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Matt & Lance -- BFF

8/10/2006 4:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Matthew McConaughey and Lance Armstrong have been inseparable of late -- they run, they bike, they club -- they do all sorts of things together.

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Both Matt and Lance are from Texas and both are big Longhorn fans. Maybe the best video TMZ has EVER put together. Take a look -- pleez!!!


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Hate to burst the bubble, but all I see are two self-centered egotistical young men with buff bodies. Easy to stay that way since neither can/will spend the same amount of time developing a relationship with a member of the opposite sex

2966 days ago


What is so wrong with two guys budding up? Don't make them gay. Just shows they respect each other. something most of us need to re-learn. RESPECT.

2966 days ago


Now this is where I draw the line in the sand ladies & gentlemen. . . I refuse to make any negative, crude or easy pot shot gay comments about this situation cause it would just be in poor taste if U take into account that one of these so call "sexy hot men" . . . ONLY HAS ONE NUT so it just wouldn't be fair 2 speak on 'dat fact that the guy is missing a 'love bump" and I want 2 go 2 heaven.

2966 days ago


Oh!! For Cryin Out Loud!! Why do people have to think the worse of others?? Just because Lance and Matt wanna hang out together doesn't mean they're gay!! I can't speak for Matt but Lance just came out of a heartbreaking relationship with Sheryl Crow...not to mention his cancer scare. Maybe he just wants to spend time with a friend...maybe he doesn't want to be involved in a relationship right now. Matt has said that he's a 'permanent bachelor' so that certainly explains why he doesn't wanna be involved with a female right now. Leave these two alone!! It is possible for people of the same sex to be great friends and good therapy for one another. You bozo's don't have to immediately accuse them of being gay!! How pathetic!!!

2966 days ago


GET OVER YOURSELVES! Do you honestly have nothing better to do than crack middle-school-type jokes about celebrities? You are pathetic.

2966 days ago


what a joke... if these guys did not have all that money.. no one would care if they were " hot" or " gay"... they would just be another fantasy for all those girls out there... no money.. no care

2966 days ago

Mr. G    

MMcC is gay .. an industry secret .. makes me wonder about 'ole Lancey. Maybe Sheryl smelled a gerbil .. er, weasel .. lol!

2966 days ago

Vivian L.    

Friends they may be, but the other remark about them being gay, I cannot fathom.

2966 days ago


That is the funniest spoof I've seen for a LONG time. And running.....on the the rain! HILARIOUS! Keep up the good work TMZ!

2966 days ago



2966 days ago


Smelly Boy McConaughey insists that he DOES NOT wear deoderant (Oprah interview). He's also been known to smoke weed all night long (public record). Perhaps Lance likes his buddies stinky and stoned, or maybe he just likes to be around someone that makes him look (and smell) good.

2966 days ago


What did Matt do to his hair ??? ....last I remember he was noticiably losing it .... Looks good now.... Got in good shape too ... I would hardly say the epitimy of the male form .... but he is in good shape

2966 days ago

Robert O Graham    

What the hell,can,t two guys be frends with out being gay,there also from texas,,give em a break,,,,,,

2966 days ago


sexy sexy sexy.....i'll run with them anyday!!!! nothing wrong with hangin out!!!

2966 days ago

Oh Canada    

Personally, I think they're gay; not that there's anything wrong with it. My gaydar isn't a 100% sure about Lance, it's a bit suspicious that he dumped Sheryl Crow after making a show of his love for her. Maybe he decided a marriage to another woman would be a farce.

As for the "sexiest man alive", give me a break. I find him extremely phoney, the chicklet teeth, the hair plugs (great job, you can hardly tell). Yes he has a great physique, but so do many gay guys, many take excellent care of their bodies. He recently broke up with Penelope Cruz, the faghag herself. First Tom (inthecloset) Cruise, then Matthew. Who's next, Ryan Seacrest?

Matthew, unless you're on the beach or at a gay pride parade, try and keep your shirt on.

2966 days ago
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