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Michael Eisner is Blue -- Jet Blue

8/23/2006 7:06 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Composite of Michael Eisner and Jet Blue airplaneTimes are apparently tough for former Disney Chairman Michael Eisner. My spies tell me he took a plane to New York City Wednesday afternoon, but it's not a private jet. It's not first class on United or American. It's the very egalitarian Jet Blue.

Eisner and his wife showed up at Burbank Airport and bided their time in the terminal with iced coffees, which Eisner fetched himself. They boarded with all the common folk and settled in toward the middle of the plane. Eisner is currently (as of 3:00 PT Wednesday) in Seat 12F and is wearing a white ESPN hat. His wife rolled her own -- carry on suitcase, that is.

Eisner resigned from Disney last September. His net worth is estimated as more than half a billion dollars. Shave off $473 (round trip Burbank/New York) from that.


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the wise old owl    

YIKES !!! What happened to all this guys money? Maybe he lost it in the STOCK MARKET. It's hard to believe he is flying commercial yet alone not in 1st CLASS.
I remember a few years back his secretary called to book a party at an establishment we own and he couldn't make it because security was so tight on him. He was getting death threats at the time. Why in the heck would he fly economy with all his money? I wonder if Bill Gates is flying economy too. Maybe it was one of those flights where there is no 1st class. That happens on some of those shorter flilghts. If he was flying out of Burbank, then for sure that is probably why he wasn't in 1st class. They just didn't offer it on that particular flight.

2947 days ago


Jet Blue rules! Eisner knows how to travel most comfortably and economically. Way to go! i would take Jet Blue over any other choice in commercial flight!!

2947 days ago

My two cents    

This is big news??? Oi Vey!!

2947 days ago


#2 His net worth is estimated as more than half a billion dollars.
i donno about you but to me thats alot of f***ing money and good for him being conseritive with his money! he will still have it when all the other idiots in hollywood dont.

2947 days ago


Good for him. He's normal.

2947 days ago


wow, now the rich and famous not spending money is news. We're damned if we do, damned if we don't. who cares how any of them spend their money, unless they're sending it to one of us.

2947 days ago


tmz makes him seem likes hes a god!
he sat with common folk? he got his own ice coffee
sounds like a normal peron to me jsut liuke every other famous person is.

2947 days ago


Your typical cheap ass jew.

2947 days ago

Jan Hart    

I'm not fond of Eisner, but he's smarter than he looks. Burbank/Bob Hope airport is much smaller and easier to maneuver than monster LAX (Los Angeles International). Heck, if he can get a cross country flight from there, why not?
Jet Blue is new, clean, comfortable, as well as more reasonable than other airlines. Go, Jet Blue!

2946 days ago


RE: #9 : I didn't know Mel Gibson posted on this board.

2946 days ago


silly people... the man has enough insight regarding the media to understand how to manipulate it. He's keeping his name out there and getting publicity for his new favorite stock... Jet Blue.

Why is this news?

2946 days ago


"Why in the heck would he fly economy with all his money?"

Would it sound plausible that the jet he hired was having mechanical problems and the Jet Blue flight was the next bird on the way to NY?

I find it difficult to believe that someone with that money (or even a tenth of it) would travel Ingvar Kamprad style at the moment, considering all the sh*t TSA have been giving cattle class. Chartering a flight really isn't that expensive.

"the man has enough insight regarding the media to understand how to manipulate it."

Step 1: Be on the Disney board.
Step 2: ???

2946 days ago

Nico Sneako    

Eisner's not dumb. Jet Blue is the best airline thats out there and they dont have a "class" breakdown. Many people in Los Angeles and N.Y. take jet blue. I heard about the airline years ago from a Holywood publicist. Who wants to pay over a thousand dollars to an arrogant airline like United where they have issues with people, they have serial killers in their first class and they act just so dam rude. U.S. airlines are just the worse. They are spolied and not that good but Jet blue just cuts through the b.s. 300.00 round trip tickets is what it cost to fly-there is no way in hell that any ticket should cost over 700.00 but airlines charge like 1300.00 for tickets!!

2946 days ago


Have any of you ever flown Jetblue? The whole cabin is basically first class. Every seat has its own tv screen and its all huge seats.

2946 days ago


Maybe he wants to try it before he buys it!

2946 days ago
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