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EXCLUSIVE: Inside Scoop on McGraw Wedding

8/13/2006 10:17 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jay McGraw, the son of TV pop psychologist Dr. Phil, got married on Saturday in Beverly Hills to former Playboy Playmate Erica Dahm – and Oprah was a notable no-show, TMZ has learned.

If there was any doubt that Dr. Phil and Oprah are on the outs, Oprah's absence from the nuptials of the son of her onetime protégé may just have confirmed it.

As for the wedding itself, TMZ has learned that the reception was held at the swanky Beverly Hills Hotel – right around the corner from Dr. Phil's estate, where the ceremony was performed. Of the 400 guests, the best-known celeb amongst them was talk-show legend Larry King.

The musical entertainment was a highlight of the occasion – songwriter extraordinaire David Foster played piano with the wedding band, and R&B singer-producer Kenneth "Babyface" Edmonds performed three songs, which Foster had rehearsed with the band for five hours. The result, says our source, was "amazing."

Some of the toasts given on behalf of the new couple seemed a little off-key; one of the bride's sisters, for instance, said, "When we first met Jay, we thought he was a jackass – but he turned out to be this wonderful nice guy." Dr. Phil was somewhat more charitable to his new daughter-in-law, saying with glass raised, "For a lot of girls, Erica is an easy girl to hate. She's skinny and beautiful. . . In this country, there's no such thing as an arranged marriage, but if there were, we'd want to arrange for Erica to marry Jay."

During the reception, guests noshed on such treats as mini-cheeseburgers, French fries, and little root beer floats, all said to be scrumptious. Cameras were out in force, with coverage to come on Dr. Phil's syndicated talk show.

The happy couple, who met on the set of a 2004 FOX reality show, is taking their honeymoon in Fiji.

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Try saying anything about Erica's past on the Dr boards - they don't get in. What does that say about Dr. Phil?
The thing is, Erica has not denounced her behavior. For all we know, she may be feautured in future porn issues. If she doesn't publicly apologize on his show, no one will respect Dr. Phil because she stands for all that is contrary to what he supposedly stands for. As for Jay, he's finished with teens because he didn't walk the talk - he's been smoozing at the Playboy mansion. This should have been a private, quiet wedding - to publicize it is to endorse it all.

2924 days ago


I think Dr Phil is different from his son choice no matter what we tell our children he is still going to do what he wants to do anyway!!! I am very shocked that she was a former playboy model I thought she was a run way model with her clothes on not with her clothes off,but Jay will have to live with his choice,I mean what kind of influence would she have on her children,that safe sex is ok,you can take off your clothes and let Men Lust After You That Ok Sweetie,If Jay isn't think about this impact that that his own fault!!! However,I do wish Jay&Erica Mcgraw The Best And I Hope That The Will Put Jesus Christ as Number#1 in Their Marriage,I thought maybe just maybe Jay is A Born-Again Christian since they come from a Baptist Home,but just because people go To Church And Love Jesus doesn't mean our Minds have been renew,they have to live and learn Jay&Erica Mcgraw if she doesn't Love Jesus with all of her heart and all of his heart it will be a mess it is a different generation then when Robin&Dr.Phil Got Married they weren't taken their clothes off and neither was Robin so she had morals,and they thought different back then,so that is why their Marriage Lasted as long as it is right now for 30 years but I wonder if their son will have that luck,it is ashame but all we can do is pray for them and lift them up To Jesus And Their Marriage,talking about them does no good but yes It does suck to find out what Erica Mcgraw Did In Her Past~Former PlayboyModel!!!

2924 days ago


I want too make sure my comments appear!!!

2924 days ago


Isn’t Dr. Phil’s mantra:

The Best Predictor of Future Behavior is Past Behavior.

Posing in an incestuous nude spread in Playboy = ????

2923 days ago


I repeat this again this is not Dr.Phil Fault for Who Jay Married,it who fault let say it together "Jay" if it doesn't work out,Dr Phil Can't Control Jay and say,don't Marry Erica,I don't care what you all say but I am still going to watch The Show,Dr Phil Has Helped me and I Love His Topics And He Helps A Lot Of People In Need!!!
P.S All I wonder if Erica Will Denounced Her Behaviour Or Not!!!!

2923 days ago


When I first saw Dr Phil on Oprah I thought he was okay but then after he got his own show I started to get tired of all the constant commercial references. So who cares that Jordan's favorite guitar is a Gibson and which restaurants the family like to eat at in Dallas? I also started to get really edgy about the advice given to some of the guests; some who really needed help and support got shouted at and berated and other spoiled dumb asses got rewarded with more luxury items from the shows sponsors.

After hearing Dr Phil schmoozing about Jay's wedding I have realized what a total fake he is - so much for young women having a stronge sense of self, self-esteem and not allowing themselves to be used and abused by men. That's totally out of the window - now it's okay to get naked for the cameras and to dick around with Hugh Hefner so long as you scrub up okay for the wedding day. I'm waiting for the show where Erica says how much she is ashamed of her sleezy past and how she regrets pursuing fame at all costs and alomg with her playmate sisters heaping shame on her family. Unless something like this happens, when I hear Dr Phil saying how Erica is the daughter-in-law of his dreams I an just going to carry on thinking that he is a hypocritical sleezy old horn dog.

2918 days ago


Okay, I've read quite a few of the comments here and have a few of my own.

1. The key word is "former" playmate. You call Miss Erica horrible things, but how many of you have logged onto the web to look at her. Talk about trash and skanks.
2. I don't think Dr. Phil has the power to dictate who his son loves, and he shouldn't. Wouldn't that be a horrible mess of marriages out there, if our parents took over that control.
3. I only hope that I can look as good as Miss Robin when I'm in my 50's.
4. Regarding Jay's reality show, damn he looks good in jeans.

I wish the best to all of the McGraw's, old and new.

2914 days ago


Gracious, Diane....I'm thinking you're some kind of spokesperson or family member, by your redundant need to protect The McGraws; however, who are you to call anyone who has posted something negative "trash and skanks"? Do you actually know how many HAVE logged onto the site, as if that would relieve each of us from being "skanks" in your opinion. I doubt any of us posters who don't bow at any McGraw's feet have posed nude. I accept your apology.
MY opinions:
1. Dr. Phil needs to quit referring to his new daughter-in-law as a "model" unless he preficits it with, "nude".
2. I've quit watching his show, as I can only take so much of one thinking of him/herself as infallible. I could NOT take hearing one more time, "I've been doing this for 30 years" (which would mean he finished enough college to obtain a doctorate degree by age 20).
3. He doesn't practice what he preaches, as stated above. Let's not forget his first marriage that ended in divorce, but I bet you'd never hear him bring that up, now would you? I hope he "earned his way out" of THAT marriage!
4. He has become the male version of Kathy Lee Gifford with his relentless bragging about his perfect kids (yawn).
5. As much as he's literally spoken about public displays of nudity, particularly when a relationship exists, he has undoubtedly become the hypocrites of all hypocrites. He needs to address his d.i.l.'s Playboy spread to those left who love and support him, but you can't change what you don't acknowledge, right?
6. I began wondering what happened to his RARE segments where he took on viewers who disagreed with him on any given subject. It doesn't seem that he's had one of those in a long, long time. I guess it doesn't matter, as he always found a way to defend his position since he can do no wrong.
7. I lost all respect for him when he had the family in crisis (Marty and Erin) and loudly chewed out the father right in front of his two daughters.
8. It's all about big bucks now. I have to wonder what would possess anyone to actually spend money to buy a book written by Robin McGraw (???). She is consistently sweet, but is no more important than anyone reading these posts. I WAS appalled at how huge, gawdy and tacky their mansion is. In fact....was it used in last week's episode of "Nip/Tuck" where Christian tells Rosie O'Donnel just how bad her taste is? ;-)
I can't believe I'm wasting time and energy on any McGraw. I just despise people who are in positions of influence being so hypocritical. And how disgusting that his perfect son married a common, bleached blonde who disgraced herself and all women.
End of post; I'm going to get sick now.

2914 days ago


I think you are being Judgmental too everyone is intitle too their opionion And You Are Intitle too yours ok you don't have too agree with it..If you argue with people then you won't have anyone listening too you,can you see anybody point or just your own,if it just your own then you can't get along with anybody! What Difference doesn't make a difference ifDr Phil Got Divorced that his bussiness not yours! Why should he bring it up would you want your mistakes brought up too your face about a Failed Marriage I doubt it....
Remeber it Jay Fault about what happen,He can't control anybody did you get that!
Lynda R.Leavy

2908 days ago

Beverly Hills Psychologist     

cute couple, and if he has any issues he can just get therapy from his Dad!

1582 days ago


I was really disappointed when I found out Jay was marrying a porn model. I read his book when I was a teen and had quite a bit of respect for him. Had being the key word, there.
How can he go on his father's show and tell a teen girl that she's pretty and to respect herself when he married a porn skank? One who posed incestuously with her sisters, no less. It's completely hypocritical. As far as I'm concerned he's not fit to give teens advice any longer. I think he's given that up, anyway. I hope.

And she's actually not attractive...she kinda looks like a tranny. They had a child last year...poor kid. Gonna be scarred when she grows up and sees mommy, naked, humping her aunties.

1500 days ago
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