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How Badly Did K-Fed Suck?

8/21/2006 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Click to return to TMZ.comKevin Federline made his live world debut at the Teen Choice Awards last night on FOX. TMZ is still shaking its inanimate head at K-Fed's performance. Watch 30 seconds -- trust us, it's more than enough. Then vote.


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He sucked..he looked like an old man out there and all the bleeping was annoying. Shouldn't have sang at a teen event if the language was that bad. Disgusting.

2985 days ago


I watched him with the idea that I would honestly give this boy a chance......but he BLEW IT BIG TIME right there on national television. Maybe now, he will just go away and perhaps Britney will finally see that he has absolutely no talent and stop pouring money into him.

2985 days ago


He did look like he was too old to be doing this. One or both of the young kids they showed in the beginning, that would be understandable. I wonder who footed the bill for the pyrotechnics?

Brit would have looked classy in a long dress. That neglige was silly and almost as embarrassing as her husband. Oh, Britney, was the bar that dark? Were you really that lonely?

2985 days ago


By the way, the "OH MY GOD" factor that he was going for was true.......we all thought "OH MY GOD WHAT IS THIS IDIOT THINKING???????!!!!!!!!!

2985 days ago


I can't stop watching this train wreck. Where are Britney's people? She looked tacky in that dress, and the gum chewing was classless. I secretly hoped K-Fed would be really good so Britney would have the last laugh. However, that wasn't the case. I was stunned by his "performance." It was horrible! You can't make up this stuff.

2985 days ago


The man is a genius.

2985 days ago


You cannot take the hick out of that country chick! Back in Brittany's "Hey day" she LISTENED to her PR people. THEY made her, told her what clothes to wear, how to act and behave, BUT now she does her own thing and the result is a sorry-ass gum-chewing hick who has NO business in the limelight and has NO business showing off her cow-milk boobs in what is a TEEN award for YOUNG people. As to Kevin, why in the world do you use vulgarities in your music when your FIRST national performance is at a TEEN award show! YOU TWO need some GOOD PR people to help you both or a MIRACLE because none of you have it. Seriously, the ONLY thing you both have is you are both JOKES and as jokes, you sell it off to the media very well and the public gets their laughs from your foolishness because NONE of you have real talent. That's how it is Kevin and Brittany. Stay home and raise your kids and spare us from seeing you again.

2985 days ago


He was better then some of the other preformers. Everyone should give him a break. I thought the worst but after he preformed I have a different view.

2985 days ago


it wasn't that bad! i think he has guts to put himself out there when he knows he'll prob be slammed anyway. that's all anyone can really do... give an honest effort... and he did that!

2985 days ago


They knew it was going to suck majorly BEFORE he ever went on stage. They attempted to draw attention away from KFed in every way possible-- bringing Britney out in that dress, the afro kid pretending to sing, the dancers, and the fire at the end are just a few. The back-up vocalists were louder than KFed and FOX censored so much of what he sang that we must have only heard about 30 seconds of him actually attempting to rap. I knew it was going to be bad-- that's the only reason I turned it on-- but I thought that he might have a little more self-respect than what I saw last night. He should stick to being Mr Britney Spears and go back to mooching and not waste any more of their money on his so-called rap career.

2985 days ago


I don't think it was that bad. Everyone is just hating on him just to hate. What I couldn't believe was that for some who is a " dancer " he sure did do a LOUSY job!!! HORRIBLE!

2985 days ago


Britney's chewing gum like a cow with her boobs hanging out, K-Dork is being bleeped out a TEEN music show, these 2 are such white trash it's unbelievable. I used to like her, but since she hooked up with this loser she is nothing but a loser too. He's going to take her for everything she has, and she deserves every bit of it. I watched it thinking maybe I was wrong, maybe this jerk does have some talent. All I kept saying was, are you kidding me??? He thinks he's freakin' Vanilla Ice.

2985 days ago


holy manoli...i was stunned at the lack of talent last night when I HAD TO TUNE in for the train wreck...and I am equally stunned the morning after...brit must really be hormonal to think this fool has talent...i thought he was a dancer...where the hell was his rhythm? he was horrific and the execs at teen choice should be kicked in the head for stooping so for cow chewing PWT Britney- all i can say..he must be giving her some luvin for her to ruin her career and bring babies into the mess that is K-Fed..damn shame

2985 days ago


I'm sorry I forgot to watch. From the footage I have seen she is a mess and he sucks. Um, might have been a hint when no one would sign him. The only reason the Teen Choice Awards had him on is for ratings. Everyone loves to watch a crash and burn. Watch the crowd - everyone in the good seats had no reaction. Stay Kun-tree Briney.

2985 days ago


Even as stupid as Britney is, I can't believe she wasn't hiding somewhere in embarrassment! Kevin, you will NEVER pale in comparison to Eminem(there will never be another white rapper who could), so shut up and get your ass off the stage where it obviously doesn't belong!!!

2985 days ago
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