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The Young & The Restless & The Jewish

8/16/2006 7:04 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Don DiamontTaking a cue from Lance Bass, Brad Carlton, a character on the CBS soap opera "The Young and the Restless," has come out too. Only he's not gay. He's Jewish!

Earlier this month the show's writers revealed that Carlton is really George Kaplan - the son of a WWII concentration camp survivor.

Don Diamont who has played Carlton for 19 years couldn't be happier with the revelation. You see Diamont, who was born with the last name Feinberg, is also Jewish.

Diamont hopes this latest plot development doesn't turn away fans, but instead helps make them more open-minded.

For a soap opera that has tackled social issues like abortion, AIDS, interracial romances and homosexuality among others, a character's Jewish faith hardly seems like that big a deal - especially in 2006.

But apparently in predominantly white Anglo-Saxon Protestant Genoa City, where the soap takes place, this is still groundbreaking news.

The show's head writer, Lynn Latham, adds "On 'The Young and the Restless' we have an African-American family, we have Latinos. We have Protestants and Catholics. Now we have a Jew."

Better late than never.

And with the fighting in the Middle East and Mel Gibson's recent anti-semitic outbursts, perhaps Y&R's latest plotline is exactly the kind of storyline audiences need right now.

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Alex Rogers    

Whoop Dee Doo Basel.

Write him going to join the IDF, and then being taken hostage.

Do it. Do it.

2988 days ago

coco puff    

Wrong! He likes it in the ASS!!

2988 days ago


It's really hard to believe that in this day in age, this is NEWS

2988 days ago


WHy did he change his name????

2988 days ago


This is a great storyline and any attention we can bring to anyone who has fought prejudice, in a positive roll model way should be an equally great thing. What a bunch of narrow minded smart asses.

2988 days ago

haha u suck    

hahaha.....fag noid....i like gay people they are cool....maybe he should have said that and not jewish haha

2988 days ago


I watch Y&R and this is a pretty interesting storyline, but as someone else said, why is this news? He's Jewish! OMG! Another Jew in our midst! Yes, the media has been alerted.

Don, don't worry if this storyline turns fans away. If "fans" are turned off because "Brad Carlton" is found out to be "George Kaplan," those aren't the kind of people you need anyway.

It's sad to think that in some parts of the country this storyline is the least bit shocking. The reaction by some is more shocking than the storyline.

2988 days ago


Whhhheeeewwww! Until I read the first paragraph a 2nd time I feared it said someone this hot could possibly be gay!! I thought my gaydar was on the blink for a minute there. Thank God I was mistaken.

2988 days ago


who cares!!!! i am a christian.. who cares..... I mean really its a fricking SOAP opera... also.. but you know TMZ owner is Jewish, so to him this is NEWS. LOL. Who cares. .

2988 days ago


Who cares? Why is this news?

2988 days ago


WHo the f*uck watches daytime soap? Fat ass house wives & flaming faggits!



2988 days ago


He has matured into a very hot man. Why in hell did he pick Diamont as a last name if he was changing from the jewish one. Sounds like something a Dallas Drag Queen would make up.

2988 days ago


I thought we are just all trying to get along. Why would this be an issue on a show as "coming out"? It is ridiculous.
It is thinking like this that sets people apart.
With what is going on in Lebanon I don't think it is something that will get ratings for the show.

2988 days ago

nelson martinez    

hay, EGO kiss my faggit ass

2988 days ago


This goes to EGO yours must be very low for you to make a comment as that. You are narrow minded and a BIGOT in every way shape and form. Get a grip while you can

2988 days ago
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