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Wedding Bells

for Beyonce?

9/4/2006 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

beyonce_ellen_wedding_bellsEllen DeGeneres continues her quest to be a celebrity bridesmaid, this time asking Beyoncé Knowles if she'll be marrying boyfriend Jay-Z in the near future. 

Though whispers of wedding talk have been swirling, Knowles shot them down, saying they're all "big fat rumors." An ever-optimistic Beyoncé added, "One day I hope to be married with children."

Though Knowles recently told reporters she plans on winning a Tony, Oscar and Grammy in her lifetime she tells DeGeneres she'd like to take more breaks between projects.

"I don't want to retire at thirty, I want to relax...I still want to make albums and movies, but at a slower pace."

Ellen's full interview with Beyoncé airs on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" Sept. 5.


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She's becoming overrated.I think she needs to take a break now.Anyone remember what happen with jlo and all that exposer.Besides anytime she or jay-z have cd's coming out rumors of weddings start.I think they will only get married if the media stops payig the any attention.

2974 days ago


We loved Steve Irwin as if he were one of our won. His death is so sad, yet he died doing what he loved most.
Our thoughts go out to Terri and the children. This is a shocking event, because Steve seemed to be invincible.
He will live on in the shows he was in, and in what he did for Australia--most notably the Zoo he and Terri created.
We know you are doing something, somewhere--because keeping still was never your style.
Godspeed, sweet Steve....
The Mackays in America

2974 days ago

melbourne chiqa    

Beautiful, talented, nice, sweet....& the list goes on. Im bored with Beyonce, she's rich enough 2 retire...I think her time is up.

2974 days ago


For all you fat, out of shape, midwest heifers, beyonce's bod is what you should aspire to. Real men like a little of meat on the bones of their women, and Beyonce is the perfect example. Don't let the fruitcakes in hollywood who try to push sticks like Kate Moss fool you- real men like macho Livewire want some cushion for the pushin'!

However, there is a fine line between hot piece of ass and beach whale.
Livewire is all about tough love when it comes to lazy, fat cow broads let themselves go cause livewire knows that being a fat cow leads to hypertension, diabetes, and just disgusting men by bein' unsightly!

"Love it or hate it, but learn to live with it, Because LIVEWIRE is the best thing going on TMZ today!"

2974 days ago


Livewire you tend to babble on about the inconsequential. Methinks you are another HUGE example of "the pot calling the kettle........."

2974 days ago


Livewire expects these kind of posts from the fat lazy housewifes, but from a guy? What a fruit!!! Livewire is sticking up for men everywhere by telling the fat broads across America to work out, get healthy, and give us red blooded American men more eye candy to look at. A noble cause, but gay Sean could care less because the bastard is a butt pirate! Sean must be one of those hollywood queens who inflict Kate Moss type stick models onto America. Well, Sean is probably a Peoria queen.

Since Sean is such a gay name, maybe he/she is a fat midwest cow. Don't rebel my heifer. Go to the gym, get off the flaming hot cheetos and ben and jerrys.

Livewire works hard for his body. He/she Sean would love to lick it, but LIVEWIRE is somewhat selective. Livewire's body is a product of daily workouts, and eating healthy, and there are many women in Los Angeles that can attest that Livewire is a stud. Livewire is doing real men a service by getting the fat broads to stand up and take action!

Sean, rule number one of mouthing back to Livewire- be funny, and you are spared the wrath of a verbal beatdown, Your pathetic response warranted this humilation. Livewire makes TMZ posters laugh and Livewire inspires them, so at least do the same, you girlie man/woman/thing.

"I am both male and female, a hermaphrodite!" Sean

2974 days ago


Didn't even read your whole rant, Livewire p*ssy boy. LOL it's exactly what I expected, though, to come foaming out of your piehole.

2974 days ago


Hermaphrodite Sean is a TMZ example of what happens when one tries to mouth off to Livewire, 'The Choosen One". The girlie woman/man/thing is too stupid to think of a witty comeback, and our exchange exposes his/her/it's feeble mind to the TMZ community. How embarrassing!

Another Livewire victim. Shame.

For the Livewire Legion posting their support, thanks for the kind words! You folks get it, and know how to laugh!


"I am your champion!" Livewire

2974 days ago


You certainly go on and on about Sean. Could it be you have a thing for him? .

2973 days ago


Hey ice cream man I think you hit a bullseye, man!

2973 days ago


FInally got around to watching a bunch of Beyonce videos and really do not know why she's famous because she isn't singing in any of them. All she does is wear next to nothing and "sings" just above talking.

Another in a LONG line of overrated "celebrities" (like Simpson, Aguilera, Spears, and the like) whose 15 minutes have long expired.

PS And I DON'T aspire to Beyonce's body. I aspire to be ME and no one else. Thank you.

2973 days ago


That's funny because I could've sworn I heard her say like two weeks ago that she wanted to retire at age thirty. She double talks a lot. She's just so overrated and played out and PHONY.

2973 days ago


I am so sick of this girl, it's unbelievable. I listened to her album on AOL and it sucks from beginning to end. There's no way I'm wasting my money on it.

2973 days ago


II listened to Beyonce's new album with an open mind and in all honesty, the album is horrible. It's just pure noise. Most of the songs were not sung, they were screamed. There's really only one song on the album that she doesn't scream and that's "Kitty Kat," which is also the only song that I was like "That's an okay one." The album is filled with uneven rhythms and melodies with sharp, flat endings. There was a common theme in most the songs: Sex, money, and desperation. And a lot of the lyrics
just didn't make any kind of sense and were rather immature. There are two hidden tracks. One from the film and another version of "Get Them Bodied." Before the film track, she makes a statement to her fans explaining the songs' lyrics as things she wished the character she plays in the movie would have said. However, I find this hard to believe because a lot of the topics in the songs are the same as some on her past album and DC albums. Therefore, I think she used that explanation as a
cushion to fall back on. If the album was truly inspired by the film, then it would've made much more sense to release it as a second soundtrack. There have been two-part film soundtracks before.

In all honesty, I think "B-day" is an insult to Beyonce's devoted
fans. The album sounds as though it was patched together without a real effort for quality. If I were a big fan of hers I would feel as if she were taking it for granted that I would buy the album just because it's her. Furthermore, if I were a fan, there's no way I would buy an album that was not worthy of listening to just because it was made by someone I was a fan of. There have been artists I am actually a fan of that put out a horrible album that I didn't buy. I simply downloaded the songs I liked for less than a dollar, which makes more sense.

I truly think that Beyonce basically rush-recorded an album as a
result of bad intentions and that she should be embarrassed to be releasing such a horrible product. Reading some of the messages here, it's obvious that she has some die-hard fans out there that defend her to a fault. IMO, this is a slap in the face to those fans.

2973 days ago



Even though I AM a Beyonce fan, I do feel that she's becoming OVEREXPOSED! Yes, its the publicist and managers job to keep the "celebrity" in the media and on TV, but COME ON! Britney Spears and Jennifer lopez went from famous and likable to overexposed and annoying.

I agree, Beyonce needs to take few years off and start family. Then come back and see if we're all still interested.

Wait a minute, has anyone noticed that lately she keeps stating how much she wants an OSCAR! She has "Dreamgirls" film out later this year and Beyonce is practically begging the academy to recognize her. I like her, but I dont think singers who get acting jobs over well-trained actors should be given Oscars! sorry Beyonce

2973 days ago
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