armstrong and Nikki Sixx
Samaire Armstrong briefly starred on "The OC" and "Entourage" as well as in the Lindsay Lohan flop "Just My Luck." Now the aspiring B-lister is branching out to exercise her design chops. Samaire, who started designing by making Halloween costumes and prom dresses, has named her line Naru. Originally only available at exclusive stores in Hawaii, the line will soon expand to stores across the country.

Motley Crüe glam rock relic Nikki Sixx, whose probably more used to taking clothes off women than designing for them, has partnered with Kelly Gray - the former spokesperson for St. Johns Knits who was replaced by Angelina Jolie - to launch a contemporary sportswear line called Royal Underground. Their line will sell in high-end department stores.

With low wattage stars like Samaire and Nikki joining the fashion ranks, it won't be long before we're all wearing Omarosa jeans.


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Nikki Sixx looks like an old messy dog. I don't see many high end clients buying any of the crap he pretends to design.

2965 days ago

U Know Who    

Like I have said here before not one person mentioned in the blurb "actually" Desgin a damned thing. They may financially back the design team, and give a final YES/NO to a design or even colorway. But actually physically design a garment erm no.

The one that upsets me though is Duddy, cause magazines and news outlets actually have the nerve to label him a designer..all he designed is new ways to rip off old hit songs.


PennyMarshall is relentless with that youtubecrapola aint she?

2965 days ago


These two aren't really designing anything they are just putting thier name on the labels and taking credit for it. I don't know why anyone would by anything from either one of them.

2965 days ago


I guess no one you know bought those million tickets that Crue sold for their Carnival Of Sins tour then? Or the 40 million + Crue albums that were bought ... not to mention his last clothing line that went fine until his partners started screwing him.

That's ok Lauren, you don't have to buy Nikki's stuff. Plenty of us will anyway.

2965 days ago


So sorry for the people who will waste their cash on this crap these D list celebritys are trying to pawn off as theirs!

2965 days ago


Samaire has had the Naru line for about 4 years, it was just smaller and only avail in hawaii. she has been designing her own clothes since high school...don't be hating on her, she really designs the stuff. I went to hs with her and she made her prom dress, and a couple other girls dresses.

2965 days ago


Nikki Sixx dresses like a bum and wore the most GOD AWFUL tacky sh*t in the '80s. I feel sorry for the saps that get sucked into buying the crap he's putting out now.

2964 days ago


The entire article is wrong. Nikki and Kelly are designing Mens Clothes not Womens clothes. Duhhhh. Get your facts straight before writing a story. And we are suppose to believe anything that you write to begin with.

And yes....the two WILL design their own stuff....and it will cost a lot more than a concert ticket.....Hope you enjoy shopping at Neiman Marcus.

Pink think that picture is of that Samaire chick.....

2964 days ago


she played on the oc... it is not gray... nikki will do great... why dont u let him do what he wants in life every one else does... hes a great guy leave him alone... i cant stand stuck up bitches that think they are all that... live life and be happy u fool.

2947 days ago


Everyone wore the most "god awful tacky sh*t" in the 80's ... whether you were into rock, Madonna, or that new age crap. Dont single him out.

2940 days ago

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