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Nick and Vanessa -- The Real Deal?

8/15/2006 8:34 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Nick Lachey and Vanessa MinnilloMissy, if this were merely a fling, we think it would have flung by now. Nick and Vanessa truly seem to have fallen for each other. In fact, this past Sunday both traveled from different parts of the globe to spend some quality time together -- Nick from Sydney, Australia and Vanessa from the Big Apple.

Included in their Sunday stroll was a trip to the market after enjoying lunch at Casa Vega in Sherman Oaks, Calif.

For a peek at some of Vanessa's dance moves, take a look at this.

graphic of a question markWhere the hell has Usher been?

Usher Raymond Tia, Usher has his dancin' shoes on and will be making his way across the Broadway stage in a matter of weeks. He is taking on one of the leading roles in the New York Broadway production of Chicago, which debuts August 22 at the Ambassador Theater in NY. He made an appearance on Tuesday's "TRL" to talk about the big event and made sure to take time for cameras and fans afterward.

Usher is also planning a tour for 2007, so stay tuned to TMZ for updates.

For more on the hottest in the music biz, read on.

graphic of a question markWhat happened to Jessica from Laguna Beach?

Jessica SmithHere's the low down, Joe. Jessica Smith, who is probably most remembered for her tumultuous relationship with bad boy Jason Wahler, has become a spokesperson for Let's Go -- a travel website. She spent this past spring traveling throughout Europe making stops in London, Paris, Amsterdam and Berlin -- an experience she says has inspired her to continue exploring. Check out blogs she's posted on her website to get more on her travels.

Meanwhile, Laguna posse leader Kristin Cavallari hasn't missed a beat since her Brody break up. Take a look at her night out at Hyde last week.

graphic of a question markDoes Carson Daly still have a show?

Carson DalyIt's quite possible, Lisa, that you've been missing out on the Carson action because of his late night schedule. But he's still up and at 'em on NBC weeknights after Conan at 1:35 a.m. In fact, tonight Sarah Wynter will be making an appearance. And tomorrow, The Game will be featured on his show followed by Dave Navarro on Thursday and Molly Sims on Friday.

In other news, Carson is among the latest celebs to have a MySpace page. Give it a look!

graphic of a question markWill there be a "Friends" reunion at Thanksgiving time?

Friends Monica, this is absolutely false. There has been lots of buzz stating Thanksgiving would bring us one more thing to be thankful for -- getting to see our favorite "Friends" once more. But according to sources close with the cast, the first finale was the final finale. So make sure not to get your hopes up too high.

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No Avatar


Andrew McAllister Ph.D.    

A trip to the market? Must be serious then!
To Love, Honor and Dismay

2956 days ago


Please make Nick Lachey go away! Jessica didn't want him and I don't see what any of us should either. He is making himself look like this little hurt puppy and using his divorce to sell his new record and screwing around all over Hollywood. What is the appeal of this guy??

2956 days ago


On another blog site there is an article about Jessica telling the Times that Nick was not well endowed and that was the demise of their marriage. I think she is just jealous of Nick and Vanessa personally but it makes one wonder.

2956 days ago


they're both pathetic

2955 days ago


Vanessa is stupid for getting involved with Nick. We all know if Jessica wanted Nick back she would probably get him. She shouldn't be dissing his penis size though, his is the first one she has ever supposed to have had.

2955 days ago


Nick probably just wanted a piece of ASS! Vanessa seems like she is stocking the hell out of the boy. Poor nick he is a little vunerable right now after Jessica.

2955 days ago


Vanessa looks like an evil little monster in this picture.

2955 days ago


Nick, Nick, Nick, please stop. Why Vanessa? You are hot, what are you doing with that girl? Please, I beg you, pick ANYONE else. She is a skank. Do your hood rat and please move on to a Lady, a real Woman, or back to Jess. Please.

2955 days ago


Enough of the other two mediocrities. How about some praise for a legitimate talent like Usher. Baseball scouts look for five-tool players- who can hit, run, hit for power, field, and throw. Think Willie Mays for all time or Barry Bonds in his pre-BALCO period. Usher is a five-tool performer- acts, sings, dances, exhudes charisma, makes the little girls crazy. Successful at everything he touches. Will be a fabulous Billy Flynn on Broadway.

2955 days ago

Lance K.    

I will never understand why people think Nick and Jessica should get back together. It is like the Brad & Jen thing. We are outsiders and we weren't in the marriage and they are apart for a reason. It took both parties in each of these relationships

Let them all go on with their lives rather than live a charade just to please their audiences

2955 days ago


I think that Nick Lachey should stay away from women for a while. It's just too soon after divorcing Jessica Simpson. Vanessa looks too diva like to be with a hunky singer. They just don't jibe well to me. I like his rock pop direction with his second solo album, and I'd rather hear his music instead than of whom he's going out with.

2953 days ago


II'll like to see Nick and Jessica back together..................they are the most beautiful couples together ........... these celebrities are sleeping aroond with the same man.........................ladies get your own man, if you have to travel to around the globe.

2948 days ago


I really liked "the newlyweds" they were so cute. Jessica is stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go on Nick have fun. You deserve it putting up with the DUMB BLOND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Chicken or fish my buTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!

2936 days ago


I think Nick needs to find himself, he has to many ego problems. He tackled the task he was out to (Jessicaz Virginity) now he needs to move on cause he must of been a not so good experience for her considering everytime he saw her he wanted her (i got this from watching the show) yet she didnt feel the same. He didnt (from what I saw) ever give her any kind of support from vacations to a suckie anniversary!!!! He was to busy budgeting and trying to be a man than being a friend and husband which every girl would rather have. Yeah, he was a 98 degree hunky singer LOL WOOT WOOT but she was just herself, whatever that might have been (blonde,stupid,slow) But from what I saw she was the one out there working and doing what she had to do and he was to busy being NICK a inconsiderate, arrogant guy...To bad she didnt see this from the begining but usually LOVE IS BLIND and IT WILL TAKE OVER YOUR MIND. But now hopefully she wont take this as a loss but as a lesson LOL He needs her money she doesnt need his. Remember when they went to vegas and OOOpz he forgot his credit card and she had to pay LOL I wonder if her forgets his wallet when he goes to strip clubs or taking one of his so called Love Interest out???? Makes me wonder.. Well that is my take on it..

2918 days ago


Jessica is a dumb blonde who had a good husband and didn't appreciate him. Her love for her career was more important and she allowed her Dad to control her life. Nick was a good one to want to stay married to her inspite of that. Other men are taking notice and are now reluctant to get involved. She better learn to control her own life and learn how to balance her love life and career or she will be very lonely. Basically, Jessica needs to grow up. Even the way she still talks, she sounds like a little girl.

2893 days ago

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