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Dustin's Empty Threats?

8/16/2006 1:11 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

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Dustin Hoffman was caught on tape shopping at The Card Factory in Beverly Hills yesterday.

As the Oscar winner crosses the street and notices the paparazzi, he says the weirdest thing. Not quite sure where he's going with this, but we've concluded that his sense of humor is definitely on the quirky side.


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Red Sox Fan    

He's just trying to be funny. I think he seems like a great guy.

2993 days ago

Red Sox Fan    

#1 he said "someday I'm going to open the door when you're sitting on the toilet"

2993 days ago

Fourth Grade Mathmatician    

Maybe he is into SCAT?

How gross is that? YUCK

2993 days ago


It's obvious, he's sick of you guys following him around and reporting stupid stuff like this. It's not weird. I believe he's asking how the reporter would feel being followed into a bathroom & having his photo taken on the pot. You would if you could.

2993 days ago


ROFLAO! I think he showed a great sense of humour at being followed around by a man with a camera. Good for him, that was really funny.

2993 days ago


He has a sense of humor. I like him

2993 days ago

Diana Baker    

Great statement!

2993 days ago


Good lord people, catch a clue. TMZ is joking about him being weird. They are trying to entice you into opening the video...which worked because I did. What he said was frickin' hilarious...I laughed, Dustin was smiling...even the camera man laughed. He's probably a little sick of the paprazzi but unlike some stars, he keeps a sense of humor about it which some of you people seem to lack.


2993 days ago


That was too funny! What a guy....what a great guy!

2993 days ago


It is parable. It means that the way the paparazzi is invading them in public is the same thing as opening the door when they are sitting on the toilet. Hilarious and profound.

2993 days ago

Kathy C.    

It has to do with invasion of privacy- get it? It's a joke, not weird. Maybe IQ tests should be required before you can be hired to work for TMZ.

2993 days ago

Fourth Grade Mathmatician    

Was he trying to intice this report into some sort of selacious act.

I find that very inopropriate. My LORD, he wants to watch this man deficate.


2992 days ago

Alex Rogers    

Evertime I poo now I afraid that Dustin is coming to get me

2992 days ago

Fourth Grade Mathmatician    

Does this mean that he suffers from Coprophagia?
If so he needs some help with that.
Thats a nice dinner conversation to have. Where do you work that in?

"So Bill how are you? Really thats great to hear. (by th way, do you mind if I watch you use the toilet?) Very Spicey Dirty Dusty: wink

2992 days ago

Fourth Grade Mathmatician    

Once he flings the door open on his victim.
What is it he intends to do exactly?

a.) masturbate
b.) soil himself
c.) walk around like "Rain Man" saying POO, POO is good, I Like POO.
d.) ask to see the turd in question.

2992 days ago
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