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Brad & Angelina

Incite Flashers

8/24/2006 8:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The most buff couple in Hollywood hit Julian's, a Los Angeles art gallery, for the opening of a new photography exhibit. While the couple focused on photographs inside, they were being photographed by a swarm of paparazzi outside the gallery.

Katharine McPhee
It seems as if Katharine McPhee has performed "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" more than Judy Garland herself. From "The View" to "Regis and Kelly," it's been Rainbow, Rainbow, Rainbow. So how on earth does McPhee get on MTV? TMZ created a "Rainbow" music video befitting the hippest music channel.

Nicole Richie friends devised a clever if ineffective way to shield their famous friends from the paparazzi. We call this video "Boy ON the Hood."

Joey Lawrence has a new, sexy Kojak look for this season's "Dancing with the Stars." The baldy has some bold dance moves. Take a look.

Ultra-sexy Jessica Alba fesses up to a chink in her armor of beauty. During a recent love scene with co-star Dane Cook, the actress lost a tooth and chipped another. "We're smashing our faces together, she winces. "It's not the slowest, most romantic love scene."

Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom are back at work on the third installment of the "Pirates of the Caribbean." After filming wrapped on Tuesday, Orlando hopped in his car and sped off into the wind, while Johnny showed fans some love.

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i was lookin on another site and i saw brad driving away with a big tribal-looking tatoo on his forearm. does anybody know if it's real?

2947 days ago


No one has the right to judge people period, especially without any FACTS!!! You guys act like you have full knowledge of everything that happened between Brad, Jen, and Angelina. I would like to know the DAMN channel it was on so I could see the play-by-play. Are you guys serious or just f*cked up FOOLS. Sh*t happens in life and if they are happy - let them be!!! People are calling them gross, whores, ugly, etc. Grow up sh*t-heads and get your OWN F*CKING LIVES. You must be fat ugly gross and complete losers to act as if the did something against you! YOU GUYS DO NOT EVEN KNOW THEM SO STOP ACTING LIKE YOU DO - YOU DELUSIONAL PRICKS!!!!!!!!!

2946 days ago


#152 Are you kidding here? All this about racial purity - do you know what year it is? You sound like you are stuck back in the 1960s - or even further back. Are you wearing your Klan outfit as you hunch over your keyboard to peck out this prejudiced bull? You should be ashamed; but, let me guess, you're probably a white male, southern and back woods at that. Racial purity is a boring concept. People are much more interesting when their diversities are explored and accepted by people of every race. What would America be if only white, racial purists lived here - pretty boring if you ask me. Spread your bigotry somewhere else. No one wants to revisit that time in America.

2946 days ago


racial purity my ass. that's why those cousin screwing appalachian people are so dumb. (sorry that's bigotry too) but you catch my drift. people evolve just as animals do. diversity makes a race stronger, and there is only one race-human.

2946 days ago


ok you know-especially to the one above comparing ben and brad to tom- you are so off base here. what good woman did ben dump? you cannot mean JLO -the woman that went right back to her own little control freak who was married as well. and as for brad, we watched for years as he a jen dated and then married. he always talked about having a family and jen SAID she wanted one. well i give credit to the man for hanging in there as long as he did. each year you watched his eyes get sadder looking and his demeanor change everytime someone asked brad and jen about children. jen always replied with a yes..... we will start a family as soon as..... as soon as friends was in a better position-this was silly because it was already a top show- as soon as......... career is more stable......... as soon as friends is over....... all while smoking cigs, drinking. and partying...... and if these were the lines she was giving to us......what do you think she was saying to him behind closed doors? men have biological clocks as well and with every passing year the woman gave one excuse after another. then brad meets jolie and time stops a sec..... and he sees, here is a woman that (although she can be a bit left of the center) is beautiful, loving, kind, cares about more then just her career and parties, who makes room for others in her life (selfless not selfish-jen) and who no matter what is up front about who she is and what she wants and who is...most importantly honest with him....i am not a super huge fan of either of them i do like some of their movies, however i must say after watching them.... they are happy. brad is content and you see it in his eyes and manor. the way they came together may not have been the best, however if they had a strong marraige no one would have been able to come in between them. and i hope to see them in other movies together. and i wish them the best. * just a note here, keep in mind that jen bought the rights to the book that oprah read and put on her list and ONLY agreed to the interview if oprah did -and you see how that turned out. i wonder if she said sorry to Ms. O for that one

2939 days ago
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