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Return of "Firecrotch" -- Lindsay Feud Not Over

8/13/2006 3:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paris Hilton's posse lashed out at Lindsay Lohan yet again with "firecrotch" ridicule. On Friday night, after attending a Justin Timberlake concert at the House of Blues in West Hollywood, Paris Hilton, sister Nicky, Hollywood bad boy Brandon Davis and Scott Storch, the producer of Paris' new CD, found themselves at In-N-Out Burger at 2 a.m. in Hollywood.

As they left, a photographer heard someone in the party of four use the word "firecrotch." You'll recall the TMZ video in which Brandon Davis went on a now-infamous rant against Lindsay Lohan, peppering his comments by calling her a "firecrotch."

As they left, a photographer heard the reference and asked "What did you say about firecrotch?" Storch replied "We're actually celebrating firecrotch day." As Storch and Paris got in the vehicle which sported bright red interior (Lindsay is famous for her red hair), he added "We even have firecrotch interior for the occasion."

A photographer then asked "Did you get the interior done for firecrotch?" Storch promptly responded "Yes we did, in special honor of her freckled puss." Paris, who smiled during the entire exchange, could not contain her giggles with Storch's parting shot.

Davis, who left in his own car, did not utter a "firecrotch" word. He may have learned his lesson, but this feud is far from over.


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While spoilt brats:

- Have slanging matches
- Drive up and down renowned paparazzi hot spots
- Make home made movies
- Take copious amounts of drugs

They spend rediculous amounts of money to "get our attention". These "FireCrotch" interior cars are designed to get attention. The multi million dollar boats and the fuel they burn are designed to get your attention. The clubs they hang out at, are not bars with a few locals.... They are bars where they can get our attention. So now I have made this point let me get to my primary point which is why I hope this post will not be a waste of your time as it has certainly wasted mine...

We are posting here with regards to spoilt brats who seem to capture our attention on a daily basis. Is it not a pitty there is no web site that lets you post on the comments made by a homeless person about the person who spat on them this morning?... Or the comments made by that poor etheopean child on his God that did not deliver him from death as he starved to his last breath?...

I guess what I am saying guys is "Who gives a crap what these idiots think about ANYTHING"? If we didn't then the paparazzi wouldn't even have heard the comments. Much like a tree in the forest noone would have been there to hear Storch. It is time for a shift of conciousness peeps... Lets care about what truly is important and spend that dollar we were going to spend on reading about "Scott and Paris" on making the world a better place : )


2920 days ago

i cannot believe how people treat other people what paris and brandon are doing is not one bit funny it shows what they are really about and it is not good they do not even posses the knowledge to understand they are putting more of a negative image on themselves i hope lindsay does not do or say anything to either of them i wish her the best and i know someday paris and brandon will be very embarrased for what they have done to lindsay i hope god forgives them where are their parents in all this ? hopefully they are not wearing t shirts that say FIRECROTCH

2909 days ago


Wow where is the hate coming from? Paris didn't even say anything and everyone is jumping all over her. Firecrotch can get away with driving drunk, violating her probation, stealing and everyone is on her side, oh poor little firecrotch. At least Paris helps out with the homeless and has been known to give those less fortunate money.

1264 days ago
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