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Return of "Firecrotch" -- Lindsay Feud Not Over

8/13/2006 3:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paris Hilton's posse lashed out at Lindsay Lohan yet again with "firecrotch" ridicule. On Friday night, after attending a Justin Timberlake concert at the House of Blues in West Hollywood, Paris Hilton, sister Nicky, Hollywood bad boy Brandon Davis and Scott Storch, the producer of Paris' new CD, found themselves at In-N-Out Burger at 2 a.m. in Hollywood.

As they left, a photographer heard someone in the party of four use the word "firecrotch." You'll recall the TMZ video in which Brandon Davis went on a now-infamous rant against Lindsay Lohan, peppering his comments by calling her a "firecrotch."

As they left, a photographer heard the reference and asked "What did you say about firecrotch?" Storch replied "We're actually celebrating firecrotch day." As Storch and Paris got in the vehicle which sported bright red interior (Lindsay is famous for her red hair), he added "We even have firecrotch interior for the occasion."

A photographer then asked "Did you get the interior done for firecrotch?" Storch promptly responded "Yes we did, in special honor of her freckled puss." Paris, who smiled during the entire exchange, could not contain her giggles with Storch's parting shot.

Davis, who left in his own car, did not utter a "firecrotch" word. He may have learned his lesson, but this feud is far from over.


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Oh, how very mature... Paris needs to grow up and find something more productive to do with vast amount of free time (since she has no job) than talking trash about other people. Is that all she does? Just party the days and nights away? Must be. That's probably why she always looks like she was rode hard and put away wet. Get a job and a life princess... It's called REALITY. You might want to check into it at some point.

2991 days ago


One thing you notice is that this omnivorous whoress does not appear to have a fan website. Most celebrities, even her arch rival Richie, will have 2 or more. I wonder if there is a cause/effect here.....

2991 days ago


At first it could have just been some personal thing with Brandon Davis, but a second guy she's with making the same joke?? It must be something she jokes about often in that case.

Also, someone asked about "Fart In A Mitten" t-shirts, here's some "Fart In A Mitten" t-shirts specially aimed at Paris Hilton!! (Of course the insult isn't really aimed at anyone else):

2991 days ago


How many c*cks did Paris haved to suck to get her CD made including Scott Storchs... Dam thats alot of c*cks. Scott Storch probably just said that to get laid.

2991 days ago


Who can believe what the hell a photographer says? Hello! He's probably only saying sh*t to get more speculation on him and get him higher pay. Think about those papparazzi idiots who stand in front of cars then barely get tapped when they DONT MOVE while a vehicle is clearly moving and try to sue for millions. And just because someone happens to say it that isn't Paris, she gets dissed? She wasn't saying it, she was there laughing as anyone else would be, but everyone has to gang up and call her a slut? You guys, the ones calling her a slut full of STDs, have no proof she's a slut, whore, skank, hoe,'re not friends with her, you don't know her personally. You don't know if she has STDs...that's just your way of trying to criticize someone which is just as immature as her FRIENDS TALKING about Lindsay. And everyone thinks she's a whore because she made a sex tape with her ex you see other sex tapes out? No you don't!!!! She was with them, they were dating, it was something she thought would be fun and never get out and the guy had no respect for her and released the tape. I've been with my fiance for 4yrs and I've made one of those tapes...does that mean I'm a slut too? Of course it doesn't! You guys just need to lay off of her, she didn't say it, she was laughing about it. And in case you haven't realized it...Lindsay is the one who goes around starting sh*t with people. She started sh*t with Hilary Duff, Ashlee and Jessica Simpson, Alina Puscau, and the list goes on. Lindsay is a disgusting person with disgusting looks, an ugly attitude, and a bad drinking habit which is also known as exhaustion, she's a no better role model or person for that matter than all the people involved in this 'Firecrotch' incident!!!!

2991 days ago


thank god for her she was BORN RICH because she would amount to NOTHING but a cheap WHORE

2991 days ago


Look, when all is said and done, i'd rather have Lindsay Lohan ANYDAY over Paris, despite Lohan's immature ways. Paris has ZERO amount of talent. She doesn't do ANYTHING! I think she's cute, sure. But she can't sing, can't act, can't dance, and looks a lot better with clothes on. Yeah, I saw the home movie, and she is BORING in bed! She couldn't give head to save her life, and lays there like a lump in bed. Very disappointing for someone who's supposed to be "so crazy". Now Lindsay is a firecrotch (a term i've heard since 4th grade, by the way, but the press acts like this douchebag coined the term)? That's great. I LOVE firecrotches.....i love redheads, i love freckles. Lindsay has a "freckled puss"? Great! I'll play connect the dots with my tongue! As for Paris, I wouldn't piss on her skanky ass if she was on fire.

2991 days ago



If you are seriously considering letting this Storch "gentleman"(using the word LOOSELY) handle Brooke's career----Please, consider THIS behavior of his. While I'm definitely NOT a fan of Miss Lohan, nor of that slut Paris(& to the fans of Paris--the word SLUT is one SHE HERSELF made PUBLIC when she performed with Rick Solomon), I would be VERY careful letting Mr. Storch have ANYTHING to do with my daughter. If this is how he treats "former" friends and "former" clients---this is EXACTLY what I would expect him to say about Brooke, should she piss him off for some reason.

No matter HOW much $$$ these idiots seem to have, the one thing they can't seem to purchase are MANNERS. Mr. Hogan, I would say take your daughter to someone MUCH classier, like Mutt Lange. At least HE wouldn't be caught dead muttering the word "firecrotch" about someone he once called his "friend". Paris----YOU ARE what is commonly known as THE AIDS EPIDEMIC. What comes around, certainly GOES around. Doesn't it, sweetie?

2991 days ago


Paris, grow up get some class. And worry about your own crotch.

2991 days ago


the hilton's are the worst kind of nouveau trash on the face of the planet. from kathy, that fat pig of a mother (who starred in sh*tty horror movies and tv shows in the 70s before getting down on her gold-digging knees to suck off rick hilton) to their wonky-eyed, std-ridden whore of an eldest daughter they are nothign but WHITE TRASH with an ever-dwindling supply of money. honestly, paris is NOT attractive (that eye makes her resemble a down-syndrome kid they once let attend art class with the normal kids in middle school) with zero talent and NOT THAT GREAT AN INHERITANCE to boot (because, of course, the family is nouevau trash and has no idea how to manage her money). there are hundreds of people out there who are far better-looking and 20 times as wealthy as she.

and scott storch is the single-ugliest person in america. he seriously looks like a hedgehog. i can't wait until two or three years down the line when all of these people have lost their fame and fortune and our carrousing in the monkey pen of the playboy mansion with pauly shore smearing each other with feces....

2991 days ago


My god....she hangs out with the FUGLIEST people...I guess to make her ugly ass self feel better.....and the fact that she used to date Scott Storch is a testament to her bad taste...

He is just NASTY......and while I am no fan of Lohan either....jesus....the Fugly Four need to grow up and give it a rest.....picking on a kid??? Why don't they start early and pick on Dakota Fanning....she will be ripe for the picking in a few years....

2991 days ago


Too much of any drug will storch your brain
...and so the slut lowers herself yet again
...just how low could we go?

and meanwhile lindsay shows that
she actually does have class
by restraining herself
and not responding
rather than giving
the slut what she
a short sharp shock

well done linds : )

2991 days ago


Yeah, another “WE LOVE TO HATE PARIS” fest. You can tell how much people love to hate Paris by the shear number of postings on every article that even mentions her name.

What better person to trash than a rich, spoiled, immature, celebrity want-a-be. And the fact that she just keeps them coming one day after another. Too easy.

2991 days ago

Roger Gallo    

Anyone who knows Linsey Lohan knows she is a spoiled brat. She is often very unprofessional on set. She needs to start growing up away from the party scene. That said, Paris Hilton is even worse. Unlike Lindsey she has no talent as an actress or singer. She disparages the Hilton name (so does her mom and dad) She is plainly, obviously stupid (despite her denials) uninformed and gas created a public persona of dubious value. She could do some good in this world with all her wealth and fame. What a waste of a human being.

2991 days ago


Paris calling Lindsay firecrotch is funny....especially when her crotch is called "The Loose Goose Tube" where if you have a PENIS you may enter-This bitch has no scruples and never will....just goes to show you that you can have money, but still can be a dumb ho that lets anyone drive thru her tunnel

2991 days ago
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