Emmy's Swanky Swag Suite

8/24/2006 3:46 PM PDT
The stars came out to GBK Productions' chic Emmy swag boutique in the Presidential suite of L.A.'s Hotel Sofitel. Nominees and presenters were gifted with bags that were filled with over $57,000 in goodies.

Seemingly unconcerned about the IRS' crackdown on free stuff for celebs, Kathy Griffin checked out the new gold-plated cell phone with a built-in voice-activated assistant from Nokia and Buzzirk, while "The O.C."'s Navi Rawat scoped out the Space Mermaid jewelry. Meanwhile, "The West Wing's Allison Janney examined a cigar humidor and poker case from Quality importers, and "Mean Girls" star Lizzy Caplan was all about comfy green pants from Pure Color Jeans. See the stars in all their swag-grabbing glory.