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Rosie's "View" Not the Prettiest Picture

8/31/2006 1:12 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Katie Couric's not the only high-profile female TV personality with airbrush issues – Rosie O'Donnell says she's recently had the retouch treatment as well. In a new ABC promo photo for the new season of "The View," Rosie appears with her co-hosts Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Joy Behar, and Barbara Walters, and though she seems to be in relatively normal proportion to the other "View"-ers, the gab queen says she's been slimmed by the hand of Photoshop magic. "Look at the amount of white space/between my arm and body/barbara and elisabeth seem to vanish/there in my underarm," writes Rosie, giving her best forensic analysis on her blog at

What's more, she tells Glamour magazine that she's letting her hair grow "long and luxurious" to allay concerns that her tight crop of recent years (especially the Flock of Seagulls look) might be too "gay" for the audience of "The View." Fortunately for all of us, O'Donnell promises that her locks henceforth won't be "scary."

Of course, as the photographic evidence has shown, butch doesn't have to equal "scary" – or gnarly. Halle Berry and Natalie Portman are just two of Hollywood's beauties that have made short look hot.


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That is funny Joy, My poop is as nutty & corny as Rosie too!

2952 days ago


who cares about her hair? who cares about her weight? who cares about her sexual orientation? if you do, you are the one with issues.

2952 days ago


She is nothing but a fat self rightious pig!!!

2952 days ago


Tori deserves her inheirtance. She is a better woman than her mom. Sounds like Mommy Speling trying to do to Tori like Jack and Ashley are trying to do to Gloria on Y&R! mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

2952 days ago



2952 days ago


I got tired of the View when Star got abyfirend and all of her life exculated and she was rude on show. She was so great she thought. I couldnt stand her. Glad Rosie is coming. I enjoyed her other show and I am sure she will be a plus to the View. It needs some life and Rosie is the one to bring it. Cant wait to hear her banter with the other gals.

2952 days ago


I'm thrilled that Rosie will be a permanant replacement for Star Jones. I think she will be refreshing. My husband couldn't stand Star. He always said "SheThinks Her (You Know What) doesn't Stink". We both think she feels she's better than everyone else. I'm so ready for a change. I personally liked Rosie"s talk show and was dissappointed when she left it. Now she's back and I'm excited. I used to like Elizabeth but am getting tired of her, she's too uptight about too many things. I love Joy and Barbara of course.

2952 days ago


I think there are a lot of haters in the world. I personally like Rosie, she's adorable and refreshingly candid. In a world of smoke and mirrors, no less! So she doesn't say what you want to hear, grow up. Not everyone thinks like you do. She's entitled to whatever she wants in this world every bit as much as you are.

Also, I saw her in NY last winter in Fiddler and she blew me away. Rosie rocks!

2952 days ago


So is she bragging or complaining?

2952 days ago


I guess this is all in the world of comedy!! Anything to make one look good. i think not. She is just trying to make a come back and trying every way she can. Well Good Luck is all i can say.She is a has been and will be a has been forever been! Rosie, Rosie give it up!!

2952 days ago


I am actually going to start watching THE VIEW now that Rosie's on. She has a great energy about her and I am thrilled she's returning to daytime tv. Good Luck Rosie!

2952 days ago


Rosie O'Donnell was childish, maudlin, simpering, not funny, saccharine, obnoxious, and very unsuccessful on her own show.! Why would "The View" even consider her as a candidate to replace an intelligent participant? Oh, sorry, catering to a market share, and no, I am not homophobic, just the opposite, 60's liberal, socialist, pinko, anti-war etc. No fan of Starr Jones as I think her ego expanded in reverse correlation to her weight loss (but I still like her honesty! after the DEED).
Wow, where do I go from here ? Guess It is back to the library!

2952 days ago


I have never watched The View but now that Rosie is going to be on it I am going to watch for sure! I used to watch the Rose Show and LOVED it! She is so funny and down to earth! Go Rosie, I know you'll do great!

2952 days ago

tom Scally    

No matter what they do to Rosie ODonnells picture I will still use it as an anti dote for too much Viagra

2952 days ago

tom Scally    

Rosie you are hot .......NOT

2952 days ago
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