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Michael Jackson Planning Comeback Reunion with Landis?

9/1/2006 5:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

As Justin Timberlake laid his claim last night at the VMAs to fulfill an obvious long time goal of being dubbed the next "King of Pop," the original holder of that crown was half-a-world away -- likely thinking of ways to win back his throne. In 1983, Michael Jackson and director John Landis made music and music video history with the "mini-movie" for Thriller. Landis later worked with MJ on "Black or White."

Michael Jackson and John Landis

Now, it's been reported that Michael is hoping to reunite with Landis for a new video, in the hopes that the former Gloved One hopes will win back the hearts and minds of fans who abandoned him amidst child molestation allegations. Landis is reported as confirming talks with Michael:

"I talked to him last month. He was in Bahrain or some bizarre place. It was a business thing we had to talk about. Michael is a genius. He's obviously an eccentric, but he really has great talent."

Sounds like the two are still on good terms. So, who knows? Maybe we'll see a Thriller for the new millennium if the two pair up again. If Justin's bringin' sexy back, Landis may just help bring wacky back.


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none of ur business    

Good for michael. Listen I know you are all about to rant and rave about him being a child molester, but this is my opinion OK!

People have been accusing him of child molestation for over a decade, so either the police are complete idiots or he didnt do it. Until they show me a video of him actually in the act with a child I will personaly chalk this up to; People want to get rich and see him as a cash box. yes he is wierd I wont argue that, mayby thats why we are all so quick to beleive he did this. Just because he looks wierd doesnt mean he likes children in a sexual way. Give me some shred of evidence, anything to link him to these acusations and I will publicly say I was wrong.

Again this is just MY opinion, I respect all of yours so please respect mine. Thank you.

2941 days ago


oh great !!! just when we had gotten rid of the child molesting pervert

2941 days ago


I totally agree with the above commenter. Michael Jackson is brilliant and there is no performer who surpasses him. He may be weird, but there is no proof about him molesting children or doing anything such as that. If he didn't change his complexion or collect kiddie things, then most people would have ignored those rumors. R Kelly has a video of him with a child and no one calls him a child molestor. It's ridiculous.

I am a dedicated Mike fan. I love him still to this day. His ways and actions may break my thoughts sometimes, but all child performers have issues. They are either drug addicts, sexual deviants, or dead. It's not easy and no one helped him manage it correctly.

Anyway, I hope they do get together and do something amazing with one another again.

2941 days ago

an mj fan    

SOOOOOO glad to read a reasonable view on MJ. He demonstrated some poor judgement in the way he behaved with kids....but i have not seen anything credible regarding fact, just the opposite. He has spent half his career caring for children.

Eccentric, you bet. And I'd probably be too if i made millions at the age of 5 and never had 5 minutes of normalacy.

2941 days ago



For all the people who "support" MJ, I have to ask you this.

Would you leave him alone with YOUR child for the night?

............that's what I thought.

2941 days ago


Why Michael. Why try another comeback. Let's face (no pun intended) it, you are not the brilliant singer, dancer you once were. You turned yourself into a freak of nature and you expect people to take you seriously. How are we to know when and if certain of your facial features start falling off. You should have stopped after Thriller. And why is it that your entire family now has your old nose?

Michael, Michael, Michael, you are a has been wannabe. Don't make yourself look more foolish than during your last trial. Save the world. It just too bad that you had so much talent and you blew it.

2941 days ago


One question: WHY? You are washed up in the business and what a shame letting all your brillience go to waste. At one time you were the BEST! Look back, Michael, even Janet could not save you.

2941 days ago


If there is ONE THING you all (the world) should have learnt by now... NEVER UNDERESTIMATE MICHAEL JACKSON. I believe he will be sucessful again, he just needs to record and release. Landis and Jackson will do great things together. Ever since Thriller (20 years ago) everyone has been trying to bring him down, they've been saying since then that he was a has-been, blah blah blah. Twenty years later and he is still making headlines - because he's still news. I know of no other human being who could have survived the things that Jackson has. I wish him all the best, he has undeniably spooky talent...

2940 days ago


Hmm, 48-year old Mr. Wacky still outsold 25-year old Mr. Sexy by 1-million+ albums comparing each of their last studio releases (Invincible vs. Justified). And that was with just one music video and one worldwide single for Invincible (and very little self-promotion). With proper promotion and singles, I wouldn't be surprised if the next album MJ releases sells 14-15 million or so... We shall see.

2940 days ago


To the last commentor.... Do you really believe he would do something to those kids after all the years of supporting them ? Come on ! There is no proof....everyone that has not been in the spot light - would have used anything to bring MJ down! True he didnt help himself by changing his appearance to something no one understands....but by that same token...look at all those people who use botox or whatever for their looks - not all of them turned out goregeous let me tell you.

I think MJ has all the talent and then some to come back, and people who dont let go of stupid allegations just dont know when to give up and move on! He is still the "King of Pop" and he will shows us all that, and will inspire all of you doubters out there to shut up and move on!

2939 days ago

paul wright    

I can see MICHAEL JACKSON making a world wide comeback in popular music again.Despite of what the negtive world may say about him,he is undoutably a power in the music business.To this day Michael Jackson is Still a force to be reckond with the music, the video, the lyrics, the antisipation of it all.He has a desire to make everybody stop and think in his music, lyrics and Dance.No one can EVEN come near him,he has and he will achieve again.
Michael Jackson should be recognised for what he has achieved in the music business not for what happened in his private life.Look at the Pop scene today,Chris Brown,Ne-Yo, they are a big influence on Michael Jackson,even Justin Timberlake, they are all jumping on the bandwagon,because of Michael Jackson.

2939 days ago

Thelma Owens    

MJ is a beautiful spiritual being. Too bad noone understands
his inner being. I thank God that he send the rain on the just and unjust, because some of you all have some hateful comments.
I know how it feels to be lied on by so called truth tellers.

MJ came to do the will of the Father. I observe the dark spirited liar coming down like a bolt of lightning, showing off himself. The dark spirit ones have no talent, but can steal and imrpovise.

MJ will survive he is a part of truth. It was not MJ's attorney
or MJ that got himself out of the fire. It was The Father of us all!

Love Life Truth and Peace.... Order my book Earth School and you will understand what I am talking about.

2938 days ago


Landis will wise up and dump him, unless he gets a big chunk of hard money up front. Jackson has been turned down by every artist in the entertainment industry as well. It's career suicide to appear in public with Jackson at this point.

1. Michael Jackson paid off a boy in 1990, reason? Improper sexual contact..

2. Michael Jackson paid off a boy in 1993, reason? Improper sexual contact..

3. Michael Jackson paid off a boy in 200*, reason? Improper sexual contact..

That's about three payoffs too many for a supposedly innocent person to make. I don't care how much talent the pederast allegedly has, he's a menace to children in every country of the world, and to his own.

2937 days ago

Anna Bannana    

Yeah, like Landis needs to hook himself to a falling, stinkin', perverted star.

2937 days ago

Island Girly    

Michael Jackson reuniting with Landis is about as likely as the Katrina single being released. MJ is a has been and does not have a future in show business. Michael Jackson has used up his 9 lives and will not get another.

2937 days ago
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