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Pam Claims The Hoff Stuck It to Her at the Altar

8/25/2006 6:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

David Hasselhoff's wife claims she was railroaded into signing a prenuptial agreement and she wants it thrown out.

Composite of Pam Bach in wedding dress

Pamela Bach claims David Hasselhoff first talked about a pre-nup three weeks before their 1989 wedding. In court papers obtained by TMZ, she claims there are a variety of reasons why the document she signed was not kosher. For starters, Pam says she was only 25. She claims David made her go to his lawyer for a meeting about a pre-nup and she was so upset "We had to end the first meeting....because I was crying so severely that I could not continue..."

Pam says she was so ignorant when it came to financial matters of the heart that she was easy prey: "I had never heard the term 'prenuptial agreement' prior to that time, I had no concept of the legal impact associated with the document."

It really hit the fan the day of the wedding, according to Pam. She claims the day of her nuptials, she was in her wedding dress, two-and-a-half months pregnant, when she was presented with the pre-nup "in a small room at the back of the church, and all of our wedding guests were already seated for the wedding." Pam says she did not have her attorney present, and David skirted the import of the document by saying "it was just paperwork." Pam admits she signed it "literally minutes before I was to walk down the aisle."

Pam is asking the judge to void the pre-nup and allocate the couple's assets on a 50/50 basis.

The Hoff has not responded to Pam's allegations.


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They've been married over 10 years ..... under California law she should get a 50-50 split.

Sounds like she could prove this pre-nup was signed under pressure.

2894 days ago


Ignorance is no excuse. You have to know what you are signing, or don't sign. He shouldn't have to pay for her stupidity.

2894 days ago


#2- Sing it sister:) I agree, ignorance is no excuse and it sounds like the marriage was doomed from the start. I can't believe she even married him considering how she said the first pre-nup meeting went. At least she isn't Tara Reid:)

2894 days ago


Ah yes... The 'dumb bitch' defense. Very effective in America where nobody is held accountable for anything.... Priceless!!

2894 days ago


She just wants more money!!

2894 days ago


I can't believe that she never heard of a prenuptial agreement. She is playing the part of the dumb blonde.

2894 days ago


PLEASE TAKE THE NASTY NAIL FUNGUS AD off or AT LEAST PUT IT WHERE IT IS NOT RIGHT BY THE MAIN STORY OR I WILL QUIT COMING HERE.SURELY YOU JOKERS HAVE OTHER ADVERTISERS BY NOW. I mean, you have broken some of the biggest stories around in the last two months. Put something less disgusting, more attractive up, like a picture of a crotch with maggots or something.

2894 days ago


Hey if she signed it that is a binding contract which should be honored. So stick to it baby

2894 days ago


This woman, the ex-Mrs Hoof does not know about pre-nups?
I guess getting pregnant was not done 'on purpose' either.

2894 days ago

stephanie lynn jones    

i can understand her getting something, maybe a house, car and depending on the childs age support but come on, why is it the first thing someone goes for is the stuff one person worked for? he owes her nothing and im a female whose been divorced but fair is fair. david has been a household name for some time and in the public eye, and im sure while together he provided pretty darnn good for his family. why is it that money has always been the root of all evil. ladies, come on, she didnt have to work, she had to sleep with her hubby thats all and lived in a dream world, never worried about money issues like the real world, so even 50/50 shouldnt be entitled to her. she can get out and make her own living, she wanted out, get a job and get over it. a divorce is an end, not the beginning of seeing what you can get off someone because you never had to or just dont wanna work. she knew what kind of lifestyle she was walking away from when she filed for the divorce. sometimes even females carry it overboard. slot of females will not see my point but thats okay, i know im right. and if the shoe was on the others foot, they would see where im coming from.

2894 days ago

Rhonda Evangelou    

ONLY 25? Give me a break! I taught my children to be accountable for their actions when they were in kindergarten. What, doesn't she know how to read? I have never been in a situation where a prenup was necessary but I have heard of them (I mean seriously who hasn't?) but it's common sense to READ anything you are signing BEFORE you sign it!

2894 days ago


She should get half. After being married to David Hasselhoff for all those years, she deserves at least that much. But I'm sure it will be an uphill climb. Crazy things happen when one hassels the Hoff.

2894 days ago


This is standard divorce procedure. This pre-nup should absolutely be thrown out--prenups signed minutes before a wedding are rarely upheld in a court of law. Most likely the prenup is inequitable anyway. And for being married 10 years and to a creep like DH, she should definitely get 50%. He's very, very wealthy--only a scumbag would screw the mother of his children out of money needed to sustain her current lifestyle.

2894 days ago


man, too bad she did not go to the heather mc cartny, amy irving school of how to be a gold digger....hundreds of millions for 3 and 4yrs of marriage....or even tom arnold....they are don't see someone like the donald getting messed up..only 2,000,000 to marla maples and 12,000,000 to ivana...this guy is smart..................any way, mrs hassesshoff cannot push this all too far , otherwise hubby is going to produce the high class hooker evidence that she used to make a living at same as phil hartmans wife...but that breakup ended up with them both dead, tough town

2894 days ago


#7 I hate that add too!

2893 days ago
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