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Taylor Hicks' Viper Room Romp

8/28/2006 4:17 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Taylor Hicks at the Viper RoomTMZ has already reported that Taylor Hicks, Bucky Covington and Elliott Yamin skipped out on their "Idol" tour after-party, full of autograph signing and kodak moments with the kiddies, to obtain some serious music industry cred by playing at the notorious Hollywood rock club Viper Room.

Well here's what went down inside. Taylor jammed with the Little Memphis Blues Orchestra, along with members of his own band.

Hicks sang, played harmonica and drank shots on stage in front of a sold-out crowd that wasn't interested in hearing any pop music covers or standards. Amen!

Elliott and Bucky also got in on the action to the delight of the packed house which included tons of screaming fans, but unlike their earlier gig at Staples Center, none of the 12-year-old variety.

Bucky hung with his wife Crystal, while Elliott was joined by his gorgeous model girlfriend, Jamie.

As far as Taylor, when he wasn't on stage or fending off members of his Soul Patrol, he would retreat to the confines of the closed-off VIP room.


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C. Baptiste-Williams    

american idol and all its contestants are so (yawwwwwwwn!) boring

2977 days ago

James in Milwaukee    

Could it be possible that Hicks actually has some talent, as opposed to unsexy Timberlake?

2977 days ago


I think that is pretty lousy and ungrateful of Taylor and Elliot to skip out on the after party where their fans were waiting. The Idol audience is full of kids and seniors. Can you imagine the disappointment and tears on the kids and seniors faces when the Idols,especially the winner Hicks, they wore out their fingers voting for, didn't even think enough of them to stay for the after party?

2977 days ago


I think that was pretty awful of Hicks and the others and I'm disappointed. I voted for you but don't look for me to be buying your CD Taylor.

2977 days ago


Taylor is showing that he is versatile and can jam with the best of them. I'm not surprised at all.

2977 days ago


I never doubted Taylor's talent!!!!!
I was hooked on Hicks from the start.
Taylor has and will go on, showing the world just how talented he is . He was BORN for this...not groomed for it. And as for that Timberflake guy....
Taylor is HOT......JT.....uhhh....NOT!!!!!!!!

2977 days ago

Cassie in Pittsburgh    

"Well here's what went down inside. Taylor jammed with the Little Memphis Blues Orchestra, along with members of his own band."

Correction: Little Memphis Blues Orchestra ("LiMBO") IS Taylor's band (f/k/a "Taylor Hicks Band").

2977 days ago


Ungreatful? Taylor and Elliot probably booked this gig MONTHS ago. I give them props for getting away from AI bullsh*t and performing some REAL music.

I'm sure the little kiddies and grannies didn't miss them.

2977 days ago


#9- You are a sick and delusional person. That is gross!!!

2977 days ago


Over the course of 60 tour dates in three months, these guys spend HOURS at meet and greets (and that's all the "after party" was )- both before and after the shows. Also, they spend hours outside the venues by the tour buses taking pictures and signing autographs. All of these guys have performed sick on this tour because the fans spent good money - to see the concert, not for guaranteed autographs. The tour is grueling - they need a little break now and then. I say - go do some real music guys!

2977 days ago


I was there. This band blew the roof off for a new Viper Room legend. This Hicks dude is an entertainer and knows how to lead the band through improvs.

2977 days ago


The so-called "after party" is a meet and greet for the bigwigs who are invited by the Idols - friends, family and well-connected others, usually. I find it hard to believe that the "fans" who posted above would take such offense at Taylor not attending the invitation only event considering the guy's been at every pre-concert M&G and hasn't missed a show even though he was sick.

I look forward to Taylor's post Idol CD. Taylor and LMBO you guys rock!

2977 days ago


Taylor is showing the rest of the country what he is really all about..A soul singer and dynamite performer..I am just sorry that I wasn't able to see this unbelievable performance. I heard it was ELECTRIC!!!!! and MIND BLOWING!!!! nothing like the AI concerts...I went to the concert and he blew me away with his stage performance, I can't even imagine seeing him with his band in his own element..GET THE SMELLING SALTS!!! I can't understand the people out there that say he can't carry a tune.WHAT!!!!! That is the craziest thing I have ever heard.. Clean the wax out of your ears people.!!!!.This guy is vocally amazing... I can't wait until he goes solo and on tour with his band. LMBO and YES THAT IS TAYLORS BAND!!!!.they have such a chemistry together they are a perfect match.. Are you listening J Records????

2977 days ago


Taylor, Bucky, Elliott and Ace meet up with LMBO at Alan Hunters [old mtv VJ] club in Birmingham, it was a blast .Calling themselves the Idol Rat Pack they really sounded great, seemed to have a good time. That is the Taylor everyone should see.

2977 days ago


Lots of artists and musicians have different agendas then what is known to the public. They are human and if they wanted to go play at the Viper Room instead, good for them. They are human and if they wanted to have a drink and party at a different place, let them. Their management and contracts let them so why can't the public. It is sad for the fans hoping to see them at the party, but haven't we all been saddened at one time or another? We get over and so will their is part of the industry.

2977 days ago
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