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Rosie's "View" Not the Prettiest Picture

8/31/2006 1:12 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Katie Couric's not the only high-profile female TV personality with airbrush issues – Rosie O'Donnell says she's recently had the retouch treatment as well. In a new ABC promo photo for the new season of "The View," Rosie appears with her co-hosts Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Joy Behar, and Barbara Walters, and though she seems to be in relatively normal proportion to the other "View"-ers, the gab queen says she's been slimmed by the hand of Photoshop magic. "Look at the amount of white space/between my arm and body/barbara and elisabeth seem to vanish/there in my underarm," writes Rosie, giving her best forensic analysis on her blog at

What's more, she tells Glamour magazine that she's letting her hair grow "long and luxurious" to allay concerns that her tight crop of recent years (especially the Flock of Seagulls look) might be too "gay" for the audience of "The View." Fortunately for all of us, O'Donnell promises that her locks henceforth won't be "scary."

Of course, as the photographic evidence has shown, butch doesn't have to equal "scary" – or gnarly. Halle Berry and Natalie Portman are just two of Hollywood's beauties that have made short look hot.


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Can't stand any of these hags.

2977 days ago


Does anyone out there remember that Star Jones defended O.J. Simpson
and thought that he was innocent? She was everywhere on the air
shouting her support for him. I was always hoping that some guest would go on The View and ask her if she still felt that way. She is a confirmed moron
then and now.

2977 days ago

Arlene Frances    


2977 days ago


Thank god Rosie's going to be on there. Even Howard Stern is happy. They need someone to wake up those dodoheads! Rosie's just the one to do it. I really like her now. She's herself, not some mock version that she was with her last show. You could tell she was not happy at all by the end of that show's run. She was going crazy. I loved Rosie's documentary on her gay family cruise. Glad to have it back!

2977 days ago


Rosie O'Donnell is the most abrasive, loud mouth, guffawing nitwit ever to grace the screen. Even if she did not have her "girlfriend" she would still be the most obnoxious, nerve grating loudmouth person on tv (next to Dr. Phil). Just because she adopted those kids does not make her a saint. So have a lot of others. Who gives a flip about her (sexual?) preference? Sex is between a man and a woman. She is just one of many.

2977 days ago


Denise, the others are ultra liberal? The only one who is liberal is Joy. The others have stayed out. Star was very conservative. Elizabeth a nutcase, although I don't dislike her. She just seems naive.

2977 days ago


Sex is between a man and a woman. She is just one of many. Thank you Henrietta Frye, you biggot idiot!

2977 days ago

Skye's Tribe    

I have the perfect name for this.

Photoshops Diet Software --- Get yours now. Poof 20 lbs off within seconds.

What a Diet....

2977 days ago


To the person that keeps referring to Rosie as "it", open your eyes and try for once not to be so close minded about a person. There sexuality doesn't make the person. She is a very funny and an entertaining person. Obviously she's doing something right take a look at her life, she's very successfull, and has a loving and caring life partner, can you say the same?

2977 days ago


OK Rosie Haters- Turn the channel, its not that difficult!!! It makes no difference whether you like her or hate her, THEN DONT WATCH THE VIEW!!!!

I on the otherhand have been waiting for 4 years for her to be back on daytime TV. Rosie has always been outspoken with her opinions and isn't that one of the freedoms America was founded on, the right to free speech, the right to say what you feel! I just hope she goes for it, and I know she will!!!! YOU GO RO, See you Tuesday September 5th....

2977 days ago

Tara in San Diego    

Rosie- haters,
You all know you'll be watching on Tuesday Sept. 5th, even if it's just to find some more crap to add to your already crappy blog entry's. People like you don't even like yourselves, how could you like any one else? Sure, the show used to be better and they should have quit before it got to be like it is, but let's see what happens. Maybe they WILL add Rosanne ( comment #12) and we'll just quit expecting it to be serious at all. It could be entertaining that way and you people who don't like the show can MOVE ON!

2977 days ago

Mary Ann Allen    

Yes, keep airbrushing!

2977 days ago

television has clearly destroyed your brain    

Wow. What an amazing show of open-mindedness and tolerance. Are you the same people who believe whatever the government or your tv tells you? Are you the good church-going folks who consider America God's chosen land? And by the way, what period of history are you living in? Wake up everybody, this the 21st century. Homosexuality has been around just as long as heterosexuality has, and it's not going anywhere. I'm guessing that the people who make homophobic comments are the ones who feel the most sexually threatened. Whether or not Rosie O' Donnell is funny has nothing to do with her sexuality, and vice versa. And guys...real women are not impressed by "fat chick" remarks. I don't watch tv because I decided a long time ago I wanted to learn about people and the world we live in firsthand, instead of having some major network's corporatized sanitized pablum spooned into my brain every day. Ever think about turning off the tube, putting your cell phones, Blackberries and ipods away and reading a book? Doing something intellectually challenging?

2977 days ago

television has clearly destroyed your brain    

Looks like there are still a few open-minded who watch television. As for the rest of you... open skull, insert vacuum-suction ... hey look! There's nothing in there! Whether or not you like Rosie O'Donnell as an entertainer is a personal choice. It should have nothing to with her sexuality. My guess is that those who trash her (or anyone else they perceive to be "different" from themselves) on some level feel threatened and insecure by people who don't act and think the way you do. You've also probably been watching tv way too long, and have long ago lost the capacity to think independently or make decisions based upon experience and logic. That's what our government counts on...people who don't think, people who accept every cliche they hear because...well...SOMEBODY ON TV SAID IT, SO IT MUST BE TRUE. Jeez, people. Grow up, get an education, or practice not publicly sharing your intolerance, ignorance, and hostility. Get a frickin' life.

2977 days ago

Black Sheep    

NOTHING is real anymore! How are we going to know fact from fiction?

2977 days ago
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