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Celeb Mom Blunders -- Who's the Worst

9/2/2006 12:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Drug busts, legal wars and countless displays of nudity. Foreign incidents to some, just another average week for some famous Hollywood moms. But in a world of questionable parental decision-making, which celebrity could use a class in motherhood? TMZ tackles that burning question.

Anna Nicole Smith: She's got a bun in the oven, but Anna is no novice -- she's been a mother since 1987. Her son, Daniel, has endured his fair share of family drama with Anna. First, she was an exotic dancer, then a Playboy Playmate, she married a wrinkly oil tycoon 62 years her senior, and then entered a seemingly never-ending court battle over a vast fortune. If that wasn't enough, Daniel also put up with Anna's reality show on the E! channel, where her "odd" behavior, we think, must have left this seemingly well-adjusted kid wondering, "Why me?"

Britney Spears: The former sex symbol has had a difficult time transitioning into motherhood. The pop tart has become the posterchild for how not to transport your newborn, after a series of incidents that landed her on the radar of Child Services, though the agency found no wrongdoing on Brit's part. She's driven with her son on her lap, almost dropped the kid while walking in New York, and she's been caught on tape driving her convertible Mini with Sean facing forward. Britney is taking safety far more seriously these days, especially with the impending birth of her second child. The "Oops" star was recently spotted dropping -- no, not the baby -- $1,500 on child safety products at Babies "R" Us. Way to go Britney.

Courtney Love: Being the child of one the most important musical artists is hard enough, but being Courtney Love's kid -- wow. From her marriage to Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain to her latest legal problems, Courtney's life has been, well, interesting. All the while, her daughter, Frances Bean, has been in the eye of the storm. A 1992 Vanity Fair article quotes Love talking about her alleged heroin use during the first few months of her pregnancy. That got the attention of Child Services and Francis was removed from the home for a short time.

After the suicide of Cobain, Courtney seemed to straighten up, even glamming it up for a few years. But everything came crashing down in October, 2003, when she lost custody of Frances Bean yet again. While Child Protective Services did not release an official reason, we can only speculate that it had to do with Love's ongoing drug problems and regular appearances in criminal court. Love regained custody of Frances in January 2005. Lets hope for both their sakes Courtney can pull it together.


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SO NOT A FAN of any of these women - but to put a picture of Brittany up, wavering with Sean Preston in her arms - come on!!! How many of us moms have almost dropped the baby? Unfortunately, it happens - and I can't imagine the outcome if a bunch of cameras were hoovering over me!! If you want a good example of Brittany not exactly knowing what's up - how about the car seat incident or her RIDICULOUS excuse that "we're country"........... I'd have to give "WORLDS WORST MOM" prize to ANNA!!! If she were my mom - I'd have to deny it - I wouldn't want anyone associating me with her. Brittany needs some help, but it's a different kind of HELP that ANNA NICOLE needs!!!!

2971 days ago


As a first time parent of a two month old girl, almost dropping a baby does NOT JUST HAPPEN!!! If you are a lazy, fat slob then it may 'almost happen.' Stop making excuses for stupidity, pay attention to your kids, and turn off the TV.

2971 days ago


did anyone notice they are all BLONDE?

2971 days ago


Hey!!! I am a blonde. My son is a well adjusted 21 year old in the Air Force. We are not all stupid!!!!!

2971 days ago


All of these ladies do not seem like fit moms. Courtney is the worst because she is a junkie that can't quit. Britney is not excused from almost dropping the baby. She was too busy mugging for the press!

2971 days ago

Jinxy Cat    

Out of these 3 photos, Britney is Mother Of The Year compared to the other 2...

I don't think we should put her in the same category as Courtney and Anna..

2971 days ago


To Matt, you must be the world's most perfect parent. Congratulations! If we all could be just like you. But we're not and though people make mistakes we can learn from them and hopefully these 3 mother's learn from theirs.

2971 days ago


Is it just me or do others think that stars children are off limits for the hounding paparazzi? They should ask if it is OK to photo them. They are not public figures, their parents are. Who will be to blame when, say, someone like Britney Spears gets flustered by chasing photographers and slips, falls and cracks her baby's head open?

And about bad parenting... how about all those stars that shuffle the responsibility (and joy) on to a nanny? It is so obvious to point to drug addicts, but what about those that push the baby out and then only get together with them to snap a photo? Blech.

2971 days ago


Britney's blunders happen to any mom. Only the haters are bashing her. And please! I wish that some commenters stop saying that they're mothers, like if that gives you supeority to judge someone.

2971 days ago

the wise old owl    

YEAH , they may all be blond but they all have BLACK ROOTS. ( except Anna, she may be a real blond ) Brittney's mistakes are minor mishaps that could happen to anybody. You can be the best of mother's and still trip over something and lose your footing. BUT TAKING HERION the 1st months of your pregnancy is inexcusable. Francis runs the highest risk of being really screwed up from being raised by a physco like Courtney Love. She gets herself together for moments and than she is right back to her destructive ways. Anna Nicole is a MESS. I hope her child gets most of the Dad's genes. Anything has got to be better then hers. She must have about 3 brain cells left and her drug escapades.

2971 days ago


Britney is young and experienced. Things happen. The other two are trash. One thing about Britney: in almost every picture you see of her, SHE is holding her own baby, SHE is pushing the stroller, she seams to be a very loving and attentive mom and shame on the media for intruding constantly. Give her a break, foks! You try living under a microscope!

2971 days ago


I am Sorry..But we all need to ask for forgiveness..Why do we judge. Leave all of them alone..For that moment in their lives, they all did the best they could with what they had for there family..I am sure Courtney didn't do drugs to hurt her child.She was weak and still might be now.But to all of the ladys this story was about..I am sure their child means the world to them.That really is all that matters... We learn as we go. Nobody has all the answers...So stop judging...

2971 days ago


i think anna and courtney are hot mummaz. go ahead call me carpet muncher

2971 days ago

the wise old owl    

for post # 12 : Is that you Melanie Griffith ? What kind of statement is : " Courtney didn't do drugs to hurt her child ? " She knew she was pregnant. She cared more about her guilty pleasure than her own baby. . A lot of people use drugs recreationally and that is only hurting yourself. But when you continue to use knowing you are pregnant that is a very selfish act. Judging has nothing to do with it. IT IS A FACT. As far as Anna Nicole goes, she will be very fortunate if her child is born without any defects. I wouldn't be surprised if she gave birth to a GIANT PILL , shocking the entire world. My guess is it would either be synthetic HERION or else a large TRIM SPA tablet. It's hard to forgive someone when they F#CK YOU UP INTENTIONALLY.

2971 days ago


matt, give brit a break, i don't like her music, but i know for a fact that my loving and attentive mother has had an accident or two with me. shut the hell up!!

2971 days ago
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