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Gibson Not to Apologize to Temple In Person Yet

8/18/2006 9:07 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The rabbi who invited Mel Gibson to speak at his temple tells TMZ that Gibson has officially declined the invitation to appear before the Jewish congregation ... for now.

Rabbi David Baron says he was recently contacted by Gibson's publicist, who claimed the actor remains "deeply involved in personal work which includes rehab, therapy and counseling for alcoholism."

You may recall Baron, the Rabbi for the Temple of the Arts, asked Mel Gibson to his temple on Yom Kippur, the Jewish day of atonement. In the letter, Baron made it clear that he "did not invite Mel Gibson to speak; I invited him to deliver a public apology."

In accordance with Gibson's situation, Baron says he has extended the offer to a later date. In addition to the invitations, the rabbi says he has also volunteered to join with a group of Jewish leaders dedicated to educate Gibson about the dangers of anti-Semitism.

UPDATE: Late Friday afternoon, Mel Gibson's publicist, Alan Nierob, told TMZ "Mr. Gibson hasn't declined any offers, as I haven't even discussed any offers with him. It's way too soon in his recovery , and frankly he is not interested in anything public or a photo opp."

As for Rabbi Baron's statement that Gibson rejected his request to appear at Yom Kippur services, Nierob said; "I was very clear when I spoke to the kind Rabbi yesterday that I cannot even bring any requests to my client at this time, as it is inappropriate and too early in his recovery process. He completely understood my position on this and even offered to meet with my client at a later time if and when appropriate. Also, I told him that the public nature of the request was also inappropriate."


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Apology, apology...what the hell for? Mel spoke the truth so why don't you all find
something else to bitch about. Poor me is all we ever hear, well your not the only thing on this earth. Besides I think many of the people are getting tired of hearing your sob stories......................

2952 days ago


Who are we to judge his or anyone else's behavior. I don't know about you but I've made mistakes.

2952 days ago

Bessie Hollie    

I think Mr. Gibson has the right to let his hair down every once in awhile.
He is a human being.
He has his ups and downs just like anyone else.
He is still the super person in my book.
I would watch anything this Mr. Gibson plays in.
Anything this man has to do with( in movies) I would still think good of him.
I do not know him personnally, but do enjoy seeing him in the movies and on TV.
The older this man get the better looking this man gets.
Mr. Gibson, your are still number one super star, in my book.
Bess Hollie

2952 days ago



2952 days ago


It's a plague, it's like a bedbug, the jew lies and the poor me shit. Mel is right
Hitler was right and more people then they think are give it
a break. We don't care about your poor me crap anymore.

2952 days ago

Carolyn S    

One should never confuse a pretty face and brilliant acting with wisdom and compassion. Unfortunately I'll never be able to lose myself in the performances of Mel Gibson again, since his hateful diatribe. The viciousness of (even a little)antisemitism (or racism in general) cannot be understood unless one sees Holocaustic and all racial terrorism on a very personal and tangible level. How would you or Mel feel if your child or loved one paid the ultimate price because of his hateful inciting. I'll never pay another penny to see a Mel Gibson movie again.
His penance should be of a very constructive nature. I'm sure he could be creative if he wants.

2952 days ago


What about the Native Americans? Would anyone care if Mel had said something about the "redskins" in his drunkeness? Hell No! They are the true victims in this country. They live below poverty level and nobody gives a rat's ass. You don't hear them crying or trying to get rich off of the people who stole their land! If anybody has a right to play victim it is the American Indians and you don't see that happening.

2952 days ago


I find it sad, almost painful that we will attack someone who is in pain with alcoholism. WE are accountable for this, if not more than what Mel is. How? Because WE as a society, a unity of Americans have been seperated by bigotry, ignorance and by selfishness, we live this way on a daily basis and we hide behind it with the "UNITY BS" acting as if we are all united? We are a society which lives under the's always out there. Cunning and baffling isn't it? We have said, " What they do in their lives is none of our business"...Or how about? "Who cares what race, creed, faith or etc, they long as it doesn't effect our lives"... ALL of it DOES effect our lives and eachother....We are one of the rudest societies, and we have an EGO which is sickening as a whole. Here we are attacking someone who has made a STATEMENT... under the influence of alcohol. Grow up! Am I saying he shouldn't be accountable? No... But leave him to work on it himself, our laws and his recovery...Who are we to judge him? If we have so much power and concern, why don't we look at the people who really have taken our jews hostage by terrorism, and hold them accountable? OH YEAH...WE WANT TO PULL OUR SOLIDERS OUT OF THERE, B/C IT ISN'T OUR WAR...Have we have forgotten 9/11 and Al Quida, and the meanest jew killers ever? They didn't even make a statement, they just killed and continue to kill Christians and Jews. Like our society of selfish, egotistical and bigots would ever be able to pull together with compassion, love and concern and kick some real issues and problems with our country as a whole. NO... we attack eachother for something to do! Gimme a break! Leave this poor man alone...Talk to your child about the love and forgiveness, or your lover, or your parent. Repair what is happening at home, instead of what is happening in Hollywood, who cares!

Think about that...

We have spent a lot of money with this statement, and attacking him....He was under the influence...let it go! We don't need to keep fueling what we have created ourselves already. I know that GOD would, and has already let it go with FORGIVENESS!!! Jesus, MY savior, had his ass beat for things like this, and he forgave still.

2952 days ago


I think everyone is going over board. I guess most of you people have not been around a really drunk person. I know I have and they say things that make no sense and most of the time they can't remember what they said or did the night before. Booze can make you do and say some really crazy things!

2952 days ago


Wow. I am amazed at all the hatred coming from what appears to be the jewish community on this issue. The man is obviously sorry and regrets having said what he did. He has admitted himself into rehab and apologized. What else do you expect him to do? Just because he is an actor in the public eye doesn't make him an infallible human being. I have to agree with part of what #12 said that about JEWS (unlike people of Christian faith which teaches forgiveness of sins) do seem to be an UNFORGIVING, OVERBEARING AND BRUTAL PEOPLE.

2952 days ago


#1. Many people, including lots of Christians, do not understand that the entire purpose of Christ's birth and being here on earth was to die on the cross. That was His atone for the sin of Adam, which was responsible for all other sin...and only a perfect sinless man, not the product of a human father (by whom all sin is passed down in the genes). Only the Christ (Messiah in Hebrew), meaning Savior, could do this. It had to be a decendant of Eve (it could not be another created being like Adam ), therefore only God himself could do this, as only He was sinless and able to avoid the temptations of Satan. This may be hard to understand if you don't study the whole Bible (that is Old T. & New T.), but, if you think about it...see this...only like can balance out like. He had to pay the price because , belive it or not, it was His fault because he created Adam and gave him free will. It was not Eve's sin, ultimately, but Adam's that resulted in the state of the world and sinfull man and all this misery. However, Mary atoned for the sin of Eve in that she willingly obeyed God unquestioningly, whereas Eve did just the opposite. This was necessary for her to be the vessel that bore the Lord. You cannot have Christ without Mary. That simple. That is why she is so important and so revered (NOT worshipped), not only because she was his mother.

Now...Mel Gibson: From what I know of his background, I would not be surprised if he does harbor some wrong ideas and confusion about the Jews and thier responsiblity for the death of Christ as passed down to him by his father
as passed down to him by the old, wrongful teachings of the old Catholic church which came not from Bible times but as a result of the Crusades. When the Drusaders were DEFENDING the Christian converted lands from the Muslim horde that was overrunning them and killing them en mass...the Jews helped the Muslims! Yes! Because of the Jewish hatred for Christians (they blamed them for the Christian conversions, of course, but also for the destruction of the Temple, the fall of Jerusalem, the persecution of the Jews and the dispersion of the Jews as well as blaming the Romans. You've heard the Arab saying "the enemy of my enemy is my friend". Well, that was the case. Jews were siding with Muslims (yes! Alied with Arabs!) against Christian Crusaders and killing them, betraying them, and Crusaders came to hate them entirely, thus the propaganda against them in Medeval times. Sorry Jews, but you were the enemy then by your own choice. Sadly, the hatred was also a part of the Church at the time and carried on long after those times were over because, yes, the Church also hated them, by then, for the death of Christ. The early Christian Church, however, taught no such thing and did not teach hatred at all, but only love for man kind. However, Christians, like Jews, make mistakes. Only Jesus was perfect; He was God). It has taken us all these centuries to return to this correct teaching of Christ (who never taught hatred at all.). So there you have it: Jews hated Christians, Christians hated Jews and Muslims, Muslims hated Christians, then Jews, and anyone who would not worship Allah and be a Muslim and that has all brought us down to the present day. When! will we all realize that the real enemy is the hatred! And that includes Jewish hatred. It is understandable that they have a chip on thier shoulder after what has been done to them over the last two millenia, particularly the Holocaust, as Christians have a left over chip from the past, but we have to let it go folks...hatred is the tool of Satan...he loves ot see people at each others throats...enjoys our misery...let it go. God gave us free will to choose our faiths and we must choose the way of love and peace before it is too late. Mel is a good man; he got drunk and uttered some mixed up stuff he knows is not true, but it's is in there in his subconcious...maybe he's mad at the Jews who trie to stop the "Passion of the Christ" which he meant in all goodness for Chirstians and everyone; he took out the offensive parts...he knows that the Jews are not responsible for all wars...he was in an altered state as is shown by his actions towards the cops, whom he really respects. Would you believe what a drunk tells you? If so, you have a bigger problem than Mel. Would they put a drunk on a witness stand or take his confession or deposition as fact? Of course not! He is doing the responsible thing now and HE HAS APOLOGIZED already. Jews and is time for you to say "We hear and forgive!" It doesn't mean your happy about the incident, but you are big enough to forgive a sinner who repents (and I'm sure is very ashamed of his remark). And, I gotta say it, you know darn well that if he came out with a tirade against the Hezbollah being responsible for this Lebanese war by their own bombings of Israel for 5 yers and the Lebanese government

2952 days ago


What's the big deal? Mr Gibson made a movie that upset Jews so they are using this incident to get back at him. This is supposed to be America where we are allowed to have personal feelings and not be persecuted for them. History shows us that the Jewish leaders of the time did cause Christ to be executed because He was teaching a way that was different from their beliefs. That's history and the way it was supposed to be. The Jewish people are not responsible for the actions of a few zealots two thousand years ago and nobody blames them for that. Mr Gibson uttered phrases while he was drunk, so have we all, and we shouldn't be held accountable for that. Maybe deep down he feels that way, but during his normal life he has friends that are Jewish, does not show that he dislikes Jews, and supports them when he can. Get off his back and let him recover from his drinking problem and get back to doing his work that he loves so well. He has entertained us for decades and I hope he will be able to continue that in the future. The Jewish leaders need to forgive and forget for once. They still hate Germans for something that happened over 70 years ago and won't let go. Start practicing what you preach and forgive this man. Americans have forgiven the Japanese from their atrocities from WWII so you need to get on with your lives and quit thinking the whole world hates you. I'm not Jewish, but admire them very much except when they keep persecuting people that need to be forgiven.

2952 days ago


Well Black people can call each other nigger...but Mel in a druken state can't slip and say something stupid. I think everyone posting these comments including myself has said something racial either being mad or drunk....But we don't have everyone watching our every move. So it's time to get over it....

2952 days ago


This is for poster JM...BLOW YOUR POST OUT YOUR ASS.

2952 days ago


who cares

2952 days ago
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