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PETA Wants Gator-aid From Beyoncé

8/29/2006 1:24 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

PETA is going after Beyoncé Knowles -- again -- after the singer told Arena magazine about her peeps taping a baby alligator's mouth shut during a recent photo shoot.
The shoot went down for Beyoncé's upcoming album, "B'Day." She told the magazine, "There was a shot where I held an alligator. (It) had (its) mouth taped -- that was my bright idea." Beyoncé added, "He was really cute, but since his mouth was taped, he didn't have any way to defend himself. He was upset, so he peed on me. That was an experience."

PETA thinks it was a bad experience -- for the gator. The animal rights organization contacted one of the world's leading biologists, who wrote Knowles a letter saying, "As a specialist in reptile biology and welfare, I'm concerned about your posing with a terrified baby alligator for your new album cover." He added, "Humans and alligators are not natural bedfellows, and the two should not mix at events such as photo shoots. In my view, doing so is arguably abusive to an animal."

Beyoncé has not responded to the letter. This isn't the first time PETA has gone after her. This past June, Beyoncé and her mom were confronted by PETA members at a fancy New York restaurant over the singer's use of fur in her fashion lines.

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Hey spud, or comment #9, there is no other way to refer to you but as an idiot racist. Just in case you were not aware, the messege board was meant for comments pertaining to PETA and not who purchases Beyonce's music. Who ever buy it or have bought it, it is too late now to complain. You definately know who she is and things she have done so that says you are a fan of "B" as well!

2946 days ago


OMG NOOO!! Taped its mouth shut! She should be fined 1 million dollars! She should be banned from all record labels! The gator needs tp be compensated, and let it bite her hands off. gimme a break. people around the world are starving, there is war and there is going to be an uproar over a croc with its mouth TEMPORARILY taped shut. i'm sure within 5 minutes of having the tape removed that reptile forgot all about having it's mouth wrapped shut. LETS BUILD A SHRINE FOR THE HOLY ALLIGATOR! It was inconvenienced! PETA PUT ON YOUR CROC SKIN SHOES, EAT A CHEESEBURGER AND GIVE US ALL MUCH DESERVED BREAK!! This wasn't animal cruelty! How in the world are you going to get people to believe in your orginization if you keep going after STUPID NONSENSE situations like this! RIDICULOUS!!

2946 days ago



2946 days ago


PETA is not my guiding light, but the point is well taken. At some point people are going to have to come to the realization that as humans our population has passed the carrying capacity of the planet. Along the way we have also increased our consumption of animal products to levels never intended by nature and our bodies. What this says is that there are far too many humans in the world and far too many animals are being maintained in support of humans.

The result is poorer health for the human population and poorer health for the planet. All of this is made possible only by industrial cartels and the lies we are fed about the proper role of humans and animals on the planet. The only way these industrial giants can persue their goals of arrogance and ignorance is to devalue all life, which introduces the most insane and barbaric treatment of all living things directly into your kitchen and belly, from waste into wasted.

You can distance yourself from the problem by pretending to not know the consequences of your actions. You can turn your head when the animals are tortured and poisoned, and slaughtered according to the lowest standards humans can impose. But you cannot wash the blood off of your hands and you cannot avoid being poisoned in body and spirit. It is the law of the universe. Everything must be allowed to fulfill its purpose if it is to be of any benefit. Until animals regain the respect they deserve man will drag himself down as with ball and chain, and take the planet with it.

These animal issues, like the gators here, are only symtomatic of a poisoned mindset, which is what PETA is trying to expose. But it's difficult for average folks to understand the connection, so to them it's laughable and draws the typical responses like "I'm eating a bloody steak tonight." This is the reflected arrogance and ignorance that they have learned from flesh mongers at the expense of their own existence.

Better than PETA are the words of John Robbins. Anyone who has the slightest inkling of what I'm talking about along with the slightest reservation about what they're doing, what's been done to them and the planet, and what they have sacrificed would benefit tremendously by reading John's "Diet for a New America" as a primer.

2946 days ago


OK, there is abosolutly nothing wrong with wearing fur. I feel like PETA is being crazy by attacking her and her mother while dining. There are ways to get their message across without terrorizing people into conforming with there pro-animal rights. As for the baby alligator I feel as if there was a lack of judgement on her part and it was just plain stupid.

2946 days ago

Bill Nigh    

I, for one, taking the long view, find it encouraging that people are talking about the welfare of animals more than ever. I know that most folks don't have this on their radar, as it is tough enough to just get through the day with immediate concerns, so surface reactions are understandable. However, for those who are interested in maximizing their personal spiritual development, a concern for animals should become part of their world view. (Again, it's a long-term view, but why should we not think that way?)

2946 days ago


PETA needs to shut up! with all this animal cruelty, like seriously no damage was done to the dame alligator what more do they want.
they're just going after high profile celebs to strengthen their cause

I have one question though, if it is so unnatural for humans to eat meat
why is it ok for carniverous (sp) animals to eat meat?
Why dont they start attacking lions, and bears
they're the real culprit here!

2946 days ago


I'm telling you guys, the Penn & Teller Bullsh*t episode on P.E.T.A. is very interesting.

P.E.T.A. has nothing on Beyonce, and I don't really care for her. I just hate the hypocrosy that is PETA

2946 days ago


I think that people are just really bored. There is no other drama for people to talk about so we find the petiest things that we can to try and make her look bad. If we all just looked at ourselves and stopped judging other people this world would be a different place.

2946 days ago

Grady Bishop    

PETA is wrong in this case. I know true professional specialist in reptile biology and welfare at Gatorland in Orlando Florida and work with them numerous times.

Taped or bound mouths is how these animals are prepped when they are being nursed and studied and cared for by the operators there.

Just like Sea World these people will rescue hurt, injured gators and take them back to GATORLAND where they are cared for and either kepted in a safe environment they require or released back into the wild.

So PETA should piss off and their so called expert in this case has probly never really handled a gator and invite the person to come visit the place and maybe get some more education.
Grady Bishop
2nd Unit Director / Stunt Coordinator
811 Leopard Trail
Winter Springs, Florida 32708

2946 days ago


I feel that the PETA is over dramatizing over the event that has occured i feel that is a great i deal for the cover not saying that hearting animals is a good thing but she was just probably scared of getting bitten by the animals get off first yall don't want her to wear fur now, this i feel that ya'll needs to stop hating on the girl because she is blowing up just leave her alone ya'll makin something out of nothing

2946 days ago

Michael DIMartino    

I think Beyonce is a coward. She is constantly using the beauty and attraction of animals to help boost her own fame whether it's wearing fur or posing with exotic animals. Beyonce needs to stop taking advice from her mother [who by the way is whoring her daughter off for a quick buck] There simply is nothing cool about taping a wild animals' mouth shut just so that you can take pictures where, in the end, you look like sh*t - or atleast like you need to.

2946 days ago


I have never seen so much bad english and spelling in my life. Didnt you people go to school or did you just take up space and not even try to learn? I do not see any comments by Chris #10, so did they get deleted? PETA is a good organization but I think they sometimes over step their boundaries. But on the other hand celebrities take unfair advantage of a lot of things including animals. Its like if you are famous you can get away with and say anything. I have lost so much respect for so many entertainers this last year. Maybe we just know too much about them now when we were better off in the dark.

2946 days ago


If you're actually taking the time to contribute to PETA, you're contributing to TERRIORISM. I see no difference between Al-Queda and PETA, because both of those organizations destroy things to get their usless points across. Beyonce needs to be the one celebrity that stands up to these fools, instead of conforming to them like Pam Anderson and Pink have done. They tape a baby gators mouth shut for her safety. Would you want to be bitten my a baby gator? I know it won't hurt as much as an adult one chomping on your finger, or leg, but it's still going to hurt and break the skin.

Because a lot of you people don't know what you are talking about in regards to them, and to the ones who donate to their pathetic organization, look where your money goes. Not to saving animals, that's for sure.

2946 days ago


Say not Do not Say-
Say not Do not Say
Say not Do not Say

Let me start by saying that I laugh at your ignorance, you are obviously soo stupid that you missed my point or have no fu*king life and you just type away on your damn keyboard talking senseless sh*t. Who gives a tiny rats ass if you eat gators, more power to you!!! The point is : ANIMALS ARE NOT ON THIS EARTH FOR US TO DO AWAY WITH THEM AS WE PLEASE!!
F.Y.I I do NOT wear leather shoes, not because I cannot afford them but because I choose not to. Quite frankly if the gator would have bit her fat ass....can you guess what?? THE BROAD HAD IT COMING!!! They are called wild for a reason. Let me just remind you that animals have been on this planet far longer than we have, if you live in Florida sucks to be you. I am in noway defending PETA I could care less, what I stand up for is that us as the human race, are very unfair to animals.
I am pretty sure that since you are very ignorant and like to stir up things because you know damn well you will not give out your adress to back up your smack that you will definetly have a very smart ass reply, so go ahead do it, if it will make your day. Ultimately at the end of the day I have my beliefs and you are just a very ignorant as*hole =]

2946 days ago
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