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Gets Off Her Duff

For Seventeen

9/1/2006 5:24 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Hilary Duff has officially taken over Seventeen magazine! The publication allowed the "Lizzie McGuire" star full access to anything they could offer. Nothing was off limits, including photo shoots, interviews ... even a little guest editing.

In exchange for the keys to the office, Hilary had to answer a few burning questions about her personal life. She is even forced to make a tough decision regarding her career. Duff also explains her hectic traveling schedule, and reveals her favorite hotspot. The Duffster also says she would love to visit Africa in the near future ... maybe she needs to get in touch with Angelina Jolie.


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Hilary seems like a great person. I've read she was the first celeb to donate serious money to the Katrina victims. I think she was In New Orleans recently helping feed people too. She always seems willing to support a good cause while most 'tween wannabe stars seem more interested in making US Weekly to keep their c-list status alive (ex: Kristin "Barbie" Cavallari"). Ms. Duff donates her time, money and spirit to serious causes. Her only being 18 too. Dang! You rock Hilary!

2971 days ago


She's OK, but at times it seems that she tries too hard to be a "GOOD GIRL".

2971 days ago

New One    

I have had fun with you guys this week and thanks for the play. I have to travel next week so I will try and see if can’t jump on and get insulted really quick but it has been fun.

I do really like women and I do apologies if I offended any women out there, that did go a little overboard the other day, but that day was so much fun.

I also really don’t care about Celebs there are a few I do like but all in all there over paid and over rated. I just come here to argue and debate it makes me feel better and makes me laugh my ass off. (Yeah it probably is a little morbid but who doesn’t like to argue points they care about).

Hope you all have a great labor day weekend sorry again if I pissed of any women but I am not sorry for anyone else especially gays.

For the future note I will only argue with the following
3.Older people that try to still be 20 or 30
4.The stupid people of there race (including all races)
5.And the couple of Celebs that I do like
6.Or people that looks like they would be fun to Tassel with or are ass holes in my opinion some probably think the same of me we are all entitled to our opinions.

Again all have a safe good weekend!!!

2971 days ago


((((((((((((((((((((bachi))))))))))))))))))) your awesome,, i will be looking for you ,
hey us cool people get you lol and for the ones who dont,, well like hank williams jr. song says if ya dont like me you can kiss my ass!! hope to see you soon bachi"o)

2971 days ago


Wow, who knew that you were actually capable of writing something decent, I'm sure you did piss alot of people off this week. So lets see how next week goes. I saw a comment from I speak estupido bashing you, how funny. You are very well known in here, not in a good way.

2971 days ago

G.L. LaMotta    

I believe you meant to caption the clip "Hilary...You're wanted" NOT "...your wanted".
You're denotes you are
your denotes possession

2971 days ago


Cool Bachi, thanks for clarifying your position. I never was too bothered by any of your comments, I think I just ignored (or laughed or scoffed) them and it seems you did the same to mine. Must mean I am not someone you want to argue with, hey? LOL! Have a great weekend bud!

2971 days ago


Yeah, I get it she's a good girl who does nice things, but does everyone agree with me that she was WAY cuter and nore normal looking BEFORE she had all her teeth capped with chiclets and now looks like a horse? I mean come on, she relly messed up a good thing.

2971 days ago

the wise old owl    

Hey Lala post # 5 I see that you have encountered Bachi's posts. You were touched the same way I was by his wonderful, kind ,warm and excepting views he has about women. The guy is a total JERK. The next time we hear from him will be TOO SOON , noi matter when it is. I'm the one who made the crack about Michael Jackson being born a poor black child and growing up to become a rich older white woman. Ha ha

2971 days ago


I speak Bachi --- Enters the 10th grade next week. Mommy has to go shopping for a few pairs of tough skins & karate shoes for our boy this weekend!

His net access was limited to "non-school" days.

Look on the bright side, atleast you will get your mullet trimmed!

2971 days ago


post#9 watch it,, la la is black and shes like that bitch on sanford and son lol

2971 days ago


who f-cking cares about hilary duff

2971 days ago



Looks like Bachi misperceives reality and thinks of himself as of celebrity. When I just red that "I had fun with you guys this week" I thought it was Hilary Duff chatting with us, but then - oh, that's Biachi himself. WoW! What celebrity list should we put you on? Umm - maybe Z?..
And don't be so proud of your ignorance (I am about you beeing against gays), there is nothing to be proud of. Nowdays It's quite a shame to say things like that.

2971 days ago

marla maples    


Hillary...GO HOME! You are a no talent IDIOT!

2971 days ago


At least this Duff girl is not out spreading her legs for every man in town like paris slutabag hilton is.

2971 days ago
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