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Dr. Phil

Pays Less Than In N' Out Burger

8/25/2006 12:58 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ found an interesting listing on, for a part-time job at the Dr. Phil show. The kicker is what the job entails, and how much he is willing to pay this employee. The ad offers positions available for weekends (Saturday and Sunday), or the graveyard shift (11PM - 7AM).

The job is for a transcriber and requirements to gain employment are: previous experience and typing speed of 60 words per minute. The best part is the starting salary, a whopping $8.00 an hour, or roughly $16,000 dollars a year.

Now we can't help but compare these numbers to those that Dr. Phil just spent on his son's wedding. Let's assume that the good doctor spent $400,000 on the reception (which is pretty low by celebrity standards) and he had 400 people attend. That is $1000 a head. His new employee would have to work over 3 weeks just to sit down at the table! Plus, if this person tried to throw the same kind of fab wedding soiree, they would have to work for 25 YEARS! That means the average 22 year-old applicant would be 47 before they could cover the cost of the wedding.

All interested applicants should contact Todd Klotz at CBS/Paramount.


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8 bucks an hour? In Cali that might not be much, but think of the people out ther who have to raise families on minimum wage. The dude that cant eat lunch on 8 dollars, you got problems. Some people only get 8 dollars to last for 3 days for food. I have lived on substandard wages all my working days, and my point is, corporate America -YOU SUCK!!!!!!!!!!! Paying people money they wipe their butts with and expecting their 'employees to have everything they ever needed. Dr. Phil could do better than that, but ALLYOU TIGHTWAD EMPLOYERS NEED TO LEARN SOME RESPECT FOR THOSE WHO BUSTED THEIR ASSES TO MAKE YOU ALL THAT MONEY YOU GET TO ENJOY. Thank you, and have a nice day

2912 days ago


Any one who listens to and takes Dr. Phil's advice is incredibly naive. He is divorced (for cheating on his spouse) and overweight, yet millions of people go to him for relationship and dieting advice. It just doesn't make sense to me, it's like taking advice on how to please a woman from a gay man. He doesn't even seem to be listening to his guests and I and sincerely doubt that he cares about what they have to say, or why they are there. He is self-centered, and just talks too much.

2912 days ago


Dr. Phil just may be trying to re-coop the money he spent on botched dental work. His speech has obviously changed, in case anyone else has not noticed! It also appears that he has had some cosmetic work done (check past shows and compare them to this season.) The only thing that matters to me is that he has good character and his heart is in the right place, and he still delivers an excellent show! However, if he were a psychologist in the private sector, he would not be allowed to treat his patients as he does on the show, but, that's entertainment !!

2912 days ago


According to "CMC" the food and drink bill came to about $1500.00 and you think it's great he left a $100.00 tip? If you figure out the math, according to you (CMC) you think it is great he left a 6% tip? Cheap, cheap man, if your story is correct. He should have left at least 12-20% tip which at medium would be $150.00, and at 20% $300.00.

2912 days ago

j wilson    

Dr. Phil is as phony as a three dollar bill with his primary focas being on money

2912 days ago


OK.....SO YOU SAY .....that a person would have to work 25 years and be 47 before they would be able to pay for the wedding that dr phil gave his son. WELLLLLL!!!!!!! give or take a few i would say that he has worked a good 25 years and is pretty darn near if not 47 already!!!!! HELLO the man studied and graduated ahead of his class by an entire 21/2 years,has his PHD. If most of us had his talent and brain to get as far as he has......we would give our kidds the same kinda of wedding. P DIDDY only pays his employees 9.00 an hour

2912 days ago

Walt Johnson    

Now, how do we know WHERE this is? $8 an hour goes WAY further in lets say, Texas, than it does in lets say, ummm, California. And $400,000 for a wedding. Well, let him enjoy the fruits of his labor! Heck when I got married 23 years ago, I, yes I personally forked out $6,000 of my own hard earned money. What would that equate to these days? Sure not $400,000, but then again, I am not an author, therapist, and celebrity. Again, let the man live his own life and everyone needs to worry more about thier own back yard than coveting what others have earned.

2912 days ago


OK......before the spelling police arrest me (hehe!) I see that I spelled a few things wrong. SOOORRRYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2912 days ago


Yeah Dr. Phil is a fame whore and nothing more. Thanks Oprah for giving us Dr. OZ and Dr. Phil boring vanilla T.V. Dr. Oz is okay but should only be on a couple of times a week so he doesn't get as boring. I was home sick for a month and Dr. Phil has added dumb dramatic music to his show. He tries to drag out the topics and isn't even licensed. I hope someone poisons him soon or something. His wife writing advice books too. Who the hell buys the ****. TMZ do more we hate Dr. Pill shows the guys an ass and needs to be off T.V. Mind you daytime t.v. sucks big time so he is just another jerk off we don't need to sop our brains with. La de dah. Love is everywhere but kill Phil show and give us back something other than oprah, phil ellen, rachael, barf barf barf.

1536 days ago


At least he is providing a job for someone. All of the posters here complaining about the pay are VICTOCRATS who expect to do nothing and be lazy and get paid big bux for doing just that. While studying engineering I took a summer job for a financial company doing do***entation work for $7/hr. Guess what I applied myself instead of whining, and ended up getting $10/hr by the end of that summer. No one wants to work hard and that's why our country is going to SH**

650 days ago


He isn't a Doctor he's a guy with a television show and a contract

650 days ago


To quote the late great George Carlin, "...and F*ck you Dr. Phil."

599 days ago
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