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Haley Joel Osment To Be Charged With DUI/Pot Possession

8/17/2006 4:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ broke the story that the LA County District Attorney planned to file criminal charges against Haley Joel Osment. Well, it happened Thursday afternoon.

Osment, 18, has been charged with misdemeanor driving under the influence of alcohol. Osment has also been charged with driving with a .08 blood alcohol level or higher, with an enhancement of driving with a .15 or higher. Osment was also charged with misdemeanor possession of marijuana while driving. Finally, Osment was charged with the infraction of driving under the age of 21 with a blood alcohol level of .05 or higher.

Osment, who was nominated for an Oscar for his role in "The Sixth Sense" at age 11, lost control of his 1995 Saturn on his way home and collided with a brick pillar in a suburb around 1 a.m. on July 20. No bystanders were injured in the wreck, but Osment wasn't so lucky: the actor was rushed to a nearby hospital where he was treated for a broken rib and a shoulder injury.

The collision caused the vehicle to flip over onto its roof and come to rest a short distance from the initial impact. The actor was reportedly alert and talkative following the accident, and was alone at the time of the crash.


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He just needs help. He could have lost his life.

2928 days ago


He looks like Andy Gibb with a bad nose.

2928 days ago

we have the same.    

give the kid a break....he's really not that ugly...i remember watching secondhand lions and my mom said he was gonna be ugly...good times.

2928 days ago


I can't believe this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Haley Joel Osment is my favorite actor!!!!!! After this, he still is, though what he did was wrong. I hope he doesn't go to jail.

2928 days ago


by the way....he isn't ugly at all!!!!!!!!!!!!

2928 days ago

we have the same.    

you are right he coulda lost his life...but seriously 06 saturn....much safer.

2928 days ago


u know who...was that your name? feels good tonite, just me and my friend. totally in agreement here. am thinking about making a life in amsterdam soon. tired of having them try to stem my creative urges. rock on. and peace.

2928 days ago

dave from ny    

95 saturn? i see cheap ass actor. what did that cost him 1,000dollars?

2928 days ago

Jeremy Poteck    

Hey, "by we still have the" (post #113), but he (((WAS))) ugly (and I mean FUGLY!) DURING 'Secondhand Lions'. The dreaded "Puberty Monster" had reared it ugly head. No, I think 'AI' was his last "boyish" (as-) cute (-as-he-can- possibly-get considering he always looked like a dopey child) movie. It was all over when I saw him on the screen w/ Duvall.

2928 days ago

we have the same.    

thats what i'm saying i don't think hes ugly at mom does.

2928 days ago

Eddie Schneider    

he should be a Kennedy they always get free rides

2928 days ago


I thought a DUI accident involving an injury was a felony? He hurt himself... dork!

2928 days ago


Directed at U Know Who.....your comments about weed not being a drug are the dumbest I've heard in a long time. Congrats on that. You should change your name from U KNow Who to "I Know Nothing".

Of course it is a drug you schmuck. Obviously you have low self esteem from being a pot-head restricting it to ONLY being an "herb" in your world makes you somehow feel better and not a loser. hey...whatever works for ya.

Anyway, to everyone else...please tell me you are smart enough to know that yes...weed IS a drug. Not only does it mess up your lungs in the same way smoking does...but it also messed up your mind. Hence, now we can undestand just why a pot-head would say something unintelligible. The end.

2928 days ago


so he got caught with a litttle weed least it wasnt coke or herion but i have to say he should face charges for the DWI and so should anyone who is dumb enough to drink and drive ..and as far as what Amy and You know who wrote marijauna is something that was put here by God not by some physical change of a substance that man has concocted it alowed our true americans the Indian tribes that ran across the plains facing life with great hardships and it allowed them a little relief and spiritual drive to continue to many of our unfortunite cancer and other diseased people have found out to help them ... the reason it is illegal is because of a man named Dupont who back in the 30's made paper from tree's and someone else made a machine that took hemp and made the same if not better quality of paper Dupont knew he was doomed so he hired scientists to test and evaluate hemp and discovered it had a side effect if inhaled ....EUPHORIA !!! look that word up it means happiness and thats right my fellow Americans why should we be happy that is a privilage solely allowed to be held by the politicians who commit many crimes and injustices and are mainly just big fat liars getting fat and wealthy off of our sweat and hard earnings i have lived by a saying that i deserve an honest days pay for an honest days work ....WHAT ABOUT THEM ????????? by the way that same family of Dupont is also the same family that kidnaped that teenage kid in pennslyvania that was a wrestler in school and forced him by gunpoint to have sex with him

2928 days ago


He can kiss his driver's license goodbye until he's 21 now that he's been arrested for DUI and he's not of legal drinking age. Thank God!! At least he won't be on the road in the future and a possible hazard to others. Let's hope he learns from this event and this isn't the start of a lifelong pattern.

2928 days ago
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