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EXCLUSIVE: Inside Scoop on McGraw Wedding

8/13/2006 10:17 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jay McGraw, the son of TV pop psychologist Dr. Phil, got married on Saturday in Beverly Hills to former Playboy Playmate Erica Dahm – and Oprah was a notable no-show, TMZ has learned.

If there was any doubt that Dr. Phil and Oprah are on the outs, Oprah's absence from the nuptials of the son of her onetime protégé may just have confirmed it.

As for the wedding itself, TMZ has learned that the reception was held at the swanky Beverly Hills Hotel – right around the corner from Dr. Phil's estate, where the ceremony was performed. Of the 400 guests, the best-known celeb amongst them was talk-show legend Larry King.

The musical entertainment was a highlight of the occasion – songwriter extraordinaire David Foster played piano with the wedding band, and R&B singer-producer Kenneth "Babyface" Edmonds performed three songs, which Foster had rehearsed with the band for five hours. The result, says our source, was "amazing."

Some of the toasts given on behalf of the new couple seemed a little off-key; one of the bride's sisters, for instance, said, "When we first met Jay, we thought he was a jackass – but he turned out to be this wonderful nice guy." Dr. Phil was somewhat more charitable to his new daughter-in-law, saying with glass raised, "For a lot of girls, Erica is an easy girl to hate. She's skinny and beautiful. . . In this country, there's no such thing as an arranged marriage, but if there were, we'd want to arrange for Erica to marry Jay."

During the reception, guests noshed on such treats as mini-cheeseburgers, French fries, and little root beer floats, all said to be scrumptious. Cameras were out in force, with coverage to come on Dr. Phil's syndicated talk show.

The happy couple, who met on the set of a 2004 FOX reality show, is taking their honeymoon in Fiji.

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Joe Kizer    

Hi Jay and erica,
im so happy fore you guys im so ubsessed of your family. you made a great discussion im confident youll make it. good luck. have fun at honeymoon

2955 days ago


I like the whole family. I think they're great. Dr. Phil is a clear thinking best advice giving, book writing doc and we're all lucky Oprah found him for us. As for his wife....she is adorable and a great role model for women of all ages. The kids are great.....Dr. Phil can't control who Jay falls in love with. Give them all a collective break. Wish them well.

2949 days ago


Why do people have to say rude comments about other people why don't you just give them your blessing and wish them LUCK.
As foar as for he being skinny well good for her but remember most men want a woman that has some meat on her body......right.

2948 days ago

denise nihill    

I am shocked that Dr. Phil used such a shallow way to express himself at what should be the most monumental and special day in his first born's life. Could he get any more superficial. (He needs to read some of his own books). A bit of preaching to himself is in order I would say.
What is up with him and Oprah? He never saw that coming, I bet.

2948 days ago


wish them the very best,who cares what they had for dinner,they make a great couple..........

2948 days ago


Yes, what really caused Oprah 2b a no show? Since Dr. Phil has made
his fortune with Oprahs helping him up .. now would be a good time for
him to make a sizeable donation to her 'Angel Network' .. Makes me wonder
why are some men just aren't greatful for the hand up and share their wealth as their mentors? Also makes me wonder if Oprah may think she was 'used' .. could be why she's pissed.

2948 days ago


hey dumbf*** shry at comment #72... the grammatical error of "your" was intentional (notice the comment in parentheses as in i want LN to feel comfortable in her ignorance) just as i want you to feel comfortable in your's. it's called sarcasm you dumb sh*t. and certainly let no one mistake TMZ for the New Yawk Times. but there's never an excuse for poor grammar... whether it be the Times or what you're accustomed to reading... the walls of mens' room stalls. guffaaaaaaaaaaaw!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2948 days ago

B. Watts    

Playmates marry highest bidders:pop-out child, and get on the Dr.Phil dole....that's how long it will last.

2948 days ago


A large percentage of romances, and eventual weddings, begin over physical attraction. They're both nice looking people. If they make it for a lifetime, wonderful. If not, they're no different from 60-percent or more of other U. S. citizens. As to Dr. Phil's opulent lifestyle: he may be a psychologist, but he's in show business. I would say he's in show business because it pays a lot more than an ordinary practice. Nothing wrong with that.

2948 days ago


Why is everybody worried about this wedding- it is not their family. If they love each other. I am sure alot of you have done things wrong. So let it go.

2948 days ago


BEST WISHES TO THE NEW BRIDE AND GROOM. Those of you who deem yourself and your past as being perfectly sinless need to take a good look in a mirror . EVERYONE HAS SOMETHING IN THEIR PAST and EVERY SIN IS JUST AS EQUAL AS ANY OTHER . So back off from doging Jay's new bride and their reason of choice . Dr. Phil and Robin , like most parents didn't hand pick their son's bride . Like most parents they to have to accept the good with the bad choices of another INDIVIDUAL . Dr. Phil and Robin can in no way be held responsible for who their children fall in love with , what the new family member did or didn't do in the past , how much a wedding ring should cost or what food is served at their wedding . Just because they are now in-laws to Jay's new wife DOES NOT MEAN THEY ARE IN COMPLETE AGREEMENT to Jay's choices , or maybe they are in agreement simply because if they see that their adult son is safe and happy regardless of others negative jelousy driven oppinions , then they can and will deal with any darts thrown at their family . A parents love is forced to tolerate many pains . Jay nor his family should be judged or ridiculed because they have what some think to be as having to much money / To nice of a home . Most people would ( if given the open opportunity ) utilize available assets for a more comfortable lifestyle even if others oppinions call it " RIDING DADDY'S or ????? COAT TAIL " . Instead of knocking Dr. Phil's financial investments and wise managment of income in which he uses to provide well for his family , It would seem more logical to LEARN from his and other millionaires example on how to be more responsible with money . No matter how much money someone has , If the one getting married wants hamburgers or potted meat sandwitches served at their wedding , NO OTHER PEOPLE HAVE A RIGHT TO JUDGE THE BRIDE / GROOM'S CHOICE . And oh my goddness , What a childish inmature assumption to make in accusing any friend of Dr. Phil's , of being mad at him because they couldn't make it to a wedding . At least an invitation was offered . What a shame that it has been made so obvious that people would rather believe and further spread unjustifiable low class hatred as opposed to accepting the possibility that invited friends who couldn't make the date , really did want so much to be a part of the occassion . And to further add fuel to that milicious arson of fire some lash out at the McGraw's friends to call them " WHITE HATERS " . Obviously you don't have enough brains to know that if they didn't like white people then there would have already been a settled understanding made to that effect upon any formation of friendships. Please try to offer well wishes to this young couple , after all , WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND.... BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH , YOU MIGHT JUST GET IT YOURSELF.

2948 days ago

Bob Jurgenson    

The whole wedding was money that could be spent on someone who Really
Earned it. That would not include his son who only has notoriety through
his now Boring Father. I used to watch the show but haven't now for about
two years since Dr. Phil obviously is in it for the money. Good folks who
really need help can't get it for people like dr. pjhil who has disgraced the
name of Doctor. IF equally have little respect, if any, phil's wife and
certainly not for the tramp his son married....but, who knows, being a probably won't fact, I would gamble it won't.

2948 days ago

Bob Jurgenson    

Phil is after the money as is his son who never earned it so marrying a
playboy tramp is par for the course. It's disgusting to many folks that
spending all that money on Medical School and wasting it like phil &
his son when there are Good Folks out there that would go to medical
school and Really Help Others per the Medical Code. Phil & his
whole family should hide in shame .

2948 days ago


I have been a big fan of Dr. Phil but he's gotten so commercialized, it's getting disgusting. His show has just turned into a big infomercial with Robin's new book, his many books, the failed diet thing, Jay with his books, etc., and now this wedding thing. I've been a loyal fan for a long time, but it's just getting to be too much. Also his venture into places where he doesn't belong - away from his core strengths - such as charging into New Orleans to find Katrina victims, what was that about? And bullying guests - well, I think I'm about done with Dr. Phil. I've watched him from the Oprah show but think we're about done here.

2948 days ago


I was really disappointed to see a very down to earth (I thought) Jay out there helping so many people marry a person like that. Now to hear that he has married a person that is a disgrace to us women here on earthearth.Someone that has to show her body to the world to get everyone to think she is God's gift to men is very disgraceful.I can see why maybe Oprah decided not to show up. I think she has a litle more class than that. Sorry to hear all of this. I love you Phil and will still watch your show as I think you do a great job and telling it like it is and helping so many people.Just my opinion on this whole episode.

2945 days ago
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