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EXCLUSIVE: Inside Scoop on McGraw Wedding

8/13/2006 10:17 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jay McGraw, the son of TV pop psychologist Dr. Phil, got married on Saturday in Beverly Hills to former Playboy Playmate Erica Dahm – and Oprah was a notable no-show, TMZ has learned.

If there was any doubt that Dr. Phil and Oprah are on the outs, Oprah's absence from the nuptials of the son of her onetime protégé may just have confirmed it.

As for the wedding itself, TMZ has learned that the reception was held at the swanky Beverly Hills Hotel – right around the corner from Dr. Phil's estate, where the ceremony was performed. Of the 400 guests, the best-known celeb amongst them was talk-show legend Larry King.

The musical entertainment was a highlight of the occasion – songwriter extraordinaire David Foster played piano with the wedding band, and R&B singer-producer Kenneth "Babyface" Edmonds performed three songs, which Foster had rehearsed with the band for five hours. The result, says our source, was "amazing."

Some of the toasts given on behalf of the new couple seemed a little off-key; one of the bride's sisters, for instance, said, "When we first met Jay, we thought he was a jackass – but he turned out to be this wonderful nice guy." Dr. Phil was somewhat more charitable to his new daughter-in-law, saying with glass raised, "For a lot of girls, Erica is an easy girl to hate. She's skinny and beautiful. . . In this country, there's no such thing as an arranged marriage, but if there were, we'd want to arrange for Erica to marry Jay."

During the reception, guests noshed on such treats as mini-cheeseburgers, French fries, and little root beer floats, all said to be scrumptious. Cameras were out in force, with coverage to come on Dr. Phil's syndicated talk show.

The happy couple, who met on the set of a 2004 FOX reality show, is taking their honeymoon in Fiji.

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Leigher O'Hara    

Basically, it's all Hollywood.....Dr. Phil, his arrogance on his show, Robin, obsessed with her appearance and Playboy....

2989 days ago


Jay McGraw's wedding with Erica Dahm made me laugh a bit at the absurdity of life and love in the pop/psycho-entertainment industry.

Dr. Phil has always preached against pornography and how perfectly fitting that his his new daugher-in-law is a playboy playmate!!! It seems his values, and Jay's, are infinitely negotiable.

"How's that work'in for ya???"

Hipocrisy is alive and well and living in our televisions.

Love it!

2989 days ago


ET has been showing the wedding all week. wish I could have seen the toast. Posing in Playboy is a business decision, it does not necessarily mean she is good in bed. Maybe Jay is punishing his mom for being so controlling all his life.

2989 days ago

Alex Rogers    

So what if I am a hack and my queer son married a porn slut. Its the american dream.

Money for nothing and the chicks for free.

2988 days ago


is there a site i can go to see the wedding ceremony.
thank you

2988 days ago


Dr. Phil was showing his true colors with his toast to his daughter-in-law. He just revealed his own shallowness and hypocrisy; but I shouldn’t be surprised. He always talks about the importance of being physically fit and slender, so why shouldn’t he praise that attribute in his son’s wife. Though I must say, while espousing these views, he looked like a man who could stand to miss 4 meals a day for a year and still not look underfed. Also, regarding his daughter-in-law’s beauty, well beauty has always been in the eye of the beholder. However, when I look at her I don’t see beauty, just someone in need of a double cheeseburger with extra fries.

2986 days ago


I remember watching a show where DrPhil was giving advice to a bride-to-be about her overspending for the wedding. Yet.. his daughter in-law has a 5carat diamond ring, flew to NYC just to get bridesmaids dresses.... and spent a ridiculous amount of money on the wedding.
And she's a "former playboy playmate"... I wonder how the two met?
Dr.Phil is so hypricritical!

2985 days ago


Sean, Sean, Sean: you critcize LN in #45 for making a grammerical error, and yet, you make the EXACT same mistake in #56!! guffaw!!
Whadeva...we're not writing for the New York Times right?

Now on to the subject at hand. Dr. Phil was a nobody, following the big "O" around, during her trial with the ranchers she pissed off!! All of a sudden, this guy's got his own TV show. Nice!! Now he's a trizillionaire. Writing books, telling us all how we should look, feel, act, etc. Preaching about what wonderful parents he and Robin are....then his son marries one of Hef's sleazeballs.
Someone commented on how Jay was riding on his dads coat tails...i'd say that the good DR. is riding on Oprah's coat tails and he (Jay), just benefitted from the ride. Jay, let's just say that my kids won't be reading your books.

Dr. Phil loves to comment on his good and so and so and so. (name dropping at it's worst). Phil, you're from Texas..and now after just a couple of years you're calling Hollywood royalty your good friends?

Maybe Oprah will have a show, like she did with author James Frey, telling Dr Phil how much he and his son embarassed her!That did it for me with Oprah!!

Frankly, I'm getting so sick of both of them (Oprah and Phil) and their holier than thou attitudes. Time for them to retire. I think they can afford to.

2984 days ago

A A A    

Dr. phil and his playboy plastic bone skinny wife Robin. They both think they are celebrity and there not. Dr. Phil is a big showoff asshole, and Robin is country taking plastic trophy wife. There son Jay is a none talent ass, who has to have his father write boring books for him and put his ugly picture on it. Thats why he married a playboy wife. ALL OF THEM ARE FULL OF IT.THATS WHY THE PUBLIC SHOULD NOT FALL FOR DR. PHILL KNOW IT ALL BS TALK SHOW.

2983 days ago


This is rather surprising to me...I thought Jay was better than that. I do like him though and hope he will be happy with his new wife. Anytime I've seen him on Dr. Phil, he's always seemed very smart, and down to earth. I used to watch Dr. Phil a long time ago but the man just talks around in circles and is so full of b.s. And what was he thinking with his speech?! How bizarre! I remember him giving a girl advice on Oprah once, telling her that she needs to learn to keep her clothes on. Perhaps he should be giving his new daughter-in-law the same advice.

2981 days ago


I don't know why this marriage bothers me so much. Maybe because of Dr. Phil's self righteous show. She is a former Playmate whose flesh is all over a magazine for all men to view. She must be in love with her body and self. I have a sinking feeling for this marriage. I agree with a lot of the comments. I would be very surprised if this marriage lasted more than a few years. It will be a very expensive divorce and God forbid if they have any children. But maybe we are all wrong. Maybe this will be a happy marriage and last for ever. Who knows any more?

2979 days ago


Who among us can control the behavior of our children, especially at age 26????? My guess is that Dr. Phil and Robin disapproved of their son's choice of a wife, but could do nothing about it. And maybe 26 year old Jay is thinking in the now like most young people and not in the future. As fans or not, all we can do is congratulate them and wait and see what happens.

2977 days ago


Oprah wasn't there because she uses her summers for her touch up plastic surgery in Hawaii each summer.

She's had a tummy tuck and breast lift with reduction a couple of summers ago after her 50th birthday. She wouldn't tell anyone, but it was so apparent when she came back that Fall.

I remember she had John Travolta on her show just a couple of days after the new year started, and he did a double take when he came onstage....grabbed her and asked WHAT have you done to yourself! Now John is supposed to be Oprahs bested bud but even he was astounded that in 2 1/2 months Oprah had a TOTALLY FLAT stomach and her breasts were HALF there size and sitting up high on her chest by her armpits. It was hilarious because John didn't know it was supposed to be a secret and kept asking what she had done. Oprah would put him off by giggling and saying crap like she just felt good.

Now there is nothing wrong with plastic surgery, but when all those white women are out there worshiping the ground Oprah walks on and exercising their asses off only to still have a sagging hanging belly, well, she needs to tell the truth that she had her saggy belly removed with a tummy tuck.

Ever notice how last year she didn't have a double chin anymore? Amazing after all these years and all that weight that it magically disappeared. Yes, you do lose weight in your face, but when you've been that heavy the chin area hangs, and the skin on the neck will sorta hang. Oprah's neck is tight as a 20 year old.

She just needs to tell the truth. Isn't she all about the truth? Her hypocrisy with that author's lies in his book was laughable when Oprah lies about her plastic surgery.

I think she's having her arms done this summer. Wait and watch. They will be smaller.

Plastic surgery is great but she should tell the truth!

2967 days ago


Wouldnt it just be so much better if Dr. Phil's good looking son married a really
intelligent, talented and average looking feminist? Is it me, or doesn't this make
Dr. Phil look like an even bigger phony?

2965 days ago


wow ! i bet DR PHIL didnt see that coming. wonder how and what phycological questions he thought about asking his son?

2962 days ago
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