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"Rock Star" Wants More Chicks

8/31/2006 1:12 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Rock Star: Supernova" hasn't even finished it's run yet but CBS is already gearing up for next year's season.

A source tells TMZ, despite having less than rock star ratings, CBS has renewed the show for a third season.

And while no band has been attached to the show in the vain of INXS and Supernova yet, we have learned that next year the contestants will consist entirely of women. Somewhere Tommy Lee is smiling.

While this doesn't bid well for all the wannabe Bonos out there, all you Courtney Loves-in-waiting should start readying your ripped fishnets now.

TMZ contacted a rep for CBS but have yet to hear back.

"Rock Star: Supernova" crowns their new winner on September 13.


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Tommy Lee smells.

2974 days ago


Well that`s gonna suck. Us chicks should not sing rock. It's a mans job, and their doing fine at it.

2974 days ago


Well, if it is an all-female linup of contestants, they can write me off as a viewer. What are they thinking! Who wants to listen to a bunch of shrill females? At least the guys don't have PMS.

2972 days ago

Mel Gibson    

It's the Jews fault. The Jews are the reason Rock Star is wimping out!

2962 days ago


Big Mistake if the contestants are all female. You will lose a lot of potential viewers. You audience will narrow down. What is Rockstar thinking?
Too boring for me to watch if that is the way it will be.

2957 days ago

Julie J    

I think that would be a great idea!!!!!!! I can't wait to tune in every week. Chicks can rock too!!!!!!!!! Quit being a hater!!!!!!

2920 days ago

Kimberly Fernandez    

If ALL it's going to be is Chicks, then count me out. My hormones don't get turned on by CHICKS! I don't by chick cd's. I generally change the station when they sing. I'm prejudice I know...but hey, it's still America, I'm free to be prejudice.

2911 days ago


It seems that they are really limiting the potential contestants. Who knows what type of talented male singers were just waiting for the opportunity to audition this year. It should be the same as before and may the best man or woman win.

2901 days ago


Round up the best unknown guitarists, drummers, singers, and bass palyers and see if you can create a fresh new band that will be the next Doors, Led Zeppelin, The Beatles. Have a contest where musicians gather together and see what top four or five end up creating something Fantastic. Have them create original music right before our eyes. Mo more Karaokee crap. Rock n Roll really needs a kick in the ass. What happened to music? We could discover the next Keith Moon, Jimmy Page, Bono, Sting. Someone please bring a Rock Star format back but include all the musicians and create a Super Group. Man I want to see something real again...

1557 days ago

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