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Gets Off Her Duff

For Seventeen

9/1/2006 5:24 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Hilary Duff has officially taken over Seventeen magazine! The publication allowed the "Lizzie McGuire" star full access to anything they could offer. Nothing was off limits, including photo shoots, interviews ... even a little guest editing.

In exchange for the keys to the office, Hilary had to answer a few burning questions about her personal life. She is even forced to make a tough decision regarding her career. Duff also explains her hectic traveling schedule, and reveals her favorite hotspot. The Duffster also says she would love to visit Africa in the near future ... maybe she needs to get in touch with Angelina Jolie.


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This girl, regardless how annoying she is, has a lot that these "tweens" should be doing...aka...lindsay lohan, britney spears, paris hilton....she spends more time out of the spotlight, doing humanitarian acts, recentley down in new orleans, can you imagine ms. lohan, or ms. hilton giving there time to go girl!

2885 days ago


I speak Bachi is cool in my book, as he posts some funny shit, and he has helped me bang some of the broads who post on TMZ. As far Duff is concerned, I hope her 15 minutes are over real soon! She thinks she's cool cause here wannabe suppossed punk rock boyfriend (Sid Vicious he ain't), introduced her to Morrissey, and The Cure, and in the interview she was acting like she discovered some lil secret no one knows about! Morrissey and The Cure rule, but don't claim them like their yours Shirley Temple! Well, at least she has some taste, but she needs to end up a has been like Tara Reid!

Hopefully, vacant teenyboppers anywhere won't try to dispute the Livewire's claims, because I will demoralize their under 70 IQs.

Thank You,
Senor Livewire

2885 days ago

Albert Mansollili    

Wow! would like to meet her duff!!

2885 days ago


I know she does nice things for others and all, but I think its an act to keep up her image. Also she says that she will stay a virgin till married...please, it sounds like a lie since she has a boyfriend. I mean why would a guy stay around with a virgin when he could go out and have a physical relationship with someone else. Plus, why would you want to be a virgin for half of your life? To me she will always try to be "the good girl from next door". Also why does she always talk about her relationship with her sister? I mean OK we get that you care about your family and friends already!

2884 days ago


"I speak Bachi" is the very definition of a bigot, if you like bigots fine, but I don’t happen to agree with them. We all have the right to our opinions even if they differ from each other. But he has no tolerance for anyone expressing an opinion when it differs for his own. Once you read his “apology post” you realize he’s a bigot, and a self adsorb one at that…

a person who is utterly intolerant of any differing creed, belief, or opinion.

2884 days ago


My daughter once met Hilary Duff in an elevator where she works in NYC. She said she's the most down to earth, nicest person ever. To read that she's helping people is no big surprise to me. At least there's one celebrity that thinks of things besides money and herself.

2883 days ago


Y'know, after reading some of the posts, Livewire will retract some of his comments on Ms. Duff. Sure, she isn't too talented, but it is true that she donates time to worthy causes, and that makes her cool in Livewire's book.

Y'see, Livewire can admit when he's wrong.

Livewire, the butterscotch, err, well make that the "Dark Beige Stallion" of TMZ

"If Livewire calls me "pumkinhead" one more time on TMZ, i'm gonna find him and eat him!"- Rosie "Pumkinhead" O'Donnell, to her life partner, while sittin' on the computer getting her fix of TMZ, while gorging on red-hot cheetos and Ben & Jerrys (her 3rd gallon)

2883 days ago


Hilary my daughter and I love you, your a great idol for young kids today, you should do more tenage movies like that little prank Linsay Lohan, and also more concerts in Miami.

2880 days ago


I like clebertys I have long brown hair and black eyes im tan thin and my favoret color is pink!

2861 days ago
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