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PETA Wants Gator-aid From Beyoncé

8/29/2006 1:24 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

PETA is going after Beyoncé Knowles -- again -- after the singer told Arena magazine about her peeps taping a baby alligator's mouth shut during a recent photo shoot.
The shoot went down for Beyoncé's upcoming album, "B'Day." She told the magazine, "There was a shot where I held an alligator. (It) had (its) mouth taped -- that was my bright idea." Beyoncé added, "He was really cute, but since his mouth was taped, he didn't have any way to defend himself. He was upset, so he peed on me. That was an experience."

PETA thinks it was a bad experience -- for the gator. The animal rights organization contacted one of the world's leading biologists, who wrote Knowles a letter saying, "As a specialist in reptile biology and welfare, I'm concerned about your posing with a terrified baby alligator for your new album cover." He added, "Humans and alligators are not natural bedfellows, and the two should not mix at events such as photo shoots. In my view, doing so is arguably abusive to an animal."

Beyoncé has not responded to the letter. This isn't the first time PETA has gone after her. This past June, Beyoncé and her mom were confronted by PETA members at a fancy New York restaurant over the singer's use of fur in her fashion lines.

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What a low life shank she's turned out to be. I laughed until I cried when I saw that stupid photo. She looks ridicules. I thought it was a joke. I'd make her wear two bags, just in case.

2985 days ago


it dosent go both way because black people were slaves to stuped white people who actually believed they were better just cuz they were brazilian and its shamuful that white people cant reconize they they opressed blacks and get pissed off because many african americans are still fighting racism today.....yeah power to african americas....i have bonde hair and blue eyes but my family are all darked skinned.... i have ancestors who were slaves... and u know i blame stupid lil boys like chris for the kkk movement roming around colleges camps screaming white supremacy today...... if u forgot u have no right to use the word N*** in a derrogatory wat it's like me calling u a honkey....ignorant people is the reason we are still fighting wars today.....grow a heart and feel for others.....

2985 days ago


What a stupid non-story. PETA's energies would be much better suited to actually checking up on alligator conditions in places where they interact with humans because of overdevelopment of housing and wetlands protection instead of carping at Beyonce Knowles. Of course, criticizing a famous person gets more ink in our tabloid age, but it is assuredly not helping the alligator population.

As for Beyonce's photo, it's not the alligator treatment that bothers me. Her faux-dominatrix-wear combined with the leashes is a weird statement, particularly given that hip hop already includes the ugliness of Snoop Dogg appearing with women tethered to him on leashes. Are the alligators stand-ins for men, but because she does not appear to be threatening she evokes the image but makes herself continue to be the sex object? Or by posing with much more obviously dangerous creatures than men she does not invert the Snoop Dogg reference but shows herself to be outgunned in her attempt to hold the leashes (sort of a "I'm powerful, but I'm not the one in charge" message)? The sexual politics of the photo are much more disturbing than the alligator treatment.

2985 days ago


No amount of animal abuse is going to make this album cover look good.

2985 days ago

New One    

70 I agree to a point but where dose it stop?
I can not control what my ancestors did or didn't do, and neither can the black people but if I keep hate and excuses for everything that people do to me everyday that is wrong I would be pissed off all day every day. I don't think it is appropriate on either end so how about power to the people instead of power to a race?
P.S Every race has been in slavery or had something bad happened to them throughout history. If anyone has anything to be pissed off in America it is the Indians. Black ancestors gave there future prosperity better life’s look at the poor people in Africa now.

2985 days ago


hi the new one... all right i'll agree... but african americans are still mudered over racial issues today.....they are still looked down at just because of the color of their skins.... all right we can make many points about gangters and all that crap it dosent matter i hate to see people suffer... i dont pity them i just wish people would try and love no matter are race, religion or whatever.... there are bad people from every race but does it seem like we are always pointing out to the african americas....why dont we see beyounce as an individual why they had to point it out (in a very rude way) that she is black?????? c'mon do u really think that what it mattered????if we saw sheryl crowe on that picture do u think it would be the same arguments in this blog?????

2985 days ago


Call me a honkey #70, I don't care. In AMERICA, it's called freedom of speech. I don't like racist behavior, but it is what it is. LEGAL.

2985 days ago

New One    

Like I said 73 from an earlier post there are the dumb asses of every race that the media loves to point out. You have the gangsters, and the white hillbilly boys still trying to figure out how to get a BJ from a gator (PETA should look into that).
But things will not change an-till Celebs like Chris Rock and the media choose to.
I don't personally think PETA dose racial profiling I think they are just freaks and like to attach Celebs because they get more publicity than Hillbilly Bob and pals.

2985 days ago


PETA is a wonderful organization that stands for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. All you ignorant people, starting with #1 Kathryn, who will "eat a steak" tonite, are totally clueless and miss the point. You can like Beyonce and her music, but that doesn't give her (or anyone else) the right to abuse animals.

2985 days ago


PETA.... the group that euthanizes more little defenseless animals than any other group? Harumph!

Gimme a beautiful croc handbag, a pair of buttery leather pants, a silk blouse made by the hands of Chinese slave workers and an ivory and diamond necklace and I am ready to go out for a fine night of feasting on foie gras, a big fat filet mignon (rare of course) wrapped in veal, and a uber giant baked potato courtesy of Monsanto.

Maybe PETA can move on to protesting the killings of the littlest human veals... and then team up with Planned Parenthood to suck a few out.

Hypocricy. It should disgust you more than the contents of this post... but it probably won't. Sad.

2985 days ago


#77 -- I rest my case.

2985 days ago

Glee (I'm baaaaack)    

wow a lot of comments were erased.

my point was that a racist jerk like chris says he has a right to free speech just as i have the right to tell him what a smelly fool he is.

free speech doesn't mean a thing if we don't all have it.

however he was engaging in hate speech. just a couple steps further and it would be a crime. why don't we just let him hang himself? he will eventually.

2985 days ago

Maria Barrow    

Beyonce is a waste of time. Animal cruelty is a real issue.
PETA may be overeacting this time but at least they are doing something
worthy and valuable with their time.
This world need a wake up call as to what is really important.
There is way too much airhead worship and not enough effort to do good.

2985 days ago

New One    

TMZ needs to get this freaking comments section right the times are scattered throught the whole thing. TMZ needs to get some better pics to make better money to get some new web developers that are under 40.

2985 days ago


I can honestly say that I am very dissapointed. I love fashion, but I love animals even more. There is no way in hell that I would ever wear any kind of clothing that was the product of an animal being slaughtered. There are animals that are endangered species because the human race decided that it would be a "CUTE" accessory. We should be ashamed of ourselves..of the fact that we are destroying not only orselves with war, famine and disease.But we take it as far as to interrupt the natural world? Think about it for a minute and you will realize how ignorant and messed up it is to kill animals for FASHION..
As far as Beyonce goes, I am speechless I do not want to bash her because I listen to her music but she is bringing this onto herself. Any self respecting educated person will realize that by doing a photo shoot of such nature is going to start some sh*t. Besides, the picture is pretty crappy, she looks weird for some reason. I know that she is a kind hearted person but that is not what she is portraying. As far as PETA goes, like a previous comment stated this is a free country and if they feel passionate about their cause THEN LET IT BE!! As long as no laws are broken all is fair in order for them to speak their mind and prove a point.

2985 days ago
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