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Lindsay vs. Paris -- The Feud Continues

8/28/2006 4:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan: Click to watchAs the ongoing "firecrotch" fight between Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton continues to rage, TMZ has finally caught Lindsay Lohan reacting to the nasty verbal attacks on camera.

After dining with boyfriend Harry Morton at celeb hot spot The Ivy, Lohan tries to make a quick escape -- but not before one photog asks what she thinks of her famous archenemy. Lohan's response -- "I don't think about Paris."

Lindsay continued "not thinking about Paris" as she finished off her day with a well-protected shopping spree at the Maxfield store in West Hollywood. The star had police protection around her Escalade while she shopped, and an armed escort to take her out of the store.


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let's see, paris is feuding with nicole, paris is fueding with mary kate, paris is feuding with lindsey, paris is fueding with shannen doherty, a pattern maybe? she needs to learn to act like an adult.

2975 days ago


I seem to recall Lindsay having the same pattern as Paris...feuding with Paris, feuding with Nicole Richie, feuding with Jessica and Ashlee Simpson, made at whoever is seen talking to her supposed bed partners of the month, so what the f***! She needs to grow up, too!

2975 days ago



2975 days ago

Alyn Brodsky    

With the world going to Hell in a handbasket, are we REALLY supposed to give a rat's ass about the comings and goings--and comings--of these two sluts? I think not,

2975 days ago


i don't care who really is fueding with who.. the real shame is that little girls are looking up to these *ahem* people! all of them are stupid and need a serious check up from the neck up!

*wishes that celebrity deathmatch was a "real" show.. *

2975 days ago


Lindsay and paris are both gross...they need to grow up...and lindsay looks horrible..and cheap, she also has no proffesionalism--(sp)...aka(georgia rules), both of them are not worth anything

2975 days ago


I personally, don't care for both girls, but it does seem that Paris wants to be the Alpha Diva. She gets very jealous when a new, young, star comes out. Get over it Paris, one day you will be old and your New York minute fame will fade away. No one, can stop gravity. Wait til' your day and realize how ignorant you were to be such a mean young person to those who could of been your great friends. It is no wonder that you have been engaged a million times b/c of your EXTREME jealousy, I wouldn't be able to stand you either, let alone marry you. It is odd that you even have friends. They must not be real b/c all you know is how to be fake and God doesn't like fake. See you in hell. Or get off your high horse and put your energy in making this a better world. There is a lot of poverty and cancer patients you can focus on instead of being worried about every new female star. Focus on life and not yourself for, once. You'll be granted more good, later in life and actually have people who love you and not use you as a trophy. Once, your tarnished in your little world, it's OVER for you and you'll wish you were nicer to those that you putdown and talk about. I can now see why Nicole has no comment on you b/c you are so predictable!!!!

2975 days ago


It's great that Lindsay is not feeding into this sordid mess. I like Paris and Lindsay and hope that they squash this beef.

2975 days ago


i hope one day that these two slutbags realize what complete idiots they are and live a life of mysery..sounds mean but they deserve a dose of reality

2975 days ago

Ms Kris    

I DO NOT want to think at ALL about either of these losers!!


2975 days ago

gossip fan    

It's funny that Lindsay and Paris hate eachother so much, they have a lot in common. they are both nasty sluts who make everyone puke.

2975 days ago


Paris is jealous of Lindsey's movie career.

2975 days ago

Yo MomMa    

They BotH SuKk Tara REids A$$.

2975 days ago


nice gas guzzler lindsay!

2975 days ago

Good Grief    

WHY does she needa police escort? Maybe because she has thousands of dollars of goods in her SUV from shopping? Maybe because otherwise the paps would hound her vehicle so bad she wouldn't be able to move. Look at her life. Can she do anything at all without being hounded? Nope. I would say THAT'S why she needs a police escort.

2975 days ago
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