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Eminem is a Meanie Yo!

8/30/2006 2:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kendra Wilkinson and Eminem
Kendra Wilkinson, one of Hugh Hefner's girlfriends and one of the stars of the E! series "The Girls Next Door," found out firsthand just how mean Eminem can be. She also found out just how fast celebrity publicists can work when cleaning up one of their client's messes. This particular mess involves Slim Shady himself and his alleged poor conduct on a video shoot. According to Kendra, Em threw water on the Playmate's face for no apparent reason during a shoot for Eminem and Akon's new music video, "Smack that Ass." Afterwards, Kendra unleashed her fury over the situation with a scathing message on her Myspace page.

We contacted Em's reps to see what their side of the story was. When asked if Marshal would be issuing either an apology or a statement we were told very blatantly, "Nope!"

We also contacted Playboy to confirm the authenticity of Kendra's Myspace message. A rep from Playboy confirmed to TMZ that this blog was in fact written by Kendra Wilkinson. They also provided the following statement regarding her current feelings over the situation and Eminem himself. "Kendra wrote this blog following some on-set high jinks at a recent music video shoot. While she was upset at first, she later received flowers and an apology from Eminem and removed the blog. Everything is fine and there are no hard feelings."

Though Kendra may have forgiven Em, we probably won't be seeing him anytime soon at the Playboy Mansion.


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i think that kendra ashould not have been treated like that but i thing em is a good person he just has hate for the ladies

2875 days ago


He is a man who is disgusted by fake, cheap, & dirty HO's. Good Man!

2868 days ago


Come on chick do ya think people are gonna believe this man got jealous over such a dirty ho? We all know if he wanted you he would have got it, PLEASE!!!! B

2868 days ago


Eminem! Leave Kendra alone!!! she is very sweet girl! I believe she will be successful in her life time.. I am her fan and I love what she did so much.. I can't believe he did this to her.. What a bum guy that dumped that bitch over the marriage.. I hate that guy man .. He just a white cracker that always want to rap for money and fame.. Man leave Kendra alone!!! Kendra is only the girl who had her fame for the successful in playboy.. My god what a asshole he is.. I even think that eminem will be in jail for what he did later on someday he would regret what he did someday later on.. I know myself he will go to jail for what he did some time later on.. I will see that someday.. I hope he would then he would lose everything to himself.. I hate him so much... What a bastard he is and what a retard that he divorced that woman for like twice as much.. maybe he needs a ball field to strike that woman's face out of the field then get it back.. that is like that.. all the shake him and slap him in the face... damn what a idiot...

2863 days ago


wtf?? eminem is one of the best rappers out there.. ya'll can **** ur selfs you bastards

1162 days ago


ok idk if anyone is gonna read this now but every comment ive read is dissing eminem, why dont you all shut the **** up hes ten times more famous than kendra, hes ten times cooler, and for anyone who said hes not hip hop then your ******* stupid, when he did this, if you knew anything about eminem, he was in a dark place and was taking alot of drugs because his bestfriend died and became addicted, but then again if you knew eminem at all youd know hes not all mean and angry, thats just how he wants people to see him in his music and image, but really hes a funny guy and always has to fight a smile, so **** any of you ******** that defend her over him.

1050 days ago
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