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Signs New Weatherman Today

8/22/2006 1:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sam Champion to join GMATMZ has learned New York TV personality Sam Champion will become the new "Weather Anchor" for ABC's "Good Morning America."

Sources say the deal will be inked today. Champion, who did the weather for WABC in New York for 19 years, will leave the station for the network gig beginning the first week in September. We're told Champion will do double duty for WABC on the 5 and 6 p.m. newscasts until the station finds a replacement.

Champion, the perennially boyish blond TV fixture, has been a fill-in weatherman countless times on GMA. He's also substituted for Regis and Larry King on their respective shows.

We're told GMA will make weather a significantly more important part of the show -- hence, Champion's new title, "Weather Anchor."

New York represents seven percent of the national TV market, and Champion's popularity makes this a big get for the Alphabet network.


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jane miller    

i though mike barr was very nice i sure will miss him he also had a nice family and is not gay, gay like sam i will not not watch gmc any more

2959 days ago


Why is everyone saying good bye to Sam. He'll be in the same studio. GMA is on the same local channel in NY as his present gig Eyewitness News.
Furthermore for the gay baiters. I used to ran into him I'd say over ten times in a Chelsea gay club and it was a "NO WOMEN ALLOWED" leather bar so no he didn't just happen to ge in a mixed NYC club. But he is as nice in person as he seems on TV. Very cool if you acknowledge him. Looks better and taller in person. Really cool regular guy. The more idiotic of the straight world would never peg him for gay and for those who think it's such a big chance to show your wit
FREDDIE 17:"Maybe he should hang out with Lance Bass" You're such an F--king D--khead. Let me guess if you're a New Yorker, You live in Queens? Maybe Brooklyn. But the former is host to a much higher percent of low class, unsophisticated Moron Bridge and Tunnel Trash who make all New Yorkers even Us ex New Yorkers embarrassed when you make your presence known. Stay off the Internet and use the time to get some sleep you probably have to get up real early for to get that Garbage truck on the road so you can afford all of your wife's 1980's wardrobe. Oh am I stereotyping? I'm sorry. I didn't mean to sink a level as low as I am loathe to say I presume you live on.
Oh and having been chest to chest with Sam in a crowded bar more than once...I'd bet anything He could kick your ass and make you cry like a little girl then piss on you.
God I do miss NYC sometime but as you all say "Not fa nutin' but I definitely don't miss you and your cliff ape families.

2958 days ago


I'm really disappointed that Mike Barr is leaving GMA. I enjoyed him so much. I hope he's leaving because he WANTS to leave and is moving on to bigger and better things. I am not a Sam Champion fan AT ALL. Maybe this will be the thing that moves me over to The Today Show with Meredith.....

2953 days ago

Pamela V. Eaton    

I have always liked Sam as the New York ABC weatherman. I will tune in to GMA to see him!!

2953 days ago

Pamela V. Eaton    

I have always liked Sam Champion on the east coast news at ABC. I will be tuning in the first day to see how he does.

2953 days ago


I've been a fan of GMA since Diane joined them. I'm sorry to say, I'll be ending my viewing when Sam joins them. He's more than I can take - esp. early in the AM. I won't go to the other station's morning news. I'll find something else to do - hey, maybe I'll sleep late. I'll miss you Diane and Robin.

2950 days ago


First Tony Perkins and now Mike Barz... Mike was awesome. He is one of the biggest reasons I watched GMA. Too much change is not a good thing...People don't like change. I was never a fan Viera, but maybe I will have to give her shot. Bad choice by GMA and ABc.

2950 days ago


I sure hope we are told why Mike is leaving GMA!!!! I have always enjoyed Spencer, Tony and now Mike. Sam's laugh is a bit over the top and can get on one's nerves. Mike was just a really likeable guy!!!! I'm very disappointed that Mike will be gone. :( I'll still watch GMA because I still prefer the rest of the program more than the other stations. VB

2950 days ago


Why change the weatherman? I really liked Mike and am wondering if GMA would give me the axe as a viewer as quickly as they give their associates the heave ho. Okay, now did MIke leave on his own or did he get pushed out the door? Sam is okay, but not as a a replacement for Mike.

2950 days ago

Sue B.    

I followed Mike Bars from WGN. My whole family loves him. I think you are making a big mistake.

2950 days ago

Gail N.    

Is someone going to answer all the inquires about where is Mike Barz? I know he's going "on the road", but is that a permanent gig? I missed a couple of shows that must have explained it. He was pretty cool! I wish him luck whatever he's doing. I'll miss him.

2948 days ago


I looked forward to Mike Barz' humor every morning. I've watched GMA all of my adult life, but with all the changes, I'm saying goodbye to GMA, and hello to Matt and Merideth!

2948 days ago

Janet Lane    

I always wanted to know where Spence went. Can anyone tell me? Also, what happened to Tony Perkins--not that I cared because I really felt Mike Barrs was a superb choice! He worked the crowd very well, and was funny and carefree. Plus, he genuinely gave the impression that he really enjoyed his job. Did the big shots at GMA fire him?! I certainly hope not because he was great!
Also, this Sam guy just doesn't fit. He's too much of a pretty boy--and I find him to be "phoney". Now, I see by reading these messages that he's gay--that explains why he came across as phoney to me. GET HIM OFF AND BRING MIKE BACK!!!!!

2946 days ago

mike sheedy    

way to go sam, the most handsome man on tv. i am going to tape gma so i dont miss you.i like it when you and diana williams and sade bederenwa tease each other and banter. bill evans should replace sams gig on eyewitness weather. but i will miss his upbeat style.and the heck with all the sourpusses of this world!!!

2943 days ago

mike sheedy    

i think sam champion is the most handsome man on tv!.and a very good forcaster.i love the way diana williams and sade bedernwa and sam tease and banter with each other.storm feild was very good but he split, and ira joe was good, even frank was good but no one has the perk power of sunshine that sam has. i am a old sourpuss and a smile is quite rare. but sam makes me smile and laugh! i think he will fit very well with gma, chris cuomo is interesting and in time he will relax. diane is fun and robin is fun but a little to into sports which bores go sam go and good luck!!!!!!!!!.

2943 days ago
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