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TomKat's Dinner Date

8/24/2006 6:01 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes (sans Suri of course) had a nice, relaxing six-hour dinner Wednesday night with a group of unidentified movers and shakers at the Italian restaurant Orso in Beverly Hills. The couple looked chipper as ever as they entered the restaurant, with no evidence of stress stemming from Tom's firing from Paramount.

As the couple left after their marathon meal, the awaiting photogs wished them well and reminded them to write.

We're sure they will.


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2946 days ago


As much as I loathe Tom Cruise, its kind of crazy to see that much paparazzi firing off their flash bulbs as someone is trying to drive in the dark like that...SO DANGEROUS!

2946 days ago


how can they go to a six hour dinner & just leave their baby home?? they are always out & no baby!! there is no baby!!!

2946 days ago


Katie does not look happy. Tom looks like he is on drugs. His eyes look like the eyes of a mad man.

2946 days ago


Tom Cruise thinks if he stays at the table longer he will grow taller. Lets face it he is a very small man in all ways. And that is being kind. linda

2946 days ago


I feel sorry for Tom. The news that Paramount dropped him only adds to the growing negative publicity around him. I personally didn't have a problem with him expressing his opinions, but it was the WAY he did it -- like he was right, and no matter what anyone said to counter his opinion, his opinion was still right.

His condescending attitude towards Matt Lauer and Brooke Shields was just awful and rude. I love a healthy debate...but at least be open to the fact that maybe, the other person might have just as good a point as you do.

And their relationship? Extremely suspect. A man who's been highly private his entire career suddenly invites the whole world into his relationship? Sounds like a great ploy to (try to) silence those neverending gay rumors.

2946 days ago


Katie looks uncomfortable with her height ...........doesn't she look hunched over?

2946 days ago


She sure does. She never walks to close to him if you notice.And if she does you ac see how short he is.

2946 days ago


Kat(i)e looks like a zombie - is she a Stepford Wife or suffering from Stockholm Syndrome?


(Suri's already left the planet, no need to rescue alien xenu spawn)

2946 days ago


I wish them the best...always kind of thought when a man gets a woman that's taller..he's big in all the right places, height is only what you can see...I'm sure she would look a lot happier if there weren't so many negative people with crap to spread about her personal life...I believe that they are living a life of bliss when there is no public opinion and no cameras with their newborn....and every mother needs a night out now and then...ask Brooke....

2946 days ago


where is alian cruz?

2946 days ago

Fourth Grade Mathmatician    

Ziclon 5- 62 Glagtiyte Kate looks like she could craddel "jockie sized cruise" in her arms..

I wanna see the litle monster. I bet its got a tail and rat like ears.

priceless TMZ snap shot.

2946 days ago

Fourth Grade Mathmatician    


She dwarfs all of those men. Hey Monstro, Sasquach called and wants to borrow some shoes..

2946 days ago


Battlecatt you really think Kate's happy with that strange man? He's a control freak who's tried his best to mold her into the person HE wants her to be, and she went along with it for awhile. Now she's rebelling, and Tom better be careful before he loses her, too. Mean spirited comments on the baby, however, it is interesting that he was unable to impregnate either one of his previous wives or girlfriends...............

2946 days ago


Just how tall is Tom Cruise? How tall is Katie Holmes? How tall is Nichole Kidman? Does anyone really know anything about these people or is all this just speculation? Why do people think that Tom Cruise is gay or unable to father a child? Is there any basis for these rumors? Why did Tom and Nichole adopt two children if they were both capable of having children of their own? Will Nichole have children with her new husband? How do the two adopted children feel about the new baby and their mother's new husband? Just Curious

2946 days ago
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