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Is Bruce Running Into

Another Woman's Arms?

8/25/2006 3:02 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Bruce SpringsteenThe New York Post reports that Bruce Springsteen's long time marriage to Patti Scialfa is in deep trouble.

The alleged problem is Bruce's blossoming friendship with a stunning 9/11 widow the Boss met when he organized the "America: A Tribute to Heroes" telethon. The two have been spotted several times at the Beacon Hill Beach Club and the Stone Pony, the Asbury Park watering hole made famous in "Glory Days."

The Post quotes several "friends" of Springsteen who can't seem to decide on whether the couple is on the rocks or not. One friend says "They're separated, but everyone has been sworn to secrecy," while another friend states "He's just a really big flirt. There's nothing going on. Bruce and Patti are very much partners. They go at it a lot and fight, but they also work at it a lot... Patti is a strong woman. They are not going anywhere." Confused yet? So are we.

A Springsteen representative declined comment.


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I hope this story is Bull S@#$. Bruce & Patti are an awesome couple with a wonderful family. Although Patti & Bruce were together before his "official divorce" his marriage to Julianne was shot well before Patti got involved. Julianne didn't want a family and Bruce did. So lay off Patti people. This will all work out. Every marriage has its bumps in the road. Being a celebrity couple doesn't help when there is a bump. Anyone who knows Bruce knows he is a flirt.

2981 days ago


Bruce is carrying on with someone, but she is not a widow, her husband is very much alive and they are still married. She is being confused (at the Atlantic Club) with another woman with red hair who is a 9/11 widow. Patti is still less than loved by the guys in the old band. Payback is hell.

2981 days ago


Yep - what comes around goes around. That Karma's a biotch ain't it? Maybe Patti will remember that next time. His first wife was trying to launch her career and the only thing that was in the media was that while Bruce & Patti went on their merri way. I love his music, but never bought another albumn.

2981 days ago


I hope this story isn't true... Of course it sucks that his first marriage didn't work out. But Karma has nothing to do with it... If it did, it's about 20 years too late, doncha think??? Regardless of how Patti and Bruce's relationship started, they've been married a long time and that has to count for something.

Good luck Patti and Bruce!

2981 days ago


What you all are missing here is 1) adultry knows no race, gender, status 2) People, he may be famous but look at it like this, is he really better then the other john doe's out there? Difference is he has a job that puts him in public eye, but a job is a job, gives you money to do the things you want, just because his job makes him more money does not mean it gives him better morals or values.

He is in all respect still just a guy who pays bills (i am assuming), has family issues, i am sure kid issues etc... Have none of you had a friend who cheated on someone? Did you turn your back on them? Is his cheating worse then your next door neighbor who may be cheating on his wife or her husband? CHEATING IS CHEATING regardless of who you may be or the money you make .

If you found out the doctor who you have intrusted, whom you feel has done right by you, A doctor you feel has always looked at your bst interests, if you found out he was cheating on his wife would you seek another doctor? What he does behind his closed doors has no effect on the care he gives you - so tell me this What Bruce may do behind or outside of his closed doors - does this make his music any less entertaining?

Bottom line - People need to worry about themselves and their own actions before worrying about what others may do or judge - Old saying "take a good look in the mirror"

Marlboro Jersey Girl

2980 days ago


Paybacks are a B****!! What goes around comes around... how does it feel now Patti.....

2980 days ago


THe key word to remember here is that this is nothing more than gossip!!!! Until it is proven that Bruce has cheated on Patti, and that their marriage is on the rocks then this is nothing more than some sick way of bashing Bruce............who happens to be the greatest entertainer,songwriter, performer of our time. So until facts are presented and proven this is nothing more than cheap gossip, and unfortunately people are so quick to jump on the bandwagon as to bad-mouth someone as great as Bruce..........seems like nothing more than jealousy to me.
God bless You Bruce and Patti, along with your children,Sam, Jess, and Evan.
Rock ON Bruce , you have proven that you are the greatest time after time.!!!!!!1

2980 days ago

Joni Calandriello    

Bruce himself put this rumor to rest, just go to his website and read his letter to his fans.
You owe his family that much......Keep rockin' Bruce,
your'e the best we've got.

2980 days ago


Is it really put to rest? Only time will tell.......

2980 days ago


Thank goodness regular people don't cheat on their partners or have flings with married people. Please..... the only difference is that our dirty laundry does get air time.

2980 days ago


Nothing that happens in this area of Monmouth County is a secret. Nothing. Just like you can bump into Bruce at the pediatrician's, you can see what he's up to and who he's with. Move on, everyone. It's just life.

2980 days ago


Jen -
So who has he been with or who has he been seen with around Monmouth County....if not wife Patti or so-called stunning widow. What do you think of his recent comments - "putting the rumors" to rest (his words).

2979 days ago


just seen a pic of the woman bruce supposedly seeing open your eyes bruce she
nothing compared to patti, yea she had a bad time losing her husband in 9/11
but dont need to split a marriage up n come on boss wake up n smell the coffee.
think of your wife n kids.

2978 days ago

cathrine bolseth    

I would totally cheat with bruce if I had the chance, he is still hot!

2971 days ago

cathrine bolseth    

I am 21 years old and I would not say no to Bruce.
He's still hot & Patti is just getting what she deserves anyway..
How does it feel now Patti dear?

2971 days ago
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