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A Half-Century

Never Looked So Good

8/21/2006 3:49 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

kim_cattrall_wi_200-1Raise a cosmopolitan and put on your Manolos because it's time to celebrate "Sex and the City" star Kim Cattrall's 50th -- yes 50th -- birthday.

At 50 years young, Cattrall couldn't look better.

And although the sexy siren is now eligible for her AARP card, we don't expect to see her trading her designer gowns for house dresses anytime soon. Besides, Samantha Jones would never allow it!

In age-obsessed Hollywood, women like Cattrall, Madonna - who just turned 48, and 60-year-old Cher, prove that, just like a fine wine, they get better with age.

Let's see how Paris, Britney and Lindsay hold up in 30 years!


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Good on YOU GRRRRL friend!

2952 days ago


Kim - You are beautiful and look better than ever!

2952 days ago


While women do strive to take better care of themselves these days and add an element of sexuality into the mix does make women like Kim Cattrall inticing and beautiful, but let's not forget that it is the plastic surgery that has kept these aging celebrities from looking like old aunties and grandmothers.

2952 days ago

I'd tap it like a keg

2952 days ago


Kim is the real STAR of Sex in The City, She deserved more $$$

Just like Will & Grace, The real STAR's are Jack and Karen

The media try's to conrol your mind ! ???


2952 days ago


Of course all these aging celebrities look great. If I had all of their money, I too could look great by getting all of that plastic surgery. I don't know about Kim Cattrall, but Cher has had plenty of surgery.

2952 days ago

Alyn Brodsky    

Paris, Brittney and Lindsay won't hold up for 30 MONTHS. Kim was one of the two best things about Sex and the City (Cynthia Nixon was the other). And what's great about her, other than her acting talents, is that she only pretended to be a slut on that television series, whereas Paris Hilton doesn't pretend--and in real life yet. Let's have more Kim, less (in fact, NO MORE) Paris. Happy birthday, Kim. And come back soon in another series. (Bring along Cynthia--but don't bother bringing those other two. The one who played Charlotte is the apotheosis of insipid; and as for the "star," Sarah Jessica Whatever, that specimen was a complete turn-off. Tell me, Kim, confidentially--clinically speaking, is Sarah Jessica a midget or a dwarf?

2952 days ago


Yup, isn't it so amazing what good money can buy in the way of "nipping and tucking"? it that all "normal" women had the ability/finances to look the same way, huh?

2952 days ago


She looks great. For all those that comment about plastic surgery - it does nothing to keep your neck, hands, arms, etc in shape. I doubt that she has had a face lift. It takes good genes and a lot of will power to look good as you age and the jealous ones are too lazy to put in the effort. She deserved more money for her role on SIS.

Lindsey and Britney both smoke and sunbathe - that will instantly add 15 years.

2952 days ago


She's NOT A DWARF !!!

Her nose just makes the rest of her look small, Why do you
think she wore those big ugly flowers on her self

To hide that snout. She is soooo annoying

2952 days ago


Kim looks amazing and sexy. Hard to believe she's 50. Same with Kristin Davis. She looks 25, not 41!!!!

2952 days ago

Oh Canada    

Why, oh why must women you've obviously had plastic surgery be held up as a mirror for the rest of us? It's not jealously, it's unrealistic. I'm a 39 year old woman, who is aging well, and I've never had surgery. Saluting everyday people that don't haven't been botexed, nor gone under the knife would do more good.

Cheers to Diane Keaton who is sixty and real.

2952 days ago

oh please    

She was great in Porky's howling like a dog.

2952 days ago

wendell dixon    

Can I say 'Plastic Surgery" does wonders. I would just be thrilled when one day a celebrity keeps it real and tells all. It's so misleading to think that they look so beautiful at an older age. I know a lot of women that are over 40 and look amazing and they did it all natural. It's funny that the egos of celebrities get boosted from stories like this one on TMZ.

2952 days ago


Lets see Paris, Britney, lindsay...what are they going to llok like in 30 years

paris will no doubt suffer from some std that is uncurable, and she will be one lonely whore, who men know is a used up twat

britney will be a fat old housewife, regretting her choices

lindsay will be some messed up tart with mental problems

2952 days ago
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