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Jessica Just Loves The Booty

9/5/2006 8:56 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

She may have lost her voice to a burst blood vessel, but Jessica Simpson didn't have any trouble picking up a whole boatload of free stuff in the run-up to last week's MTV Video Music Awards – including a $50,000 car and tens of thousands of dollars' worth of jewels, threads, and gadgets.

But what's she going to do with all her recently-acquired booty? Donate it to charity? Some of it, probably, though her rep says she "hasn't thought about it yet." And she may be in for a rather unpleasant surprise when the taxman comes a-callin'.

In this morning's column, Lloyd Grove details Jessica and her entourage's busy week in the swag suites dotted around Manhattan. TMZ showed you her "rich just get richer" winning of a special Chrysler Crossfire drop-top at the Bryant Park Hotel, while Grove says she snapped up $4,000 worth of pricey G-Star denim, and that her stylist hoarded more than ten pairs of Gucci, Dior, and Ray-Ban sunglasses at another stop. (Later, Jess did wear several of the items around town and to the VMAs, which, in all fairness, is the whole idea behind swag-giving.)

Simpson's rep, Rob Shuter, explained to the Daily News, "People like her don't really need these things because they already have everything," and added that Simpson would be handing over some of the stuff to Operation Smile, a charity that helps out kids who have facial deformities. But a "celebrity liaison" for the group, Dee Dee Sides, says Grove, didn't seem so sure. "He didn't say anything specific, but she wanted to donate some stuff. I think the car. Maybe we'll do an online auction? I don't really know." And when an accountant explained the tax implications of taking all the swag, a Lowdown spy says Jessica looked perplexed.

Brando's Rolodex Floating Free For All To See

Paris Hilton's hacked Sidekick would've seemed like a mere trifle compared to this: Page Six reports that Christian Brando, the troubled son of Marlon Brando, supposedly sold off his father's Rolodex to a man who intended to sell it on eBay. The trove of numbers and addresses included the private info for everyone from Oprah Winfrey to Leonardo DiCaprio, to Tom Hanks to Jack Nicholson.

But when Brando's brother Miko found out, he got the auction pulled from eBay at the last minute. And now, Brando's lawyer is still working to get the Rolodex back, and says he's gotten an offer of $75,000 for the information on it.

Katie's Big Night – and Bigger Week

It only seems like we've been waiting for years for this, but the day has finally come – Katie Couric's first day in the anchor chair for CBS News.

The New York Daily News says this morning that besides getting President Bush on Wednesday, there might be some other very big names on the show this week, including Bill Clinton, Rush Limbaugh, Rudy Giuliani, and Bill Maher, though CBS was apparently being cagey about revealing the names. "President George Bush is being interviewed on Wednesday," says a CBS News flack. "Other than that there are no other announcements."

According to the Daily News, the guests could appear in segments on the show, or perhaps in the new "Free Speech" guest editorial spot.

"Invincible" Scores Again at B.O., Summer Surpasses '05

The Mark Wahlberg football drama "Invincible" was the box-office champ for a second straight week, with a $15.2 million haul for the long weekend, elevating its total take to $37.8 million. Meanwhile, new releases "Crank," about a hitman out for revenge, and "The Wicker Man," with Nicolas Cage as a cop tracking down a missing child, came in second and third at $13 million and $11.7 million respectively. Indie darling "Little Miss Sunshine" continued to perform strongly, with a $9.7 million weekend for fourth place.

Overall, the summer box office came out ahead of the total for 2005, with $3.74 billion, even though only five films passed the magic $150 million, versus nine during the summer of 2005. Several mid-range comedies that beat expectations, including "The Devil Wears Prada" and "Talladega Nights," helped compensate significantly.

Party Favors: Katie Buys Baby Tees, Jerry Lewis Slams Mel, Jagger Sitcom Can't Get No Jagger

Katie Holmes, whose baby's photographic form may soon be revealed to the world, has been buying up baby t-shirts saying "My Mommy Rocks" and "My Daddy Rocks" on , according to Rush & Molloy. And she's been buying a lot of them -- $6,000 worth ... Jerry Lewis has a pitch for Mel Gibson. He says, according to WENN, "I'm calling it Skinheads and we're going to open in Haifa and then go on to Berlin and Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. It should be wonderful." ... Mick Jagger may be MIA from the sitcom that involves robbing his house, says the New York Post. Producers of "The Knights of Prosperity" have had difficulty getting him on camera, so they might go looking for a new star to steal from.

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No Avatar


I guess I will be one of those "far & between" ones by stating. . I think it is great she won the car! as for the "free stuff". . why the hey hiddy hey not? Yep she is famous, yep she is rich. . but she is still a human, an individual. . & who does not like getting "free stuff"???? . . . actors/actresses, singers, sports, politicans. . they all like to get items such as us. . with the exceptions of politicans I am "okay" with the others getting the items! Think it is neat. .especially when you see their faces light up!

Again I reckon I am one of those "far & few" ones. . awaiting all the jabbing & nastiness that will begin with this article


2970 days ago

Your Mama    

Eek- Jessica is looking more like a drag queen every time I see her. That's a very unflattering photo.

2970 days ago

no one    

Other T-Shirts Katie Holmes Bought

My Daddy is a Cult Leader
My Mommy is a Hollow-Eyed Zombie
I Visited the Mothership and All I Got Was This Lousy T-Shirt
Free Me!

2970 days ago


Jessica Simpson looks like bucky beaver in that shot. Most shots she is doing that with her lips? Why? Is she trying to look good?

2970 days ago


I dont think she looks like a drag queen at all..... not quite sure if were lookin at the same picture but I think she looks very pretty. Every photo isnt going to be the "most flattering" but I dont see the need to comment on it. Some people on this website just seem to want to write such mean and nasty things just for the hell of it. Doesnt matter who it is, as long as they can be hateful.

2970 days ago


Although I dont really care one-way-or-another that celebs get the goods, I just never really understood "why"?
1. nominess come to shows to win
2. if you are just a presenter, then be glad for the free airtime, and that someone considers your relevant
3. since everyone gets the same, its not like the packages are just for the special

2970 days ago


Now, what happens when celebrities donate the free the people who receive the items have to pay the taxes or are the stars responsible?

2970 days ago

melbourne chiqa    

Oh wow! Another blonde, slutty, brainless, idiot...with a bank account as big as her p*ssy?! Way 2 go TMZ

2970 days ago

Lance K.    

I think what happened with Jessica is that she was a beautiful girl. I think she has overdone it with the artificialness in recent years. I wish she would have worked more on her talent because she did have it. She has become an almost caricature of herself so I can see where the drag queen statement comes in. She looks like a person TRYING to be beautiful where before she simply was a natural beautiful girl.

Also her poses seem so stiff now

2970 days ago


she should give the stuff to those in need, might get a tax write.
two, she can't sing worth a sh*t, and you can only look at that body so long.

2970 days ago


Does Jessica have any fans anymore? Why are they giving her anything? She reminds me of a young Anna Nicole Simpson...and YES she looks like a drag queen! Nothing wholesome about the twit!

2970 days ago


jessicas lips look disgusting...she tryin' to outdo her sister in the plastic surgery dept?

2970 days ago


Thank you AMANDA!! You're totally right. I too get sick of everyone saying rude and hatefull things about people they DO NOT know. I can't blame Jessica for anything. I love presents and free stuff!! Bogarts right, who doesn't?? Good for her to donate alot of it to Operation Smile. That's a great cause. As for the ridiculious comment made by Melbourne're complete trash!!

2970 days ago



Read the article before you start writting stupid things!!

2970 days ago


Wow, she looks HORRIBLE!!! Why is her face hardening so much? Is that the residual effect of too much lip plumping and other weirdo plastic surgery. Dayum...what a difference a couple of years makes on a chick.

2970 days ago
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