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EXCLUSIVE: Inside Scoop on McGraw Wedding

8/13/2006 10:17 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jay McGraw, the son of TV pop psychologist Dr. Phil, got married on Saturday in Beverly Hills to former Playboy Playmate Erica Dahm – and Oprah was a notable no-show, TMZ has learned.

If there was any doubt that Dr. Phil and Oprah are on the outs, Oprah's absence from the nuptials of the son of her onetime protégé may just have confirmed it.

As for the wedding itself, TMZ has learned that the reception was held at the swanky Beverly Hills Hotel – right around the corner from Dr. Phil's estate, where the ceremony was performed. Of the 400 guests, the best-known celeb amongst them was talk-show legend Larry King.

The musical entertainment was a highlight of the occasion – songwriter extraordinaire David Foster played piano with the wedding band, and R&B singer-producer Kenneth "Babyface" Edmonds performed three songs, which Foster had rehearsed with the band for five hours. The result, says our source, was "amazing."

Some of the toasts given on behalf of the new couple seemed a little off-key; one of the bride's sisters, for instance, said, "When we first met Jay, we thought he was a jackass – but he turned out to be this wonderful nice guy." Dr. Phil was somewhat more charitable to his new daughter-in-law, saying with glass raised, "For a lot of girls, Erica is an easy girl to hate. She's skinny and beautiful. . . In this country, there's no such thing as an arranged marriage, but if there were, we'd want to arrange for Erica to marry Jay."

During the reception, guests noshed on such treats as mini-cheeseburgers, French fries, and little root beer floats, all said to be scrumptious. Cameras were out in force, with coverage to come on Dr. Phil's syndicated talk show.

The happy couple, who met on the set of a 2004 FOX reality show, is taking their honeymoon in Fiji.

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Jay married this woman,and its his life. Whoever you are Sean # 15,your a MORON. Do you look as stupid as you sound? I already know the answer to that.

2990 days ago


I was expecting to read that the Simpson sisters were bridemaids and that everyone wore 'denim'.


2990 days ago

Kansas viewer    

What a bunch of whiners! Sounds like a bit of "jealousy" to me! I, for one, wish Jay and Erika only the best. At least give them a chance!

2990 days ago


ha ha tmz censors the truth! notice how my comment at number 15 has been deleted. so much for the truth of jay quick-draw mcgraw! the truth will eventually come out... of the closet that is!

2990 days ago

Alex Rogers    

I guess its true that Jay likes it when she f*cks him with a strap-on. Nothing surprises me anymore with these Hollywood types.

2990 days ago


oh and LN at comment no. 36, say what you will but at least i know that the contraction of you are is spelled you're... as in YOU'RE a MORON. i rest my case.

2990 days ago

jack e. jett    

i wouldn't bash sean to much for his comments. rumors have been around for years about little feel, just as they had been around for years about lance bass. marrying a skank will not make you straight.
the first time i saw little feel, my gaydar went through the roof.

if he is not gay, he is the most effeminate heterosexual in the world. so it will be cool,..his wife digs chicks while he digs dicks.

why does that bother you breeders so much?

take a deep breath and deal with it.

jack e. jett

2990 days ago


Deleted # 15 You're still a MORON.I rest my case.

2990 days ago

Alex Rogers    

He does look like a queer. I give this marriage an over under of 13 months

2990 days ago


oh LN it's okay to be embarrassed. when your daddy is also your brother, it's understandable. perhaps you can discuss with dictator phil, hmmm? your (i want you to feel comfortable) just a worm on a hook. you and your ilk took the bait... hook, line and sinker! guffaw!

2990 days ago


oh and LN, stop plagiarizing my comments. can't you come up with your own thoughts? you sound like a parrot. wanna cracker?

2990 days ago


It seems to me that the McGraw family has unfortunately gone Hollywood. I started off as a Dr. Phil fan; however, each season he seems more and more disingenuous. His, son marries a nude centerfold and Dr. Phil espouses her best qualities: her beauty and skinniness, while he mentioned nothing about her character. I would assume for a father and a therapist, that should be most important. . No wonder Oprah didn’t show!

2990 days ago


I'm surprise that he would marry a playboy bunny. I think that they have really gone hollywood. I guess Oprah didn't want to go for Cheeseburgers.

2990 days ago


I say good luck to the couple. So she was a Playboy Playmate. Yes, it will be hard to explain to their children, and one day she might regret it, but how many of us have always made every decision right? I am disappointed in what Dr. Phil had to say, though. What if she had not been skinny and beautiful? Would he so readily accept her into his family? I watch him every day I'm home, and to tell you the truth, what he said doesn't line up with what he says he believes. He should put the enphasis on health and not skinny. And beautiful? Looks come and go. If Dr. Phil is reading this, all I can say is shame on you! Don't make us normals feel like crap. Or is the Dr. Phil show just a fake? Or are you a fake like my husband thinks? I don't want to think that, but your comments lack merit.

2989 days ago

J. Y. J.    

What shocking news! First thing I thought was how is Robin taking this. There seems to be no common value or interest between Jay and Erica (does he think he can change her). Since Dr Phil went to Hollywood now he can become a regular guest at Heff's but Robin will probably pass on this treat. Robin will stand by her son because she is a good mother but she will probably need a lot of help from her Pharmacy to get the smile back on her face. Jay don't you feel like you betrayed a lot of your young fans with this marrage? Too bad for Robin that she has to have her good name dirtied by a daughter in law who likes to show everyone her privates. What a shame!!

2988 days ago
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