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Help Me Tom Cruise!

8/15/2006 2:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's ... Tom Cruise?

After Cruise and fiancée Katie Holmes gave an assist to a car accident victim last Saturday on a Los Angeles freeway, it's now time to anoint the "Mission Impossible" star with superhero status. You see for Cruise, saving people from distress isn't reserved for just the big screen. Over the years, Tom has used a multitude of superpowers to help those in need.

Tom Cruise in Superman pose

Super Agility
In 1996, Cruise wasn't involved in just one perilous situation, but three! In March, he came to the aid of a hit-and-run victim in Los Angeles, summoning an ambulance, following her to the hospital and then paying her $7,000 emergency-room bill. "If he's not Superman," Heloisa Vinhas told PEOPLE, "he can be Batman."

Super Sight
Then in August, while sailing the Mediterranean off the island of Capri, Cruise, with wife-at-the-time Nicole Kidman, spotted a sailboat on fire and its five passengers floating on a raft nearby. Cruise immediately sent over his yacht's skiff -- arriving shortly before the sailboat sank. After the incident, Cruise's publicist at the time proclaimed, "If I ever get in trouble, I hope Tom Cruise is nearby." Note to publicist -- the yacht staff also comes in handy.

Super Strength
Later that year, at the British premiere of the first "Mission Impossible," Cruise spotted two young boys getting crushed against barricades by the crowd. Cruise lifted Laurence Sadler, 7, and Christos Tzanetis, 13, to safety. "We are very grateful to Tom," one of the boys' mother said afterwards.

Super Speed
In 1998, Tom rushed to the aid of a woman being mugged in London. The woman in peril, who could have lost nearly $150,000 in jewels, told a local paper after the incident, "Tom was brilliant. He rushed down the road with his bodyguards and chased the attackers away."

So the next time you find yourself in a life-and-death predicament, before you dial 911, perhaps you should look around -- Cruise could be lurking about to save the day.


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These things NEVER happened! They are simply publicity stunts. The previous ones have all been investigated and proven to be shams. Come on folks, it is not true.

2985 days ago

Dave Schram    

Gee, I've only helped two car accident victims in my life. I guess you hate me less because I haven't helped enough people in physical pain.

2984 days ago

Dave Schram    

At this site you can learn the truth about Tom Cruise’s box office prowess this year.

Mission Impossible has more ticket sales this year than any of these films in 2004-2006:


Batman Begins

Ocean’s Twelve

Superman Returns

I Robot

National Treasure

Fantastic Four

Shark Tale

Chicken Little

Over the Hedge

Wedding Crashers

Van Helsing

The Polar Express

The Bourne Supremacy



Bridgette Jones: The Edge of Reason

Flight Plan

The Terminal

Collateral (his own)

Million Dollar Baby

So he clobbered Oscar winning actors like Tom Hanks twice with a sequel. More ticket sales than Brad Pitt, Will Smith (twice), George Clooney, Nic Cage, Matt Damon (twice), Jody Foster and Clint Eastwood.

This year, so far, only these films have out-performed MI: III—X-Men, The DaVinci Code, Ice Age, Pirates of the Caribbean (no surprise), and that’s ALL!

2983 days ago


This compassion and desire to help others is exactly what his Church of Scientology took hold of, indoctrinated him to think only they have the answers, and then took complete advantage of. Now he's lost his contract because Hollywood caught on and the public said "Enough!!" with the prostelatizing, yet the things he does that begin from his heart wind up going unnoticed.

This man is being taken for granted and used like a commodity by his 'church' when all he started out with was a learning disability in need of help and compassion to help others in need. Wake Up Cruise. You're being Used.

2983 days ago

Fourth Grade Mathmatician    

Usually I would like to Lambast Tom "Werewolf" Cruise control as much as the next TMZ celeb junkie. But you cant slight the man for trying to help people in need. He does do his own stunts, and even though he is jockied sized, he is probably quite capable of handeling himself.

So I shall give wolfman a reprieve from my typical insulting and hilarious remarks suri cruise is a monster.

2978 days ago


well,first ov all,K srsly needs2apologize 4watevr shit s/he has babbld abt k8 n L.ron.hubbard.not bcoz m a fan ov his n herz but coz dat waz way 2much!dat waz lyk crossin da l9!realy.n so doez hilarios,hu jus ASSUMES dat he'z hilarios may b coz he himslf finds his jokes amusin,but no1 els doez,trust me!no NORMAL person wud find callin a 'baby' a monster,amusin oda than u!WEIRDO!

n as far as Tomz concernd.......welllll,hav nothin but praises 4him!he'z da real hero!doubtlessly!no wonder he's jus so perfct at doin da hero part in movies:D

n all da cynical lot out dere bettr keep ur commnts 2urslf coz evry1 knwz u can nvr appreci8 gudness!its not made 4u!u ppl hav jus put a stamp ov STUNTS on him n his fam!y?jus coz he didn shw his baby ryt wen she wz born!or bcoz he waz bein himslf on the oprah shw.

y cant ne1 b hu 1wants2b?wats evry1 els's prob?i jus so luv him 4watevr he doez coz its all so original,jus aint fake!xactly wat i wanna b n wat i want2c in odaz!ORIGINALITY! LUV YA TOM N FAM!simply,truly honestly from the botom ov ma hart luv ya,admire ya!mmmmmwwwwwwwwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!!

2965 days ago

David DeMoss    

Wow - Few people are like this man. Super-mega super-star, Gazillionaire, passionate about life and is a superhero on the side.

How can I be more like Tom?

2953 days ago


If Tom was not a movie star, his heroism would be adorned. Yet, because he is a star and speaks out about his religion, he is treated with disrespect. Why do people hate this man? I wonder. He has done nothing to hurt anyone. What kind of people mock another person's religion? Be ashamed. Be very ashamed.

2953 days ago

Toni Simon    

I challenge all of you critics to live every waking moment of your life, day in and day out, under a microscope having every word criticized and every movement scrutinized. Could you live up to the 24/7 privacy invasion? Are your closets so clean that you could pass inspection? And please don't say, "Well they are celebrities so they asked for it." We have become such hateful, judgemental hypocrites that someday no one will want to be a politician, a movie star, or a religious leader because "the perfect people" have made life so miserable. Maybe your kid is a fake or an alien or your religion is a cult. Looked up the word cult lately? All organized religions qualify. If we spent just half of our time looking for the good we'd all have a more pleasant place to live. I am not sure what qualifications one must have to be an authority on how others live their lives but I am relatively sure it is not any of us.

2950 days ago


The way you treat him when he does something really kind and decent, what would you say if he ever did something actually *bad*. Isn't it transparent to you yet? He compains about kids being drugged and suddenly he's "wierd"? Can't you see that big pharma is behind this? If people were to take Tom seriously they would see what pharmaceutical companies and the psychs who literally invent the diseases for them so the can prescribe their meds, are doing -- drugging an entire generation of children who are guilty of the crime of being active and energetic (i.e. guilty of being kids). If the *truth* were to come out, pharma would loose literally billions of dollars. And what's more important than billions of dollars? I respect Michael Moore for coming out with a level-headed statement about the whole thing: “It’s time to stop picking on Tom Cruise. What is his crime? Jumping on a couch? Actors are supposed to different. They’re not accountants. His religion is own damn business, no matter what planet it’s from. He’s not firing rockets into Iraq.”

2949 days ago


I am so sick of tom and his antics! He needs to take Katie & Suri & hop onthe family flying saucer & go off to Greece or somewhere where the Eagle has NOT landed! Now that he's made nice with Brooke Sheilds, what about Matt Lauer???Don't get him started on Anna nicole yet, she has enough problems! Someone needs to smack him down a couple of notches back down to where he used to be when you could talk to him. He thinks he is holier-than-thou now. His movies suck! If nobody goes sees them, his career goes downhill....FAST!!! BUH-BYE! Ya shoulda been nicer, tom! Sorry, Katie, but's true!

2948 days ago
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