Bruce Willis: Click'd Off

8/31/2006 2:15 PM PDT
Bruce Willis spent some time Wednesday at his Beverly Hills gym pumping some iron and strengthening his paparazzi-snapping skills.

After the actor put down the weights and headed out of the gym, he noticed some lingering photogs taking shots of him. Unfortunately, Bruce wasn't in the mood, so he took the opportunity to walk straight up to the car, whereupon he shoved his digital camera in the window and turned the tables on the lensmen by getting some snaps of them. Willis then made sure any other cameras in sight got a frame of him giving the ol' middle-finger salute.

But this isn't the first time Bruce has come face-to-face with the paparazzi. Back in June, a photographer publicly accused the actor of shoving his camera, causing it to chip his tooth. Since then, Willis has since shot back, filing a defamatory lawsuit against the photog which is ongoing.