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Exclusive -- Keanu Stopped By Cops at LAX

8/12/2006 8:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Keanu Reeves was pulled over by airport police at Los Angeles International Airport today for a traffic violation, but escaped with only a warning.

It's not the biggest crime in the world certainly, but anything that goes down at airports these days is eventful. Reeves was pulled over for allegedly violating California Vehicle Code 21453(a) -- failing to stop at a signal or, in common parlance, blowing a red light. It happened at 3:00 p.m. PST. The cop did not issue a citation and let Reeves go with a warning.

It's unclear what the "Matrix" star was doing at the airport, although we know he was on the upper level, which is for departing passengers.

A rep for Reeves could not be reached for comment.


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2992 days ago


What did Mr Reeves to be stopped there? Maybe because he is Lebanese? Maybe because he has a metal plate in his neck and it started the red light? Maybe because with that beard he looks like a terrorist?

2992 days ago


Was he alone in the car?

2992 days ago


The upper level is for departing passengers. Luggage pickup etc is on the lower level.

The fact checker on this should be sent home for the day, Harvey! Oops! I'll bet it was you! :o)

2992 days ago

Try This    


2992 days ago


I swear, from this point forward I will never watch any of Keanu Reeves' movies ever agian.

2992 days ago



2992 days ago


Well, I still love you Keanu Reeves. But come up with a better story on him next time. This story was irrevelant and boring.

2992 days ago


What a slow Saturday for news.

He's lucky; a ticket like that is over 300 bucks.

2992 days ago

his true love and female    

Keanus not Lebanese. He is British and Hawaiian/Chinese. I still love you Keanu. Be careful driving.

2992 days ago


Hey, what a coiencedence, I got pulled over at LAX today also for the same thing! Also got a warning. Anybody out there care? Didn't think so.

Nice to know you don't have to be a celebrity to get preferential treatment.

2992 days ago

Julián Gutiérrez    

And he said: "F**king Canadians are responsible for all the wars in the world!" and asked the cop: "Are you a Canadian?!"

:-p K.R. was raised in Canada and is an honourary Canadian.

2992 days ago


again smoething stupid ,useless, and boring, way 2 go tmz. yall really have nothing else better 2 write about huh? sad very sad for actors that have 2 put up with the likes of yall. and said that ya'll made this type of work your jobs in life. good luck. p.s. get real jobs and write something better that people really care about .

2992 days ago


Keanu Reeves was born in Lebanon. Lacking middleeastern blood or not still makes him legally, "Lebanese" lol.

Why did the cop pull him over? Um, to get an autography. I could just see him sitting behind a garbage dumpster as Keanu blew by "Holy shite that's Keanu Reeves!" LOL

That said, when I read this fucking article and saw the word "Exclusive" I couldnt' stop laughing because it was so damned dumb.

I know Keanu is more interesting than that. I'd love to see more articles on this low key dude (topher grace, ewan mcgregor are others I'd like to hear more about!!!!) but come on, a traffic pull over?

Get back to us when he drop kicks an officer and dodes some bullets, homey.

2992 days ago


I was going to say the same thing to Sans, Susan. When Keanu was born in 1965, Beirut, Lebanon was the Paris of the MIddle east during those years.

I think any mixing of races tend to create the most physically attractive individuals. I did medical transcription for years and when a bi-racial/tri-racial child was born, they called the child "Melotin race."

For those bigoted individuals who do not believe in mixing any races, you need to wake up and smell the coffee. Mixed race (melotin) children are the most beautiful babies physically and grow up to be the most physically beautiful children and sometimes adults. They get the best of all the races involved.

Just like Keanu has. That man couldn't be any better looking if he tried , , , inside or out.

I believe thorughout our own family histories we probably would all find that there has been different races involved in all our family trees. So why all the hate in the World? I think it's more class racisim more then anything else.

Who knows how people can hate each other based on their skin color. What a stupid reason to judge someone.

Geez, I must be bored tonight!!! I'm getting too deep. Of course, any story that is involving Keanu, I have to say something.about it.

WE all love you Keanue so please be safe for all concerned.

2992 days ago
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