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Getting "Snakes" Through Security

8/15/2006 6:53 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Samuel L. Jackson: Click to watchThese days it may be a bit harder to sneak a crate full of snakes onto a plane, but Samuel L. Jackson isn't worried about how heightened security measures will affect his new movie.

"It's unfortunate flying has become such a pain in the butt with the things you can carry with you ... we have to look at our fellow passengers and be like am I going to have to get on your ass or what ... it's just bad but i don't think it has anything to do with this particular film."

Jackson also promises the movie in question, "Snakes on a Plane," is not going to skimp out on any violence or mile-high club antics despite tighter restrictions in real-life flight.

"PG was not the way it's supposed to be, it's a horror film...there's some nudity now, in a horror movie like this people get killed in those situations...this has nothing to do with reality whatsoever."

"Snakes on a Plane" opens Friday.


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Is that Chris Robinson of the Black Crowes?

2957 days ago


Why do you f*ck nozels keep putting this no talent - not funny video up to every story? Believe me, I am a fan of humor and it wouldn't be a big deal, but this video is NOT funny at all...

2957 days ago


I happen to think that video is VERY funny! And by the way, there is no reason for swearing, young man!

2957 days ago


im sorry but this movie looks like its going to be so stupid

2957 days ago


I dont think it is unfortunate that flying is what it is. They are protecting everyone on the plane, not trying to upset them. I fly alot, and i feel more safe if i go through tight airport security. His comment, and his movie are rediculus.

2957 days ago



2957 days ago

John Marinelli    

Wonder if I'm the only idiot stuck in the twilight zone? Last night , while I was at work (with my cell phone dangling on my hip), my wife called to tell me that she received a phone call at home emanating from my cell phone (we have called ID of course). When she picked it up Samuel Jackson's voice was hawking his new Snakes Movie!! It was his voice! He said to come see his new movie, that she works hard with her patients (she's a nurse) and deserved a break, and that her husband John (that's me) will love the movie too!!. We are totally blown away by this since my phone was with me and I had not made a call in hours!! I'm even afraid to admit this, since it welcomes comments about our mental health, but I can assure everyone that we are just common (pretty)-well adjusted people. I don't even see how that would be technically possible.

2957 days ago


Mr Jackson, if you are reading this & you said yourself last night on TV that you visit websites to see what people are saying about you, then why in the world, with your talent, would you do this film? Also if poster # 7's comments are true (very scary) what were you thinking allowing this type of gimmick?

2956 days ago

Alex Rogers    

Im afraid of 3 things

snakes, planes and SLJ

This movie is going to rock

2956 days ago

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