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Top Stories for 08/19/06

8/19/2006 11:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

PoPoZao? No: PoPo ... WOW!

If you're planning on watching the Teen Choice Awards tomorrow night on Fox, professional daddy Kevin Federline wants you to know he's got some tricks up his sleeve for his big debut performance, which will close the show.

In an interview with, Federline said he's going for the "Oh-My-God factor" when he performs a song off his upcoming album "Playing With Fire." K-Fed also said he's been improving his songwriting and performance skills over the past year. (Perhaps that's why he's become such a fixture at Las Vegas clubs-he was just practicing his music.) And to counter any rumors that he's resentful of being known only as Mr. Britney, he also told People that he's "glad when people link me to Britney. That's my wife. That's my family."

Kate & Pete Approach The Altar?

Will Kate Moss tie the knot with her on-and-off bad-boy boyfriend Pete Doherty this weekend? Page Six reports that rumors are flying that Moss and Babyshambles frontman Doherty-who was arrested last week on drug charges stemming from earlier incidents-will say their "I do"s at Jade Jagger's house in Ibiza.

There's also been an engagement ring, presumably from Doherty, spotted on Moss's finger. Of course, this isn't the first time that there's been speculation that the supermodel and her rock-star boyfriend were going to get hitched. But ever since explosive pictures of Kate were published on the front pages of British tabloids last year, people close to her have been saying that Moss would be wise to keep her distance from Doherty. Apparently she hasn't heeded their advice. Page Six also quotes a source saying that Kate's mother is "very unhappy that she is back with Pete, but there is nothing she can do. Kate says he is the love of her life." Doherty's sentencing on his latest drug charges is Sept. 4. Maybe the honeymoon will be over by then.

Klum Wants More Kids

She may still be pregnant with her third child-her second with current hubby Seal-but Heidi Klum is ready for more. She tells Life magazine's current issue that she and her singer husband want to have "a lot of children." It seems that Seal thinks that the supermodel and "Project Runway" host is the most beautiful when she's preggers, and Klum is only too happy to oblige. Her first child, 2-year-old Leni, was with her former boyfriend Flavio Briatore, the Formula One manager, and her second child, 10-month-old Henry, was her first with Seal.

Ashton: A Rake's Progress

Before he decided to go all domestic with Demi, Ashton Kutcher's life sounded like something out of that R. Kelly song "Ignition" – or "Entourage." As he tells the September issue of Details (via Page Six), Kutcher would go to a club, stand on some couches, clutch a bottle of vodka, and, well – let's let him narrate himself: "You've got your right-hand man Puffy standing there. You've got Danny and Wilmer and all of our guys hanging out, and the [bleeping] girls are fighting to see who's going to go behind the table. . .Like gouging other b**tches out of the way."

And then the obligatory shift to a different club would happen, says Kutcher, the posse would enlarge by a factor of five, and his choices of bimbo would whittle down to "a select group of four. It was so ego-fulfilling." But Demi didn't seem to like it too much, says Ashton, screaming unprintable things at girls who would show up at their house in the wee hours.

Slithery "Snakes" Numbers

After months of hype, "Snakes on a Plane" finally landed late Thursday night-and now the numbers for the movie are starting to trickle in. E! Online reports that the movie took in $1.4 million for its screenings Thursday night on 2,500 screens. The only problem is that no one really knows whether that's good or bad. "Superman Returns" made around $3 million for its late-night screenings, but industry observers point out that "Superman" was a bona-fide blockbuster event, while ultimately "Snakes" is a B-movie. Still, some are estimating that the movie could pull in as much as $30 million this weekend-which certainly seems like an A-list amount of cash.

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No Avatar

Fourth Grade Mathmatician    

The BIG surprise??

Its that all of these women wil become impregnated, just by being around this "BREEDER".

Wonder if he likes it that everyone thinks he is kinda a JOKE?

2951 days ago

Dark Knight    

I wonder why he's not making his debut at the Grammys? The teen choice awards is equivalent to being a party clown at a 5 year old's birthday. All the kids will love the clown, same as all the teenage girls there will actually like him because he's Britney's husband. If he's actually looking for some "street cred" he just flushed his chance to get it right down the toilet. I can see it now: the Paris/Kfed world tour.

2951 days ago


Um.....this is on Fox, not nickelodeon.

2951 days ago


Great gig Kevin!!! Way to go...YOU MADE IT!!!!!!!!!!

2951 days ago


uh, heidi? in case you haven't noticed, the world's already overpopulated. thnx for doin' your part...

2951 days ago

tt labella    

Po Po Zoa............WTF?thanks to your home-wrecking wife you are where you at now so give up while your ahead,nobody wants to hear your music or know that you started a record label or non of the crap you've been up to 'cause plain and simple .............YOU STINK...............and oh will you be in for a surprise when you are dropped by your own label...........LOL........YOU`RE PATHETIC.

2951 days ago


This idiot left his 7 month pregnant girlfriend for a "career" in the music business. What a pathetic joke. I wonder if this douch bag knows doing the teen choice awards will not give him any street credit. K-FAG leave the rapping to the real rappers!

2951 days ago


The Teen Choice Awards will be on Fox not Nickelodeon. Check your sources!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2951 days ago


He should be ashamed of the way he treated Shar Jackson and his two children by her. If I were her I'd take him to court and get the maximum she can for child support. Britney is a low life walking off with another woman's man. He turned his back on Shar and his first 2 kids for fame. What a shame.

2951 days ago


This reminds me why I don't wear hats -- or hang out with dudes who do. Here's fun news of Tom Cruise and his sexual preferences.

2951 days ago


I feel bad that the new movie with Haylie Duff and Hilary Duff in it has gotten such incredibly bad reviews this weekend. Hilary Duff and Haylie Duff were really quite good in it! Haylie Duff and Hilary Duff 's next movie should perhaps be a musical -- like "In Your Dreams" -- which they could easily produce in collaboration with the highly experienced producers of "Dreamgirls," who are looking for a vehicle such as this one. That Disney Channel teen musical, "High School Musical," has hit the No. 1 spot on the Billboard charts several times already this year, and the DVD has sold millions. But there is no competition for it in the theaters, which is a waste of a good opportunity. Anyway, I hope Hilary Duff or Haylie Duff read this and contact the agents of the show's creator.

2951 days ago

Mike C.    

If he wasn't married to Britney, no one would know or care about this guy!

2951 days ago


Freakerline looks like a wussy in that hat. This guy is such a freeloading loser to have Britney pay his way for everything including his child support to Shar. Shar should be glad she is rid of him so she can find a REAL man! Not a little bitch that hides in Britney's pocketbook.

2951 days ago


How interesting that TMZ,the website that broke the news about Mel Gibson's verbal attack on Jews allows posters such as #2 to use derogatory racial slurs and doesn't seem to notice!

2951 days ago


posterboy chris rowland , try getting an education so you won't have to use the
"n" word in a conversation. it really shows your ignorance!

2951 days ago
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