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Katie Ready to Hit the Ground Running

8/29/2006 12:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Katie CouricSeptember 5 is getting closer and closer and no one is looking forward to Katie Couric taking the helm of the CBS Evening News more than Katie herself.

Katie has spent her summer traveling the country to raise money for cancer awareness and meeting future CBS news fans face-to-face. "I think face-to-face conversations with people and really getting a sense of where they are and their likes and dislikes, their frustrations, is invaluable."

And while Katie's first day will be eventful, her second day on the job will be even more exciting. CBS News announced Monday that Katie is set to talk with President Bush at the White House for her first CBS News primetime special, "Five Years Later-How Safe Are We?," airing September 6 at 10PM ET/PT, capping off a day of 9/11 fifth-anniversary programming.

As for her other plans for the show, Katie says, "Maybe doing more headlines and fewer 1:30 pieces, so we can dig a little deeper into the story of the day and answer questions that viewers might have."

"CBS Evening News With Katie Couric" debuts September 5 at 6:30PM ET/PT.


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Who cares! I can't stand her. I stopped watching the Today Show years ago because of her. I welcome Meredith with open arms. I just wish she'd stick to dissing on that awful show The View.

2942 days ago

rosemary matter    

Please God!...let this pre-Couric newscaster joke be over soon. I am already sick of her and she has not even sat in the Golden News chair yet! PLEASE...just report the news and stop BEING the news day in and day out. All that is going to occur here is CBS will have the lowest ratings in their news dept since they became a network. Listen up CBS you are not bringing Christ to report the news so get over it!!!! signed an ex-viewer of CBS news, Rosemary Matter

2942 days ago



2942 days ago


This is exactly what's wrong with Katie Couric: she's getting more coverage than the actual news . . . and she's loving it. She can't redeem herself. I will not watch her.

2942 days ago


What a pathetic waste of time this woman is. She almost reminds me of Paris Hilton, famous for being totally annoying and unworthy of any attention.

2942 days ago


This woman is an over the hill nobody and has aligned herself with a network that has ZERO credibility. Everyone will watch for awhile just out of curiosity but ultimately she brings nothing of legitimate journalism to the job. She spent way too many years on a fluffly morning news show flashing her fake tan legs and pushing her leftist views. I would say the same if she were pushing right wing views. Because she exhibits little to no objectivity she is and will remain an embarrassment to journalism!!!!!!!!

2942 days ago

Alyn Brodsky    

How ANYBODY can make a fuss over this total zero is to me mystifying. She's homely, has a cruddy voice, that smile is as phony as Tom Cruise's, and she gets millions of dollars a year. A real horror. And a sad reflection on the values that permeate brodcast news. No wonder people are switching to cable networks.

2941 days ago

Alyn Brodsky    

I hipe that when this no-talent with the hideous smile hits the ground, as you put it, she lands face first. My God, what a horror!

2941 days ago


that smile is horrible and we have to look at her gums, this comment board is old, as of 10/11 it looks like she will be dumped by the end of the week or next, gee whiz i gave her til the end of dec, tyhat was before i saw the first show, she is not an investigative reportor, she just sits there like a statue, and let all the other people do the running and then the camera comes back on her, i am sure merit h vieria would have done a better job, she could never come crawling back to the today show her and st ar jones ought to get a show called the looser show i knew all the ip was not going to make up for her incompetence she is not newswort hy like paula zahn t hat is a news report er for sure, female at that, and all the newswomen on cable are not only beatiful but know their jobs.
give this position to nora o'donnell, if she wants it that is, and the ra tings will go throuigh the roof. how come we all knew it was going to be a disas ter.
i am it is who they want to push, the same with the new shows, studio 60 watched it once, stunk, but yet smith is fabulous and they are taking it off the air, but kidnapped with is horrible they are placing another night, it is so unfair

2898 days ago


can you imagine how much that set cost for a failure like couric cost! what a waste of time and money. CBS management must be a bunch of jerks, how could they think she would succeed, she is all fluff, yeah an that fake tan and we had to look at her legs everyday how discussing yeah you could put her in the same category as hilt on
the woman on the today show ann courier, opposite matt, she is of oriental decent , i know i spelled her name wrong, is terrific

2898 days ago

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