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Brad Pitt's Birth Control Problem

8/25/2006 8:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Imagine for a moment Viacom Chairman Sumner Redstone kicking another high profile A-list male movie star to the Melrose Ave. curb and venting to the Wall Street Journal that there is no place on the Paramount lot for a production company that failed to lock down its name.
Composite of Plan B ad and Brad Pitt
Plan B, Hollywood (the production shingle partnering Brad Pitt, Paramount Pictures chief Brad Grey and, formerly, Jennifer Aniston), meet Plan B, New Jersey (a morning-after pill concocted by Barr Pharmaceuticals subsidiary Duramed). And only the latter, approved this week by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as an over-the-counter, 72-hour post-coital solution, seems to be punch lined with an ®, the ominous symbol for registered trademarks.

Given the long trajectory of medical research and development, you can bet Barr Pharmaceuticals got to the trademark table long before Brad, Jen and Brad's brainstorm. And although deep-pocketed firms like Barr can sometimes choose to sue over the trickier-to-prove adjacent use of a registered term, chances are they might just settle for a Brangelina TV commercial endorsement.
Almost makes you wonder if pal George Clooney disbanded his production partnership with Steven Soderbergh because he got wind of a new OBGYN method called C-Section Eight.


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Brad Pitt's company name is actually PLAN B ENTERTAINMENT. There is another company that does promotional films for companies that is name PLAN B PRODUCTION. Brad and company just need to add the word entertainment to all there productions.

Do you all do any type of research?

2948 days ago


Brad Pitt wouldn't make me want to use birth control, just the opposite actually. I would have his babies any day lol.

2948 days ago


i don't know what all that blah is about, i just wanted a chance to once again say how much i love him, no matter WHO he's with. does this mean they're going after jen too cause they both own the company?

2948 days ago

Tom Cruise    

Angelina Jolie should market herself as a birth-control device. As in, imagine your child growing up to be like this.

Just ask Jon Voight what it's like being progenitive of a loony skank.

2948 days ago


Viacom Chairman Sumner Redstone has sent out a clear message that movie stars have to behave themselves.
It would be wise for Jolie to make amends with her aging father, Jon Voight, she hugs 3rd world orphans, and yet displays 'hatred' towards her own father. Bard Pitt's production company is in bed with Paramount. Lose the arrogance Jolie, adopt a jewish baby, and make good with daddy.
Mrs Sumner Redstone is watching you Ms Jolie, and she is an ex-teacher, 43 years old.

2948 days ago


"adopt a jewish baby" what twit. and it was her father who bad mouthed her in the first place. how do you think an ex-teacher feels about a parent who ridicules his child in public, or disowning her two adopted children. he's the one not right in the head

2948 days ago


have u heard 'two wrongs do not make a right?'
Jolie would look very open-hearted and forgiving. And what is wrong with adopting a Jewish baby?- You have something against Jews?

2948 days ago


by the time that wackjob jolie is done with this sap, he's going to be looking for some retroactive birth control.

2948 days ago


Brad should just hide in the car until Plan B Pharmaceuticals leaves the party. What's 30 minutes cowering in the Land Rover going to do? Hey, it worked for Angelina... he he he (good parenting skills!)

2948 days ago


I'm sorry, I know this has nothing to do with the subject of the article, but I am having such a hard time picturing Angelina as some Mother Teresa type woman. I can't erase the images of her kissing her brother on the lips, her being all over Billy Bob in front of the cameras as he's talking about how they f****d in the limo on the way over to an awards show (MTV maybe???), her talking about how she has multiple lovers at one time, and her treating her own father like dirt when she essentially has done the same thing, by hooking up with a married man, that she so condemns Jon Voight for. I don't believe that her and Brad Pitt didn't sleep together until Brad Pitt was divorced. For a woman as sexual as she herself admits she is, I find that part hard to believe. While I respect the fact that she has adopted children, I also feel that there are other children in our own country that need to be adopted. How come there are never any stars that adopt any special needs kids? They need just as much love and attention as a child from a foreign country. I am the parent of a blind kindergartener, and I wish I had the financial resources to adopt other children just like her, or with other disabilities. I just feel that if you have the millions of $$ that these celebrities have, they would want to help children with disabilities. I guess that would spoil their vision of "perfect family life". If there is such a thing in Hollywood. And one more thing, has anyone else out there noticed that almost every pic of these 2 together, Brad barely smiles anymore. But yet pics of him on the set of Oceans 13 show him smiling nonstop. I guess he doesn't like being led around like a little lap dog. Sorry for the long rant, that really had nothing to do with the article, just had to get it out.

2948 days ago


Brad is my boy and all that but don't U think that picture of Brad is birth control enough. He looks kinda of weird in that shot, like very reptilian like don't U think? I would call all of this bad new around his name "The Jolie Effect."

2948 days ago


AMD covered it all, from my point of view. I've wondered if the press and public was suffering from memory loss about the kind of person Jolie clearly is. She has redeemed herself by adopting children from developing nations? I doubt it, and what role will these kids play after Jolie's natural birth children are fully in the family scene. Incidentally, is Pitt nothing more than a breeding stud? Why bother to ask? Wonder if he had to prove he isn't sterile before Jolie took him on. I have no respect for either of these people but of course, they really don't care, and anyhow, if people like me comment on our lack of respect, they simply wave one of their third world, minority kids at us to prove that they are good people. Disgusting that politicians are allowing themselves to be filmed in Jolie's company. The whole affair is disgusting and these people are a couple of overpaid twits. If they really want to do some good, let them help and even adopt disabled and/or needy children in their own country, or is it possible that no responsible U.S. adoption agency would approve them as appropriate adopting parents? Now I'm reading that Jolie wants to adopt another child from yet another country. I pity those poor children who will soon enough realize that they are nothing more than tokens for Jolie to present to prove she's a "good" person. The woman is wacko and Pitt is an idiot. But we continue to breathlessly read every printed word about their latest escapades done under the banner of doing good in the world. I'm disgusted at myself for ever reading about them. At some point, a respectable person of authority is going to call them out for what they really are. Nothing more than a couple of people who are exploiting the poor children in developing nations. And incidentally, what's wrong with Caucasian kids? Isn't this reverse bigotry in action? Why are all of the adopted children minorities and won't the children grow up and notice that their "parents" are from a different race and wonder why?

2948 days ago


don't you think that would be just a little condescending towards mrs. redbone? like, that would fix everything?

2948 days ago


Kepp it in your pants Brad

2948 days ago


To AMD: A child with a disability in the USA, have a far greater chance of survival, than a child from a foreign country. They have medical care, food , shelter and love from an adopted family. Children from foreign don't have these resources. Why rant about what country a child is adopted from? As long as that child will have a good life, should be more important, than where they came from. I commend you for taking care of a child with disability, I myself take of one with mental problems, but on another note, judging someone for what they did or did not do is not healthy. I don't see Angelina Jolie as being Mother Teresa. I only see her as a human being like the rest of us. Don't see Brad Pitt as lap dog, just see a man in love.

2948 days ago
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