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Katie to CBS Viewers -- How Do I Say Goodbye?

9/5/2006 8:26 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We'll have to settle for just one of two big answers tonight: A knee-length black dress topped by a fitted white jacket. As for the other, you may in fact be the one to decide.

Katie Couric made her long-gestating and heavily-hyped debut on "The CBS Evening News," and she began by quickly answering the question about her wardrobe and wrapped up by avoiding the question about what her signature sign-off would be, asking viewers to make suggestions. The opening featured a voiceover by Couric's predecessor, Walter Cronkite.

As for the rest of the broadcast, CBS correspondent Lara Logan and Hulk Hogan both figured prominently, as did Suri Cruise. But producers clearly meant to convey the seriousness of their journalistic intention by delving into a multi-segment story about the Taliban (where Logan went into a Taliban camp) and the War on Terror, which included a sit-down interview with New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman. In fact, while CBS' lead story was nearly ten minutes long, ABC's "World News" was cycling through several of the day's top stories, including the Ford Motor Company CEO's resignation and a piece about oil prices.

On the lighter side, Couric Day One also showed us the first photos of Suri Cruise in Vanity Fair magazine and included an op-ed-style commentary by filmmaker Morgan Spurlock which invoked wrestler Hulk Hogan in an orthographically confusing segment titled freeSpeech. (Rush Limbaugh will be the mouthpiece on Thursday.) And Couric deferred her decision on a signature sign-off, putting the ball squarely in her audience's court. For tonight, she went with, "I'm Katie Couric, thank you so much for watching, and I hope to see you tomorrow night."

We'd like you to give you the chance to help Katie decide, so take a stab at our suggestions.


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Mike Matthews    

but then again i watch fox news so i don't really care what she says

2978 days ago


It is great to see a classy, intelligent., woman on this site. I am sick of seeing disease carrying skanks like Britney, Pam, Paris, Lindsay, Nicole, and Madonna.

Katie is hot and all class. She is beyond talented and proves it every day.

Lover her always.

2978 days ago

Rhonda Pruitt    

Of all the sign-off mentioned and used how about simply stated:
"Goodnight, and may all your news be good"

Maybe hearing that every night may give me a little hope for tomorrow!

2978 days ago


Why in the world would CBS pick for an anchor a conceited, arrogant self-serving woman like Couric. She is the worst possible choice and I am sure she will not last. She is horrible and I bet Matt is glad she is gone.
Mark my words she will not last. You made a big mistake and the ratings wil go down the sewer.

2978 days ago


katie, your sign off should be "I gots mine, Later

2978 days ago


I missed the show, but I saw clips of it. It looked like the set of Entertainment Tonight or Access Hollywood than a news show. I think that CBS want to slick it up to pull viewers in, but I don't think that it will steer viewers from Fox News Channel or CNN. Right now, in my opinion, Fox News does the news the best at this moment, maybe better than the network evening newscasts. The shift has been more toward the cable networks the past 5 to 8 years. I think that CBS is taking a big gamble with Katie Couric. And it's going to be hard to top Dan Rather, Peter Jennings and Tom Brokaw, who dominated since the '80s. But I wish Katie the best and that I'm sure she's tired of all the 48 days to 5 months of hype. Gracious, they went all summer while we were watching tired reruns hyping her Sept 5 debut. As if they thought that 50 million people were going to watch it to make them look good! And I was getting sick and tired of it too!

2978 days ago

Ted Schroeder    

A sign-off for Katie should be: Good Night. This is Katie Couric for CBS, giving you a leg-up on tomorrow's news.

2978 days ago

Annie Gray    

For Katie's sign off how about:

- Until we meet again, good night.
- For now, Good night
- Good night and God bless
- Until tomorrow, good night

Hang in there Katie..critics are always hardest in the beginning.
Annie Gray

2978 days ago


Leave the lady alone. She evidently has what it takes and was hired. I plan to support her. She is one classy lady.

2978 days ago

Dolphus Milton, Jr    

Try these for closing:
That's it for tonight. Good night and thanks for inviting me into your home.

This Katie Curic saying, stay tuned and stay informed. Good night.

This Katie Curic saying, this show was designed with you in mind. Good night.

2978 days ago

Annie Gray    

Hang in ther Katie - good job - the critics are always harshist in the beginning.
Sign offs -
- Until we meet again, good night
- Good night America
- America good night
- Good night and God bless
- until tomorrow, good night

2978 days ago

nicole benzakin are such a joy to my soul!!!! and Boone chance in your new position!! see you each morning since i came to this coutry YEARS agoes have tough me so much in life,your sweet message toward the viuwer ,the lost of your dear husband, and so much more...
please read my story on my site under under is all about a women with faith after going through over 16th surgeries,steall compete as a maste swiimer and even know had a coloscpoy and end up with a tears in my appendix(wchich i try to contact you on this) life as biing a medical night mare...but waching all your wonderful interviuew that have have made stonger is giving me again so much williness to keep going(also along that Ophra for sure).
i am open for any interviuew, knowing that i know i will help any other wpomen or men in this world to keep this fith going no matter what and waching you on t.v.
my best and mes felicitations
light and many blessings

2978 days ago

Gloria Howell    

I think Katie's sign off should be, and there you have it , it is what it is.

2978 days ago

nicole benzakin    

also about your farewell line!!!
keep it light,ther is to much sad news on the air now...
how about"peace to your heart"
aslo my ittle opinion on your first taping a little to seroius with your new look..i know at time it will get better.but you are steall the best to my heart!!!!

2978 days ago


I don't know how people can be so cruel. Katie you where believable. I think you are right. Most people of any inteligence, would have already seen or heard the news by time the evening news is on. Going into more detail for some stories, or reporting fogotten stories from around the world is a good idea. After all it isn't just local or national news. Keep going global and maybe people of this country will be able to see there is more to this world. Katie I think you will bring a little light to many homes. Have been and will continue to be a fan.

2978 days ago
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