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Mel Gibson's Favorite Website?

9/1/2006 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

They say it's "the entertainment website for the chosen people." It's the place to get "the latest from Hollywood ... and the people who make it run." It gives you news from "a Jewish point of view and from a non-Jewish point of view" (um, doesn't every website?). It's
JewReview reviews movies, but doesn't give it thumbs up or stars -- at least, not exactly -- it gives them Stars of David ("Invincible" got four of 'em). The site only has one banner ad on it -- for the Jewish dating website

The site was created by Shmuel Reuven, a 28-year-old from Baltimore. Reuven told the website, "It's not that Jews have a different perspective on movies, and it's certainly not something I wanted to exploit. I just think the Jewish perspective on movies is the same as everyone else, and why shouldn't we have an extra voice as well?"

So if you don't feel you're getting enough of a Jewish slant on your entertainment news, maybe is the site for you. Your mother would be proud.


No Avatar


Enough already....

2941 days ago


This is really getting old.

2941 days ago


I see a relentless campaign against Mel the other folks said.........give it a rest.

2941 days ago


Ok, TMZ..... now you're just pissing me off. Seriously.

2941 days ago


this stuff isn't even interesting.

2941 days ago


Harvey, read the comment sections, were sick of you trying to destroy Mel Gibson. Deal with whatever issues you have and get over it.

A Devoted Mel Fan

2941 days ago


LMAO...I love it Harvey!!! Keep posting whatever the f&*k you want to, it's your website. Any more news about Hebrew Hammer 2?

2941 days ago

Alyn Brodsky    

hat comes next? Chistnews, Allahnews, ad nauseum. This is all REALLY crap.

2941 days ago

Alyn Brodsky    

Poor, Lisa--you can't give up on that drunken, bigoted purveyor of sectarian hatred. I wonder if you're, by chance, his mother? Or one of those wannabe hotties who the stinking-drunk Gibson was slobbering all over in that roadside saloon,the night--one of so many--you dream boat was out cheating on his wife? If you're just a retard who loves the guy, you should wake up and realize he wouldn't give you a tumble if he tripped over you. Rmor has it Mel doesn't like to mess around with human crud. Lsa, see a psychiatrist. You have no life. You are truly pitiful. As pitiful in your way as your dreaboat is in his. I'll pray for you (though I doubt that'll do any good; I fear you're too far gone.)

2941 days ago


Have some issues with Mel AntiGibson? You really shouldn't hate, it just eats you up inside. Peace!

A Devoted Mel Fan

2941 days ago


I am with AntiGibson Lisa, sorry Lisa, this guy - I mean Gibson -should've studiied artists like Passolini and his film The Passion According to St Matthew, and then buy himself an island and get lost there.Who cares about his "art" anyway?

2941 days ago


#8 AntiGibson.........spellcheck's a wonderful invention for dolts like yourself who spew hatred so fast your submissions are chock full of grammar errors (whether you even know the correct grammar or not). Get help Antiboy.

2941 days ago


I'm not saying that Mel is perfect. I'm just saying he is no worse than any of us. We all make mistakes, say things we don't mean. My problem is with Harvey Levin turning TMZ into his personal Mel Gibson hate blog.

If your going to report on celebrities then report on celebrities. Don't link Mel's name to every story on Jews. None of us are in a position to pass judgement on this man.

I think he is a great actor and a even better director. Nothing anyone writes about him will sway me in a different direction.

Peace everybody, stop the hate!

A Devoted Mel Fan

2941 days ago


good grief, leave it alone already! we have beaten this to death!! move on, there MUST be something else that we can disect, rip apart, and tare to shreds...are we not happy if we aren't able to do this? scares me to think this is all that important..."he who is without sin let them cast the first stone"

2941 days ago

My two cents    

You are truly a LOSER.

2941 days ago
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