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8/17/2006 7:21 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jessica Biel's backside is putting J.Lo's to shame these days.

While Jessica has always sported a rockin' bod, she's apparently been working her gluteus to the maximus and it shows.

But make no mistake, unlike the title of her latest film "The Illusionist," Biel's booty is no mirage. And from the looks of her recent outings, it seems the former "7th Heaven" star isn't afraid to show off those dangerous curves either - and we couldn't be happier.

Check out Jessica in all her newfound bootylicious glory.


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Jessica IS beautiful but that ass looks totally out of proportion (if not deformed) with the rest of her body. Harvey: Please tell me these were photoshopped!

2990 days ago

Just me    

Ok I have to comment on this one. Lalala dont hate, in case you havent noticed
the bigger, round firm bootys are beautiful and healthy!!! Women stop starving yourself, eat lean protein, good carbs, fruits and veggies. Do some cardio excersise combined with weight training and you too can have a fabulous booty.
In my opinion Jlo, jessica B, and Scarlett Johanson are the way women should look. HEALTHY!!!! Not like a waif that will blow away in the wind!

2990 days ago


First, Jessica Biel is so much hotter than J-ho. She sexy, classy, and a gifted actress. Jessica also hasn't been around the block a hundred of times like J-ho (if u know what I mean). J-ho is a has-been and a talentless bitch. I will never see another movie from this loser again. I was disappointed every time with her lack of skills. J-ho is a No-no.

2990 days ago


The only difference between J-lo and that Biel girl is that J-Lo actually looks like a woman and doesn't have to stick her butt out in order to make it look big. And yeah, she's famous.

2990 days ago


what a big ARSE

2990 days ago

Oh Canada    

I have always thought Jessica Biel is a beautiful young woman, simply gorgeous, and natural; she has an amazing curvy body. I hope she doesn't succumb to the Hollywood idea of beauty, the big head skinny body.....and no ass look.

I think a nice round, curvy derriere is the sexiest thing on a woman. As a curvy woman myself I appreciate seeing bodies like Sofia Verga, Jessica Biel, Jennifer Lopez, Scarlett Johansson and the petit Halle Berry. Bodies like these make me happier to be a woman. Ladies you do us proud.

2990 days ago


From "7th Heaven" to Amazin' grace!!
There is a God and Jess is walkin' talkin' proof!
Do your thang girl, don't be scurred!

2990 days ago

Sarina Sweezer    

Make no mistake about it the only one's who can compete with j-lo's booty is
BEYONCE & TRINA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And I do agree J-HO IS A LOOSER!!!!!!!!!

2990 days ago


Sorry, no contest. JLo's butt is a real live genetically wired butt. Biel's is an aerobicized, Winsor Pilates sidekick series butt. It's also a bit of an illusion.
Study her picture. Her knees are slightly bent and her back arched. This accentuates the line of her backside. Jessica's back is really arched, whereas JLo is standing erect with good posture. Nothing beats a black or hispanic woman's ass. It's the real deal.

2990 days ago


People, people, she has a nice body, but she doesn't have a very big butt. It's her tight clothes and POSTURE that is making it seem so round. She sticks her butt out when she walks.

2989 days ago


Dayum, I didn't know she had an ass that nice. She almost made the straighty in me waiver. She always looks great though...

2989 days ago


Lalala, should she want one of those inverted, pancakey butt flaps that Paris or Kim Stewart have? Jessica's sporting the ass of a woman that works out and who's healthy, not one of a lazy, assless twat. She looks amazing.

2989 days ago


i agree with texas princess.

and i hate to say but Biel has always had a rocking round ass.

u can see more of it in this movie she stars in the Freddie Prinze Jr. no clue what its called tho. sorry. but shes in a bikini

2989 days ago


I don't understand why everyone seems so down on Jennifer Lopez? I think she is a beautiful and talented woman and I have enjoyed every movie she has been in. (Well, not Gili of course.)
Does everyone blame her for the Ben Affleck train wreck? I think it was Ben's fault for so publicly pursuing a married woman. Could you remain strong if Ben Affleck was pursuing you?
I hope Jennifer is in another movie soon because I am ready to see it.

2989 days ago


That butt has been enhanced.

2989 days ago
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