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Hilarious Paris/Tara Video

'I'm So Yesterday'

8/28/2006 7:11 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tara Reid is the new Kathy Griffin, as in D-List. The "American Pie" star couldn't get arrested Friday night as she tried in vain to get waved into Hyde, the trendy Hollywood club.

So how bad did Tara feel as former BFF Paris Hilton came sauntering by and breezed inside, as Tara could only stand on the sidewalk and steam?? Look closely, you can actually see her heart deflate ... before completely shattering.

And, as if it all isn't humiliating enough, Paris brought new BFF Kim Kardashian -- known for nothing -- along for the ride. Kim was allowed to enter effortlessly.

"Girls Gone Wild" creator Joe Francis had a few kind words with Tara as he left the club, but words are cheap. He didn't give her the assist she needed for entry. What ever happened to the "one out / one in" policy?


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TMZ your appeal is fading because you're kicking dogs that are already down (Tara) and that is not funny and NOT entertaining. TMZ you better stop being so mean or you'll lose more readers... For example, the video on Tara not getting into the club is NOT hysterical it is pitiful. TMZ You crossed the line of your usual bad taste to loserville.

2976 days ago


Listen, Tara Reid didn't do anything wrong. So she drinks a little to much, big deal. Hollywood is a party town anyway. This club, Hyde, will be nothing in 6 months. Does anyone remember White Lotus, Beauty Bar, Star Shoes, etc? Theses cocksuckers start out real arrogant with their clubs, then reality hits. F them! There are so many cool clubs in Hollywood that stand the test of real time. F these celebrities that come here to make it "big". They're nothing but transient outsiders anyway.

2976 days ago


By Jeannette Walls
Updated: 9:48 a.m. PT Aug 23, 2006
So much for Paris Hilton%u2019s recent claim that she%u2019s giving up on men.

The crooning heiress is living with Brandon Davis, according to Life & Style weekly. Davis is the oil heir who introduced the phrase %u201Cfire crotch%u201D to the public when his ramblings about Lindsay Lohan were caught on tape. Earlier this month, Hilton declared, %u201CI%u2019m not doing it with anyone [for a year]. I just want to concentrate on work.%u201D

Davis has been living with Hilton at her Hollywood Hills home since leaving rehab in July, according to the mag. He went into rehab after his infamous "fire crotch" quote was made public, although earlier this month he climbed on stage in Miami during Hilton%u2019s record launch and used the same phrase with regards to Lohan.


2976 days ago



2976 days ago


I wish Tara would pull a Jersey girl on Paris' ass. I'd give her every last dime I have to smash in that other wonky eye of hers! And Kim Kardashian...nothing but a hanger on shop-owner. Holla back when she does something relevant or of interest except licking Paris' filthy ass!

2976 days ago


From PageSix:

2006 -- PARIS Hilton's career as a pop star is fizzling as quickly as one of her blink-and-you'll-miss-it relationships.
In its first week out of the gate, Hilton's first CD is being widely seen as a certified flop. "Paris," which features the single "Stars Are Blind," sold a lackluster 75,000 copies in the United States - a pittance compared to Christina Aguilera's first-week sales of 320,000, according to Soundscan.

And projected sales for next week are said to be a measly 30,000, which is a larger than normal second week drop.

"Paris" is languishing at the bottom of Billboard's Hot 100 - so Hilton's label rushed out her second single, "Turn It Up," which isn't doing very well either.

"The international outlook is not much better for her," one industry source told Page Six. "The international people are not inclined to do a big push since she can't back up the album with a tour. Obviously, she can't sing live."

The source added that Hilton was advised a year ago to train her voice, work with choreographers and learn an instrument to prepare for a limited tour, but "obviously she didn't listen."

Hilton's rep, Elliot Mintz, said, "To me, [the album] sounds huge. For a newcomer, this is incredibly impressive."

Meanwhile, Hilton's reputation as a dirty girl put one of her former sex partners on edge after they'd been to bed together.

Elijah Blue Allman, the hunky son of Cher and Gregg Allman, boasted to Howard Stern the other day that he had a fling with Hilton before she was famous - but he got nervous right afterward that he might have picked up a sexually transmitted disease from her. Allman says he was so worried, he raced downstairs and grabbed a household cleaning product to pour over his private parts and "disinfect" them.

While Stern flipped over the tawdry tale, aired over his Sirius Satellite Radio raunchfest show, Hilton wasn't thrilled with the disclosure. "She's not happy about it," said a source, despite the fact Allman tried to lessen the low blow by noting she was a "sweet girl" nonetheless.


2976 days ago

Fourth Grade Mathmatician    

Hey Prince Turd from England.

Just because we dont give a rats ass about POSH and Becks, doesnt make TMZ any less of a magnificent place.

Hey can someone tell me who won the revolution. I dont think it was the Britts. Haha you drive on the wrong side of the road.

Embarrassing wink wink

2976 days ago


like i said....SHE IS GOING TO FALL. FALL HARD...looks like it has already begun

2976 days ago

Spacey Kasem    

For me, the best part was the "Footloose" soundtrack.

2976 days ago

Fourth Grade Mathmatician    

#98 OR should I refer to you as C? (-word.)

TMZ has ever right to play "kick the dog" (figure of speech) with
Rehab Reed. Why not, these people are incapable of emotions and feelings. If your drinkin a fifth a day like ol Larry Hagman over here, then HELL YEAH, its open season.

I personally love HOTT Alcoholic Chics with bank accounts. The only thing is their skinny legs. Man that junk start lookin tough after a while.
And as far as gettin help or dryin out No Way...

"Aint nuthin but a bunch of drunks in AA anyway."

2976 days ago


If it's true that one must hit the bottom before real help can be had, then Taran, dear, it's time to make that call. You look like you could be sweet, even, if not for the demons who are obviously eating your scarred soul. Paris Hilton will never be denied because of who she is. A Hilton. Somebody way back in her ancestry was smart enough to get really rich and somebody today is smart enough to maintain that richness. Obviously the genetic pool gets weakened over time, and that's why they have those "trust fund" things, because they know the family will eventually, if not always, produce a Paris, who will do nothing and have no talent except to be photogenic and skanky. All this brings to mind Bradon Davis, bf of Ms. Hilton. So many similarities! Goodness. Skank, check; disgustingly rich and worthless, check; talentless, check; had some ancestor who knew how to make money, check and double check. I'm pretty sure Mr. Oil heir is making oodles more money these days, what with the price of gas and all. Could our troops be fighting for this? Jeeeezus. Anyhoo, no more of those types of nasty reminders. . Back to Tara.

Tara, dear, my whole point is stop trying to fit in with this ilk. They are not necessarily good people. Stop the partying and re-invent yourself. Join the Peace Corp. Do something meaningful that is actually meaningful. Sure, you'll be out of the spotlight for a while except for your crew that will document the entire thing, but you could emerge a whole new you. Just watch out for the Sally Struthers Syndrome. We don't want to see you all chubbed out pleading for just "pennies a day." Which is probably what she got paid, I don't know. Knowing when to fold 'em and when to walk away, have never been your strong suits, for sure. But you could learn, my dear, you could learn. Whatever you do, MAKE IT MEANINGFUL.

Paris and Brandon have no talent. They are just offspring of filthy rich somebodies. Most of us aren't, you know. Think of your anscestors and try to do them proud. That would be sweeeet. Isn't that how revenge is supposed to be? And best served cold. So get to work, Tara. Think of your great-granny and whatever sacrifices she had to make in life. You look like you come from sturdier stock than the afoementioned worthless-to-man-kind skanks, so hop to it.

2976 days ago

Glee (I'm baaaaack)    

Unfortunately daddy's millions will always get Paris in the if only TMZ would come to their senses and stop letting her in the door!

Lindsey Lohan will quickly go the route of Tara. That is what happens when you are easy - nobody will care because everyone will have seen everything already.

2976 days ago

duh...totally !    

geez...Paris is a b*tch !

it's almost comical on her "you hurt me bad , blah, blah, blah " video...she just doesn't understand why people say things about her when we don't even know her, and how can people be so mean, etc...................

is she serious? She can view herself daily on being her 'mean,. sadistic, hateful self'

get a clue skank !

2976 days ago

tony w.    

Dingo did I say that I cared about posh and becks? They're idiots too. Posh said once that she doesn't read books. Not surprising. Also I was born in America. There are people born in America that live in England you know. Now for what I'm here to post. Paris hilton's album only sold 75,000 copies. Lindsay Lohan sold more copies. I wonder what Paris has to say about that? Funny!

2976 days ago


Come on guys, let's have a bit of empathy/sympathy for Tara as it is clear that she has a substance abuse problem. Not to mention what seems to be a self-esteem problem. SHE NEEDS HELP!!! The nasty comments are not going to help any and for those of you that posted them, remember KARMA is a bitch. I hope that you never have to expirience what she seems to be going through.

I am not excusing nor do Ihave a right to do so but I am rooting for her and I hope Paris Hilton one day realizes that the world does not and will not revolve around her and that KARMA will continue to ctch up with her (hence the release of her sex tape!! and other incidents)

Tara, I am rooting for you. Seek help if you truly believe that you need it and don't let yourself down. Forget all th negative comments.

2976 days ago
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