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Top Stories for 08/11/06

8/11/2006 9:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Which incredibly hot supermodel really holds the rights to the title "The Body"?

"Project Runway" head diva Heidi Klum is bestowing the honorific upon herself in a new ad campaign for Victoria's Secret – and supermodel of the '80s and '90s Elle Macpherson has taken serious exception.

A rep for the 42-year-old Macpherson tells Lloyd Grove that Elle was "flabbergasted" at Heidi's chutzpah, especially because Elle was ordained "The Body" by none other than Time magazine (on its cover) and numerous other publications, including Harper's Bazaar and Vogue and Sports Illustrated.

But Klum, in a TV spot for a bra also called "The Body," purrs, "They call me The Body – and now I have a bra named after me." And the 33-year-old, 5-foot-9 mother of two (and expecting another) clearly isn't backing down from the title. Still, Macpherson has claimed a business stake in the moniker, starting her own skin care line called "Elle Macpherson The Body," along with a lingerie brand and a fitness video called "The Body Workout." Neither side's rep will comment

Jacko Parents Near Eviction

Michael Jackson might've gotten his parents kicked to the curb – and it's not the first time this year. The beleaguered King of Pop has received yet another notice of pending foreclosure for the $7 million home where Joe and Katherine Jackson live after he missed the required mortgage parents.

According to FOX News' Roger Friedman, Jacko was once again late paying the bill on his parents' Encino, Calif. home, called Hayvenhurst, and so authorities went to the house and put a humiliating foreclosure notice on the front gates, as Michael himself gallivants around the capitols of Europe and the Middle East.

Little sister Janet bailed him out the last time their folks' house was in jeopardy, but this time, it appears that the King of Pop himself just got the required payments in, according to Friedman, and Jackson's creditors say they might not have necessarily proceeded with eviction. Still, the incident points up just how slack Jackson has gotten about taking care of his bills – not to mention all the lawsuits he's facing from former lawyers and business associates.

Julianne Moore's Cake-Choking Art Imitates Life

Actress Julianne Moore stars in her husband Bart Freundlich's new film "Trust the Man," which opens today, and in it she hungrily binges on a piece of cake in the middle of the night, right in front of her husband, played by David Duchovny.

Well, it turns out, say Rush & Molloy, that the scene actually happened – only Moore was wearing a beautiful dress and a $100,000 necklace right before the Golden Globes. "It was my first Golden Globes and I was nervous. I hadn't eaten all day and I was sucking [the cake] down. And I choked." According to the couple, the adultery scenes in "Trust The Man," on the other hand, are not based in reality.

Conan's Boss Once Tried To Have Him Arrested

They may now be colleagues and two of television's titans, but way back when in college at Harvard, NBC chief Jeff Zucker tried to get funnyman Conan O'Brien arrested, according to Zucker. He tells Plum TV's "Open Exchange" (via Page Six) that he was the editor of the school's daily newspaper, the Crimson, at the same time O'Brien was the president of the Lampoon humor rag.

Apparently, says Zucker, the guys at the Lampoon were always stealing their stuff and taking "prize possessions" from the Crimson office because they were putting out a monthly magazine and didn't have much to do. So Zucker, somewhat humorlessly, called the Cambridge cops and asked them to take the Lampoon pranksters to the clink.

Zucker doesn't hold too much of a grudge of course – he named O'Brien the next host of "The Tonight Show," after all.

Goodie Bag: Beckham Axed from England Team, Wie Shills for Sony, Larry David's Got A Doppelganger.

Soccer's Adonis, David Beckham, has been dropped from the England team by new coach Steve MacLaren, paving the way for Beckham to make that long-anticipated move to the US to play in Los Angeles after he finishes up his stint with Real Madrid and ratchet up his celebrity wattage here, along with wife Victoria. . . Michelle Wie, all of 17, is the newest face of Sony, hawking various mobile and photo products for the Japanese electronics giant. Sony normally doesn't do broad brand campaigns, preferring to focus on individual products, but is making an exception for the statuesque teen goler. . . Larry David was not acting out in a Martha's Vineyard parking lot, as Page Six reported recently. It was author Fred Waitzkin, who wrote the book "Searching for Bobby Fischer." Waitzkin apparently gets confused for David all the time. David's spokesman said: "Larry was very amused by the story and had one word for the look-alike: pity."

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No Avatar


Mmmmmm! That burger looks DELICIOUS! My appettite seems to have come back now that I have rid myself of that toe fungus that was turning my nails yellow! Thanks, Lomatril!

2997 days ago


why the heck are they depending on their kids to pay their mortgage? didn't joe make enuff money off of them when he was still in control. and why the hell wasn't the house paid for in full? this is just dumb.

and heidi has some nerve. she should call herself, "The Stick". or actually, in her case, "The Always Knocked Up". PUT THE DICK DOWN!

2997 days ago

Copy Editor    

Does any one know how to proofread? I am tired of reading articles with poor grammar, spelling errors, and the wrong words used with no flow. Just because it is entertainment, does not mean that you can forego the English language and all that goes with it...

2997 days ago


He has a huge sense of "entitlement" and is a budding narcissist!

2997 days ago


If that Encino home is the one that they've been in for at least 25 years then I'm not really believing this story. Anyone would have paid that off by now.

2997 days ago


I am not gay dammit!

2997 days ago


Lots of typos in this story, guys!

2997 days ago

Alex Rogers    

Michelle Wie = Douchebag in training = Sony sucks

Lil princess cant win so she fires her caddy. Should fire her parents

2997 days ago


"Does any one know how to proofread?"
-by Copy Editor

I do. And it should read: "Does anyone know how to proofread?"

2997 days ago

The Masked Potato    

RE: Jackson's parents. If they were "normal", they WOULD have practically paid off the loan by now. I'll bet they got a new loan when rates were low to get cash to buy some kind of Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous materialistic useless junk.

2997 days ago

John C jackson    

Elle Macpherson was definitely called The Body way before Heidi Klum was even heard of. I remember Elle being called that back when she was always in SI Swimsuit like in the late 80s/early 90s. I never heard of Heidi klum until late 90s, and even then I heard of her way before most people.

2997 days ago


I'm sorry but Heidi is SO the body. She is looking better than all of us flabby McFlabs sitting around reading about her.

And, surprise, surprise, MJ's in financial trouble! That is what happens when you allow a clearly psychotic person make financial decisions and live on his own terms.

I don't know why but I could care less about Julianne Moore. She just doesn't do it for me.

David Beckham is hot and he knows it.

Who is Michelle Wie? And why do we care that she is pushing Sony?

2997 days ago


im so bored of all this s***.

wheres the GREAT s*** TMZ.

come on!

2997 days ago


Isn't Heidi the one punching out baby seals like there are not enough mulatto babies in the world already? Gives a new meaning to 'the body'.

Michael is not poor financially as so many believe. He is just not concerned with anyone but himself and his boytoys. Lawyers don't sue people who don't have money.

Not sure who Julianne Moore is but I am sure anyone can choke on a 'piece of cake'.

Mic Wie (upcoming female golfer) and Sony connecting is sort of a 'duh' thing. They are both oriental afterall. And, MicWie is young and getting better every year. Good investment, well done Sony, like your cameras.

2997 days ago


Both of them have amazing bodies. I don't understand Elle's complaining. She doesn't have the only hot body in the modeling world. Maybe we should have a competition and compare how they look in the cover shots for this sexy mag, which, btw, Elle has graced more times than Heidi...

2997 days ago
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